September 16, 2019

Start preparing for AP exams

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Start preparing for AP exams

Frida Larios

Chronicle Reporter

This year’s AP (Advanced Placement) exams are approaching quickly with the first one being on May 7.

Many students taking AP courses are also taking the exam so here are a few tips to pass that exam.
1) Start from scratch
Go through all of your notes starting from the beginning of the 2018-2019 year. Going through your notes can help refresh your memory on older material.

2) Invest in an AP prep book
There are AP prep books for every AP course available. These books have tips and tricks to pass your specific exam as well as previous test questions.

3) Complete practice essays
Your AP exam will most likely have an essay question, luckily, there are many practice essays and essay prompts from previous years available online.

Youth Ambassadors for Queer History

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America Flores-Hernandez
Chronicle Reporter

Students who are interested working in professional research, project development skills, and ways to include a voice of LGBTQ history/culture in their communities, should take this opportunity. The ONE Archives Foundation is currently accepting applications for potential youth ambassadors for their Queer History Program for high school students. Through this program, individuals are mentored by the foundation’s members by involving groups on hands-on research projects and interactive discussions.

The program includes LGBTQ history presentations by community organizers, group discussions on queer topics, research and workshops, and field trips to affiliated organizations and landmarks throughout Los Angeles. Ultimately, these activities will guide each student to create a personal passion project that shows off their knowledge of LGBTQ history and culture. The culmination of these individual projects will be showcased as a collective exhibition at ONE Gallery, West Hollywood.

In addition, being an ambassador also shows you’re capable of being an advocate for others, plus it looks good to colleges when you send off applications. It can also be way to earn community service hours. Also, a recommendation from a teacher is a necessary part to the application as well. The deadline to submit applications is Friday, April 26th.

Students Explore College and Career Fair

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college fair

Kimberly Figueroa

Chronicle Reporter

Students of all grade levels attended the college fair that took place on Thursday April 4, 2019. This fair helped many explore the options they have for the future and see what interests them. Students also got to talk to college admissions counselors to better get an idea of what is required for a certain school and to ask questions. Although the college admissions process is currently done, seniors who attended the fair were informed of the option to transfer.

“After being informed about transferring from a community college to a UC or private, I feel as if I have a second shot to go to the school I wish to go to”, said PAM senior Isabel Hernandez.

Students should definitely take advantage of the college fairs that Hollywood High has to offer. This will keep students informed about certain universities and will motivate them to work hard to get there.

Get ready for this years Powderpuff

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Get ready for this years Powderpuff

Sharon Ulloa

Chronicle Reporter

PowderPuff started practices this week. 

Powderpuff Football has been a high school tradition for decades. It is a fun way to show school spirit and motivate participation with students. Hollywood’s PowderPuff event dates back to more than 25 years. 

“I am excited for this years powderpuff, hopefully seniors take the win,” said SAS 12th grade, Lesley Lujan.

The game is played with a team of senior girls versus a team of junior girls, while boys coach the girls and cheerlead for them. 

This years powderpuff is set on May 26. Newcomers are welcomed to join. Practices are held from Tuesday’s to Thursday, 3:30pm to 5:00pm. 

LA Sparks adopts girls basketball team

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Sidney Gonzalez and Cristal Rincon

Chronicle Reporters

At a surprise event held on Mar. 28, the Los Angeles Sparks revealed the adoption of the Hollywood High School girls basketball team to recognize them and celebrate their accomplishments this past season.

As part of the Adopt-A-Team Program, the team was granted a $2,700 check, season tickets, exclusive practice with the team, and STAPLES Center court time. Each year, the Los Angeles Sparks adopts different teams with the support of community partners, like the Hollywood Rotary Club.

“It is my hope that this motivates our young girls to continue to play basketball to pursue careers in either sports management or whatever they desire,” said Natalie White, Senior Vice President of the Sparks.

What started with a simple request for basketballs quickly became an unforgettable experience. Kristen Welch, LA Sparks senior manager, saw this request as a chance to provide an opportunity similar to the one she received when she played basketball as a high school student. Her own experiences getting to play at the STAPLES Center furthered her passion for the sport, and motivated her to pursue a career in the sports world, even after she stopped playing basketball.

