Students to receive tens of thousands of dollars at Achieve the Honorable ceremony

Derrek Tokarev and America Blanquet

Crimson Chronicle Reporters

The 2024 Achieve the Honorable Awards Night will be held in the auditorium on Friday, June 7.

This annual event honors graduating seniors heading to two or four-year colleges, where they will receive their scholarships and cords.

Hollywood High School offers multiple scholarships, all providing equal opportunities. To have a chance to receive these scholarships students just need to apply.

One scholarship, funded by the family of current NMA Counselor Heather Brown, is the Frederick Robert Baker Memorial Scholarship. This award offers $2,000 to students interested in studying engineering at a two or four-year college or university.

Another scholarship available is the Dick Rippey and Alice Rippey Scholarship Award.

Dick Rippey, a former student, teacher, coach and assistant principal, left $400,000 in scholarship funds for Hollywood High School students upon his passing.

The highest scholarship awarded during this event is the Muriel Pollia Scholarship, which offers up to $17,500. Awards are given based on the submission of original work in various writing categories.

For the Muriel Pollia Scholarship, third place receives $2,500, second place receives $5,000, and first place receives the top prize of $10,000.

Graduation cords signify students’ accomplishments, contributions, and achievements.

These cords, varying in color and design, are awarded for GPAs of 3.5 and above, JROTC participation, leadership roles, and more.

Students are encouraged to attend to support their fellow classmates and have a last memorable moment as a high school student. The ceremony starts at 5:00 pm and ends at 7:00 pm.

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