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People we have lost this year

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People we have lost this year

Henry Christian B. Alquiza

Approaching the end of the year many people were taken from us. A total of 135 celebrities were lost this Year, from music artist, actors, and public influencers. With recent loss of music artists Juice World, the world was awoken by news that he had died of a seizure Dec. 8.

Also recently the person who puppets Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, Caroll Spinney died. We also lost a great comedian actor John Witherspoon who played as ‘Granddad’ on Boondocks.With a widely known childhood actor Cameron Boyce, who many remember from well known television series Jessie which air from 2011 to 2015 and portrayed as “Luke Ross.”

At the age of 33, rapper Nipsey Hussle who was shot on the same street of his store he owns “the Marathon Clothing Company.” This is only the very short list of the people who we lost this year.

Choir Is Singing Hollywood High Into The Christmas Spirit

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Choir Is Singing Hollywood High Into The Christmas Spirit

Janet Gonzalez

Chronicle Reporter

Save the date because on Dec. 5th, the week after we come back from Thanksgiving break, Ms.Hertzner and her choir classes will perform after school at 6:00 p.m. in the annual Christmas Show.

Hollywood High Notes is Ms.Hertzner’s first ever all women’s choir and they will also be having their own section/period of time to sing in by themselves in the show just like Hollywood High Notes,a lso known as show choir, where they will perform songs like Fum, Fum, Fum!, Mary Did You Know, and others songs that they are very excited and eager to perform.

The Voices of Hollywood, mixed choir, will be joined by the other branches of choirs and sing songs such as Carol of the Bells and Once Upon A December. Show Choir will be singing and dancing to their own rendition Happy Kwanzaa and Happy Holiday. The show will feature popular Christmas songs as well as songs from other cultures and religions!

So make sure to go check out the Christmas show and buy your presale ticket for $2 !

The Fine Line era begins

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The Fine Line era begins

Guadalupe Dominguez

Chronicle Reporter

It has been a year since Harry Styles was last seen on stage. The Met Gala 2019 host went MIA on all social media platforms until October 10 when he announced the release of his new single Lights Up. After almost a month of releasing Lights Up the former One Direction member announced both the name and release date of his sophomore album, captioning a picture on Instagram he wrote, “FINE LINE. THE ALBUM. DEC 13”. 

 As if fans were not already going crazy with the release of his album, Styles announced a one night show at the Forum on Dec. 13. Thousands were left without a ticket after scalpers bought the $25 tickets and started reselling them for outrageous prices, the highest going up to $9,900. 

Everything changed for the fandom yesterday though. Harry Styles and his team released tour dates for both the European and North American legs of the tour. The openers for the North American tour are Koffee and Jenny Lewis while the European shows will be expecting King Princess.

Tickets go on sale on Ticketmaster for the North American Tour on Monday at 10:00 am for American Express cardholders and verified fans, ending on Thursday Nov. 21. While the general sale starts Friday, Nov. 22nd at 10:00 am.

Elan Bernardo, SAS junior and Harry Styles fanatic, said, “I feel like his influence was very present in our childhood. I wanted to go to the last tour, but couldn’t.” 

Sheiks attending Frozen 2 premiere

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Sheiks attending Frozen 2 premiere

Maria Hernandez

Chronicle Reporter

Elsa the snow queen is making a comeback to the big screen and that means another amazing premiere. Frozen 2 will be having it’s premiere on hollywood blvd on November 7, 2019

Hollywood High School students were given the opportunity to attend the premiere. Students from each SLC had to enter a raffle on Monday. A handful of students were chosen to go to the premiere. The students are very excited to attend because they got VIP passes. 

“I‘m feeling very excited because I believe it’s going to be a wonderful experience” -Victor Solis, PAM

In case you don’t know what happened in the movie Frozen here is a little recap: 

Anna and Elsa are two sisters who are very close. After a small accident caused by Elsa the two sisters drifted apart. Later on, Elsa was crowned queen of Arendelle. The day of her crowning she caused another accident with her snow powers. She ran away leaving Arendelle in perpetual winter. Her sister and a mountaineer go on a search to find her so that she could end the winter she had left. In the end, the sister reunite and Elsa brings back the sun. 

Frozen 2 will be in theaters November 22, 2019. 

New boy band collaboration makes history

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New boy band collaboration makes history

Melisa Lovos

Chronicle Reporter

Two boy bands of the moment who are rising to fame, PRETTYMUCH and CNCO have released their first collaboration, “Me Necesita”  This song, along with the original music video, was out this Wednesday morning, Oct 23. produced by Savan Kotecha.

The American- Canadian and Latin-American boy bands got together and formed a ‘Spanglish bop,’ with beats including reggaeton, pop, and hip-hop. This is the first collaboration between two boy bands, “Actually, I think it’s the first time that any boy band collabs in history. So we can say that we making history.” said CNCO’s Zabdiel De Jesús to ET’s Deidre Behar.

The catchy chorus, “She wants that, I give that, she come back, me necesita.” As the boys sing about a couple who love each other so much that they need each other, both in spanish and english lyrics

The original music video, directed by Isaac Rentz, includes performance, gravity-defying stunts, and crazy dance moves. The video shows PRETTYMUCH- consisting of Brandon Arreaga, Honoret, Austin Porter, Nick Mara, and Zion Kuwonu, and CNCO- consisting of Joel Pimentel, Richard Camacho, Erick Brian Colón and,  Christopher Vélez and De Jesús. 

“It was incredible, it was fantastic, when I first heard it I wanted to shed a tear. The music video I believe was very good. I like the context and how they mixed both cultures together.” Says SAS Junior, Ingrid Muñiz- Almaguer.