“I love to provide for girls because I know what it’s like to play basketball,” Welch said. “Girls programs don’t get as much support. I hope that it opens their minds to what is possible.”

As soon as they heard the news, the girls faces lit up with both shock and excitement. Alyssa Cabahug, SAS sophomore said, “We’re very honored to be selected. We appreciate all they’ve done for us. I think it’ll improve our confidence because we’re able to see people care and want us to grow.”

In the midst of Women’s History month, this partnership supports gender equity within the sports community. The administrative team felt it was important to celebrate the girls basketball team, following their 15-1 season.

“We want to emphasize that female athletes are valued and that they are deserving of every chance and opportunity,” said Assistant Principal Pacino Furioso, who is responsible for organizing the event.

CAST testing for juniors

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Chronicle Reporter
America Flores-Hernandez

While the majority of the school week consisted of three periods (only four days), most juniors were required to take the California Science Test during their science classes if they had one or not which on average took about one to two hours. Those who completed it before the end of the period were instructed to leave the room they took the test in and report to rooms meant for students that had already finished it. The CAST itself is among the few assessments juniors will take to ensure district and graduation requirements for the majority of the next senior class are met.

“I thought the test was alright, what I thought was surprising was how much I knew about the biological aspects of the test,” said So Hwi, SAS junior. According to most juniors, the test proved interesting based on the fact that they’re used to being evaluated on English and Math only. Thus, it’s affirmed that Science is also a critical part to our learning, no matter the age range.

Amoeba leaving Sunset Boulevard

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Amoeba leaving Sunset Boulevard

Chronicle Reporter

Elvira Roman

Hollywood is a melting pot, it is very different and filled with people of all ages and races. But one thing that is known to bring people together is music. Amoeba is that place for Los Angeles. People from all around Los Angeles go to Hollywood just to get their favorite record or to buy items.

It was reported by Urbanize Los Angeles, that Amoeba would be redeveloped with an apartment tower featuring 200 residential units.The 265 feet building has met most requirements but as of now the project is halted. The only requirements not met is the affordable housing stated by the Hollywood Redevelopment Plan. But once that is approved it is unknown when the city will demolish Amoeba and start the new project. Amoeba has made it known that they do not plan on leaving completely but simply relocating. However, nothing is set yet officially.

Pay for your AP exam(s)

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ap test

Elissa Martinez

Chronicle Reporter

If you are interested in taking an AP exam, click here to register. Tomorrow, March 22nd, is the last day to register. There are no exceptions.

Once you have submitted your exam(s) order, visit the student store during nutrition or lunch to pay $5 per exam. To pay during the school day, ask for a pass from your teacher so you can pay during class time.

Note: You do not need to be in an AP class to be able to take an AP exam.

Becoming drought free

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Becoming drought free

Sharon Ulloa

Chronicle Reporter

California is officially drought free for the first time in a decade. Since 2011, the state has about just 7% dry areas. 

Over the last winter, rainstorms and snow has helped restore dry conditions. Southern California like San Diego and Riverside still contain dry areas but have improved. Rainstorms in California gave about 580 billion gallons of water across the state. 

The recovery has been slow. Meteorologists have predicted more rainstorms to come and help more soil moisture. 

Leadership host “Crazy” movie night

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Photo Credit: Kristina Jinanian

Kenyon Dawson

Chronicle Reporter

Don’t have any plans for your Friday afternoon? Well lucky for you Leadership will be hosting a movie night in the small gym after school on Friday, March 15 at 4pm. The movie they will be playing is “Crazy Rich Asians” by director Jon M. Chu. Entry to watch the movie will be free to all students, although concessions such as snacks and beverages will be sold.

Kristina Jinanian, PAM senior and leadership fundraising chairman says, “You cannot find this movie on any other streaming site…We hope people show up and have fun..”. With the grading window finally closed, what better way to relax and distress from all that work, than by sitting back and watching a free movie with friends.

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