September 20, 2019

Sports Round Up

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The Sherman Oak Knights varsity softball team defeated our Lady Sheiks on their Thursday’s away playoff game with a score of 6-2. This game was a first round playoff game that was a part of the CIFLACS Softball Playoffs – Division II tournament. Due to this game being their first experience in playoffs this year, the girls were devastated after the defeat.

SAS senior Lesley Lujan says, “I was so [mad] and disappointed… This should’ve been our game, but overall it was very close and we put in our 110%.”

Aside from the saddening loss, the girls gave an amazing effort after such time consuming and exhausting practices. They have created such a strong bond and an even healthier relationship with one another.

Lesley says, “I’m still wholeheartedly so proud of my team, win or lose…”

Track season comes to a end

Thursday May 9th the EMT CIF- LA Prelims were held at Birmingham Charter High School. In the men’s varsity 200-meter race , Edwin Garcia was placed at 29th place with a time of 29:98 . In the Girls 3200 meter run, Senior Linnssy Munoz Chavez came in 19th place with a time of 12:51. Tirsa Aguilar , Pauline Kanda , Marielle Sanchez , Stephanie Starks, Linnssy Munoz Chavez , and Vivian Rodriguez-Li all participated in the Girls Varsity 4×400 Meter relay race.

Weekly Sports Roundup

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Kenyon Dawson and Kahliyah Williams

Crimson Chronicle reporters

Photo Credit: Jasmine Cortez
Girl’s Varsity taking the lead in the 1600m race at Central League finals on Thursday.


Girls Varsity and boys Frosh/Soph took first place in the Central League Finals on Thursday beating Belmont, Bernstein, Contreras, Downtown Business Magnet, and Roybal high school. Girls Frosh/Soph placed second while boys Varsity placed fourth.

On the girls’ side, sophomore Da’Keya Rogers broke the triple jump record jumping a whopping 29 feet, 5 inches. Also, SAS senior Stephanie Starks broke her own league record in the 100 meter dash running at a time of 12.65 seconds.

While on the boys’ side, they started the meet with a disqualification from an event due to some unsportsmanlike conduct, but they eventually pulled away with wins in several races. Junior Edwin Garcia won the 200 meter dash in a time of 23.95, while sophomore Aimar Aguilar lit up the track with his wins in both the Frosh/Soph 400 meter race and 200 meter, Fellow sophomore Edson Ortiz won first in the frosh-soph high jump, jumping 5 feet.


The boys volleyball won their last league game against Bernstein 3-0, leading  them to the playoff. On April 30, the boys lost in the first round of playoffs against Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies with a score of 3-0. They ended the season with a record of 13-8.


  The boys baseball team won their most recent game at home on Wednesday against Contreras. They beat Contreras with a score of 9-6. With the win of the last game, it leads the boys with a overall record of 10-5.


The Lady Sheiks are on fire with their most recent softball win versus the Bernstein Dragons on Apr. 30 with a score of 18-0, solidifying their 10-game winning streak, nine of which ended as a mercy win. TCA senior Kylese Francis and SAS senior Lesley Lujan both scored a home run. Not only was it their last league game, it was also senior night in which families and friends presented seniors with posters, flowers, and balloons.The girls advance to playoffs.

Hollywood Sheiks slay the Bernstein Dragons 3-0

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Stephanie Starks and Guadalupe Huerta 
Copy Editor and Sports Editor

Boys volleyball have spiked their way to the top, placing them in first in league after defeating the Bernstein Dragons in Wednesday’s home game 26-24, 26-4 and 25-21.

 The Sheiks showed their hard work by winning the title Central League Champions for two years in a row.

On Apr. 10, Hollywood fought in their last season game against Bernstein which proved to be the match of the season. Taking vengeance for the 3-1 loss on Mar. 18, the Sheiks slayed the Dragons in three sets.

The sets were tight. Passing the traditional ‘25’ marker, both the first and the second set went up to 26-24 in favor of Hollywood. The last set was less stressful for Hollywood, winning 25-21 as the Dragon momentum went down.

This was the last home game of league, which means that it was senior night for the Sheiks. Celebrating the seasons of Julian Berzonetti, Matthew Gudiel, Korey Valentine, and Ethan Kong. Gift bags were handed out to both Hollywood and Bernstein seniors in between the JV and varsity sets.     

Leaving any sport as a senior is very bittersweet. Matthew Gudiel, varsity middle blocker, told The Crimson Chronicle his feelings on leaving our Sheik’s volleyball team. “All of them helped me individually,” he said, “I’m going to miss them. Yeah, it sucks.”

Cheer stunts their way to first place

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Cheer team placed first in Central League on March 1.

After months of practicing and dedicating long hours, the Hollywood High cheer team took first place in the Central League last Friday night at Wilson High. After a “rough” showcase on Feb. 16, the cheer team made it their top priority to take the league title.

Cheerleaders said they were not satisfied with their February performance at Birmingham High in which they placed 14 out of 15 teams. After that, they said they made it their job to place in the top three for Central League.

