January 27, 2020

People we have lost this year

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People we have lost this year

Henry Christian B. Alquiza

Approaching the end of the year many people were taken from us. A total of 135 celebrities were lost this Year, from music artist, actors, and public influencers. With recent loss of music artists Juice World, the world was awoken by news that he had died of a seizure Dec. 8.

Also recently the person who puppets Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, Caroll Spinney died. We also lost a great comedian actor John Witherspoon who played as ‘Granddad’ on Boondocks.With a widely known childhood actor Cameron Boyce, who many remember from well known television series Jessie which air from 2011 to 2015 and portrayed as “Luke Ross.”

At the age of 33, rapper Nipsey Hussle who was shot on the same street of his store he owns “the Marathon Clothing Company.” This is only the very short list of the people who we lost this year.

“Can I Tell You A Secret?”

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"Can I Tell You A Secret?"

Cheyan Metcalfe

Chronicle Reporter

Come witness an exciting play called “Trap”, this Friday, Dec. 13, after school at 6 p.m. ” Trap ” is a documentary style horror play that is being performed by the Theatre company and is directed by Mr. Tourtellotte. Pre-sale tickets are $2. It will increase to $3 at the door with your I.D. , and $5 without your I.D. You don’t want to miss it!

Come and get your Holiday Grams!

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Hellen Amaya

Chronicle Reporter

The Sheiks are bringing their holiday spirit and want you to be a part of it. Through the weeks of Dec. 6 to Dec. 16 Holiday Grams will be sold for $5 in the quad during lunch. The Holiday Grams include a Christmas mug, a stuffed bear, hot cocoa, and a candy cane. The Holiday Grams are expected to be passed out during 4th period around Dec. 20.

 Not only is buying a Holiday Gram a great way to get into the Christmas spirit but it is a great way to spread the love. Many of your classmates will feel very touched by receiving a Holiday Gram in your name. Even your favorite teachers will be very moved with your special holiday gift. So come and buy your holiday grams for that special someone and make them feel the Christmas spirit. 

Seniors to present project on Thursday

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Senior Project

Bertha Escobar

Chronicle Reporter

Next week on Dec. 12, around 200 seniors will be presenting in their professional attire, in front of judges. The judges will give a you a score and that will be included in the grade for English 12.

Students in English 12 are required to present in order top walk on stage at the Hollywood Bowl in June.

As we know, once becoming a senior, it is a tradition to either take AP Literature or do the senior project. The senior project was encouraged in our school to show students independency with their own topic, research, ideas, designs, and to reach out for their own mentor. This year, seniors had less time to work on their projects than last year when the presentation was in May.

Students successfully found their mentor, wrote a 10-12 page essay, and have completed their service hours. The last step now is completing their overall slides of their research about what they have learned throughout their journey and presenting.

Apply for the student election worker program

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Apply for the student election worker program

Kayla Kwak

Copy Editor

The Los Angeles County Registrar- Recorder are looking for high school students to volunteer as student election workers for the upcoming Mar 3, 2020 Presidential Primary Election.

Students receive $100 each day they work as an election worker and an additional $80 bonus for attending a mandatory six to eight hour training class. The stipend is mailed four to six weeks following the election.

Students will get hands on experience with the democratic process, earn community service hours, and participation looks great on college/ scholarship applications and resumes.

In order to be considered for this program, students have to be 16 or older and must complete the Student Election Worker Application that can be found in the College Center. The application requires a parent and teacher signature and must be emailed or faxed before the Dec 13, 2019 deadline. The email address and fax number can be found at the bottom of the application form.

Thanksgiving Club Bash is around the corner

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Thanksgiving Club Bash is around the corner

Bani Rice

Chronicle Reporter

Starting next week Friday, Nov. 22 Hollywood High will be having a club during lunch in the Quad! The different clubs at the school will be selling varieties of food with 17 different options to choose from. The clubs that will be participating in this event will be ASB Leadership, Asian Student Union, Black Student Union, Cartoon Club, Dance Club, Debate Club, Fashion Club, Friendship Club, Key Club, Literature Club, LGBTQ+ Club, NMA Club, Open Mic Club, TCA Leadership, Thespian Club, and Vegan Club. You will not be paying with money, but instead will be paying with tickets. Pre-sale tickets will be sold in the student store with $1= 1ticket from 11/18-11/22.