Surf Curse at Amoeba Music

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Surf Curse at Amoeba Music

Julia Rouillard
Chronicle Reporter

  Surf Curse will be making an in store appearance on October 22 at 5 p.m, performing and doing a signing, at Amoeba Music in Hollywood. The show is free and for all ages, to attend the signing you must purchase their latest album Heaven Surrounds You at Amoeba on October 22. 

Surf Curse is an indie surf rock band with Los Angeles based song writers, Nick Rattington and Jacob Rubeck, that formed in 2013. Their debut album was Buds that came out June 21, 2013 and later that year they released their first EP Sad Boys on October 30, 2013.

As six years have gone by their popularity and fan base have increased with their most popular song, Freaks, with 9,332,233 streams on Spotify. Recently they have just released a new album Heaven Surrounds You on September 13, which was inspired by multiple cult films they’ve loved throughout their young adulthood. They are finishing up their tour for this album with a sold out show on October 18 at the Fonda Theater. 

     Their music has people feeling an amazing way. “I really like their music, it makes me just want to get up and dance and sing my lungs out while I bang my head so my hair goes everywhere.”, says sophomore Luis Bautista who discovered their music through a discover weekly playlist on Spotify. People may also have a different feel to the music such as sophomore Matthew Arriaga who says, “ It really hypes me up in a way and keeps me motivated, like Rivers Edge just gives me a chill vibe I would like to have when I’m with friends.”

Dancing with the Stars pays tribute to House of Mouse

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Dancing with the Stars pays tribute to House of Mouse

Violeta Torres

Chronicle Reporter

Dancing With the Stars has returned for their 28th season and for week five, they payed tribute to the House of Mouse with Disney Night.

Judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli judge the performances with the following scores.

27-Ally and Sasha get contemporary for Disney Night as ‘Beauty and the Beast’

26-Kel and Witney go back to high school as Troy and Gabriella

26-James and Emma paso doble as Jack Sparrow

25-Hannah and Alan explore a whole new world as Aladdin and Jasmine

24- Sailor and Val dance up a ball as Prince Charming and Cinderella

24-Kate and Pasha jazz up ‘Mary Poppins’

23-Lauren and Gleb samba under the sea to ‘The Little Mermaid’

21-Karamo and Jenna get fun and fierce for ‘Lion King’

19-Sean and Lindsay quickstep to ‘Toy Story’ tune

Disney note ended on a good note with no one being eliminated.

Joker’s release generates hype

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Joker's release generates hype

Maria Hernandez

Chronicle Reporter

Joker came to theatres on Oct. 4, and in its first week, is already breaking box office records. 

The Rated R movie is about a comedian named Arthur Fleck (Joker), who lives in a city named Gotham City. Arthur is a clown during the day who feels left out from society. He attempts to be a part of society but fails every time. After his many tries, he gives up. Arthur accepts the fact that he will never be a part of society and he transforms into a criminal known as The Joker. 

As one of the most famous ‘Batman’ villains, Joker has had many other appearances. He has been in many DC comics, like the comic Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore. In this comic, a group of criminals including Joker, plan out a way to rob many places. In the end, the plan was not successful. 

Joker also makes an appearance in the movie Batman, as well as in others. In this specific movie, the Joker is originally a gangster named Jack Napier. Joker encounters Batman at a chemical lab where they fought and Joker got bleach on his skin. Later on, in the movie Joker encounters Dark Knight. Dark Knight left a big scar on Joker’s face which resulted in him having a permanent smile. The smile made him into a more evil person. He wanted to destroy the city of Gotham and blamed Batman for wanting to do that. 

Despite having already appeared in various other films, this new take on the old villain is creating a reaction that’s never been seen before.

This film had the fourth largest opening ever for a Rated R movie. Right now, in total, the film has earned $236 million globally. The film also set box-office records for previews, earning a total of $13.3 million.

“Joker is an amazing movie. It shines light on real problems and struggles of mental illness. It shows the reality and realness of the world we live in,” said TCA Junior, Denia Nunez. “The movie is not only a magnificent one but it can be used as a learning tool. I would recommend this movie to anyone.”

Which 2000’s celebrity are you?

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Which 2000's celebrity are you?

Hellen Amaya

Chronicle Reporter

Are you “Crazy In Love”? Or are you “Drop It Like It’s Hot”?

With Homecoming around the corner, here’s a survey to give you the one 2000’s artist your playlist is missing.


Overall thoughts on prom

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Overall thoughts on prom

Maria Alfaro

Chronicle Reporter

Prom night at The Westin Bonaventure Hotel was a success, a night where memories were created and happiness was shared among everyone. Prom left people with different thoughts about it.

Many people had different thoughts about this year’s prom. The comments were a mixture of positive and negative ones coming from different people.

Jaimelee Belisle, NMA senior, thought prom could have been better starting with having “free parking.” She thought it was “unfair that they wanted us to pay $49 for parking.” Not only that, but she thought the place was “pretty small” and the “songs were being played too long.” Overall she had fun and rates it an 8.

Shawn Dela Cruz, SAS senior, thought it was an overall “fun experience,” but that “sometimes the song choices were off putting.” Despite the songs being an issue, it didn’t stop people from partying and having a great time.

“Spending the night taking pictures, dancing, and seeing our four years of high school come to an end created a subtle farewell,” said Diana Alberto, SAS senior. It brought her satisfaction to see her friends having fun and not “on a desk stressing about a final exam.”

Most people had a great time at prom. It was an event where they could have fun and take a break from school work.

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