Check out Hollywood Highs official Instagram page to see the food options you can choose from @hwoodsheiks. See y’all next Friday!

She Kills Monsters is coming to a Theatre near you

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Hellen Amaya

Chronicle Reporter

The 2019 fall play is coming to Hollywood High School this week and the cast are extremely excited to perform in front of there fellow classmates. The performances on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will start at 7PM and on Sunday it will begin at 2PM. The cast members are selling pre-sale tickets for 3 dollars starting Nov. 12 and will end on Nov. 13. The play will go over women empowerment and there will be an enormous amount of stage fighting.

“I’ve been getting along with everyone and I like that I get to learn more about theatre. Although I am sad because I wish I did more plays in the school I like that the play will cover women empowerment,” said 12th grader PAM student, Davion Corley

“I feel very fortunate with this cast because this cast worked very hard and they have learned a tremendous amount of fight choreography in addition to handling some pretty serious demands for memorization. The cast works very well together and they are an extreme positive group to work with,” said Mr. Tourtellotte, the theatre teacher.

Pep-rally is coming

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Pep-rally is coming

Jocelyn Reyes

Chronicle Reporter

Coming to you this friday the annual 2019 Fall Pep-rally. Are you guys excited? No?! Well you should be. Freshmans will be wearing grey, sophomores will be wearing black, juniors white, and the seniors will be wearing red for roll call!

The sports that will be presented are football,cross country, and girls volleyball. Other appearances will spirit squad and leadership. Each one will have their own edited video of their seasons highlights and the seniors on the team will be recognized for all their hard work. 

This event will start at 2 after 6th period in the auditorium. I hope you guys enjoy this years Fall Pep rally.

Sheiks touring Hollywood

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Kayla Kwak
Copy Editor

Day Three of spirit week at Hollywood High is tropical/tourist day, and the school is full of spirit.

Students and teachers alike were full of school spirit. Many dressed in their Hawaiian shirts and some went all out and wore hats, sunglasses, or brought a camera along. The past two days of spirit week were also a success. Day one being pajama day and day two being duo day. The days that follow are vintage day on Nov 7, and roll call day on Nov 8 with colors designated to each grade level.

Stephanie Gonzalez , SAS senior, poses to get a photo taken by Marlyn Chicas, also an SAS senior.

Zucely Chavez and Christian Guevara, SAS Juniors, show school spirit and dress up as tropical tourists for Hollywood High’s spirit week!

Lets keep up spirit week till the pep rally on Friday!!!

Seniors:Things you might’ve missed during the senior meeting

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Seniors:Things you might've missed during the senior meeting

Janet Gonzalez,Chronicle Reporter

Today,October 30th,the senior student council held a meeting in Mr.Tourtelotte’s room where they discussed things of interest to the seniors,Class of 2020.Ben Kersh,senior class president,announced the winning design for the hoodies which was created/submitted by senior Jade Rodas.Some students did not seem to be happy with the design to which it was announced that there will be an opportunity to create a new design for the t-shirts that will be made for the seniors and that they were all welcome and implored to create and submit designs.Those who want to create a design,you have 2 weeks to do so before the deadline.Many students had been asking school staff and/or administrators about grad night which Ben explained they would not be able to answer since Hollywood High School does not affiliate themselves with the event and that it would be better for seniors to DM the class of 2020 instagram page for questions on grad night.First payment for gradnight is to be turned in by November 15th. and the payment is 50$.Senior reception where they announce class favorites will be next week November 6th on Wednesday after school from 3:30 to 4:30 P.M. in Mr.Tourtelotte’s room.At the end of the meeting seniors were able to sign up to be part of the 20 that will be made during the panorama picture which will be taken on Friday,November 15th.Class of 2020,Sheik Pride!

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