The team practiced from 3:30-6:30 p.m. every single day, said Captain Heidi Paniagua. “Practicing was draining and some of us had to result to public transportation and our energy to even do homework lacked,” the SAS senior said.

The team did not expect to come out as the league champions; they would have been content with any placing in the top three.  “Our expectations were based of the hard work and that extra effort we had to give to satisfy our expectations,” said Paniagua.

A mishap with the bus transportation almost caused the team to miss the competition, but another bus was ordered and the athletes made it just in time. They went on to place first with a total of 75 points and zero deductions.

With championships around the corner, the team is continuing to work harder than before. “Going into championships I feel more confident and we know that we need to push harder than last time,” Heidi said. The cheer team will continue to work hard and put in every ounce of passion until they reach City, she said. Until then, they will take on the next competitions.

Heidi said she “personally was really nervous about competing because of their previous competition and how the practices throughout the week was going, it was hard on all of us physically and emotionally, but we knew we were capable of having the outcome we did.”

Track and Field prepares for the upco​min​g season

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Track and Field prepares for the upco​min​g season

Maria Alfaro

Chronicle Reporter

Track and Field had a preseason race against Abraham Lincoln High School and Esteban E. Torres High School on Friday, March 1. Their season starts this week and their first race will be against Downtown Magnet High School on March 8 at Hollywood.

The team has been practicing since January, preparing themselves for this season. Usually, their practice consists of running three to seven miles daily. Ashley Zulueta, SAS junior and a first-year runner, is doing sprints and hurdles. “My preseason race had me nervous all day, but I feel like I did better than I expected for a first-timer.” Although she tripped a few times at the events she said she would not “let it faze” her.

She is going to use her experiences from preseason to achieve her goals. Her goal for this upcoming season are to “become a better hurdler,” and to “overcome the general statements that ‘short’ people aren’t the best option for hurdle races.” To achieve her goals she plans to push herself every day by “running and sprinting more than usual” to build her endurance and to eat healthier and put a limit to junk food.

Brandon Aguila, distance runner and SAS sophomore said, “I feel pretty well for my first track meet.” His teammates supported him as he ran and said he couldn’t have done it without their support. His goals for this season are to get faster so he can improve his “mileage time to get under six minutes and to get closer to the team.” He is sure that if he keeps practicing he will accomplish his goals.

Swim team prepares for first meet

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Cristal Rincon

Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood High School’s swim team is preparing for their first meet against Contreras, scheduled for Wednesday, March 6.

On Wednesday, Feb. 20, the team participated in a scrimmage against various other schools in the area such as RFK, Contreras, and Mendez. This served as an opportunity to introduce the new team members to how meets work and get them comfortable with competing.

This year, the team has approximately 15 members, a significant amount of them being individuals who are new to the sport. Emily Luis, SAS sophomore and new member said, “I think swim is fun, but it is a bit difficult. With time I think I will get better.”

The team started conditioning in November, and started practicing in the pool in early February. The team has been practicing at Bernstein, because Hollywood’s pool has yet to be fixed, an issue they have been experiencing for the past two years.

Adding to this difficulty, there have been problems involving the team’s transportation to and from practices. They have to arrange a bus everyday of practice after school. However there have been times when the bus is either late or simply doesn’t arrive.

Raquel Kaufman, team member and SAS sophomore said, “Even though the obstacles we’ve faced have been discouraging, it’s made the team work harder as a whole, and we’ve gotten closer because of it.”

Boys Soccer Walk out Champions at Heart

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Boys Soccer Walk out Champions at Heart

Melanie Aguilar

Chronicle Reporter

After having one of the best seasons yet, unfortunately, the boys soccer period has come to a close. With a outstanding overall record of 11-5, the sheiks soccer team made it all the way to the semi finals game where they would match up against the Chavez Eagles.

The boys soccer team first began their winning streak against the Belmont Sentinels till finally they ran into a stop against the Eagles. With every player working at their highest potential, the sheiks were able to get very far in the game. Coming close to a championship game resembles the team’s dedication to be on top. Their hard work throughout the entire duration of the season, never went unnoticed. Hugo Garcia, varsity soccer captain said, “It was a great season, we did well and we trained hard”. Hugo expressed his gratitude and appreciation for his team and all their hard work. His senior year of high school he was able to “take league” once again.

Despite not receiving the title they expected,the boys soccer team take home a memorable experience. The sheiks had a great season, ending with a loss does not define their ability to play the game. With the support of their coach, who stood by their side at every game and their peers, the boys soccer team leave a lasting impact. The sheiks walk out champions at heart.

Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl Sunday

Kahliyah Williams
Chronicle Reporter

    Super Bowl 53 is an upcoming football game between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams started off as a team in Cleveland, after 49 years they moved to St.Louis, 20 years later they are now in Los Angeles. The Rams have played in 3 Super Bowls only winning one. SAS Senior, Quincy Arms said “ I would like the rams to win the Super Bowl because they not trash and they LA”. This week Super Bowl Sunday will be very important for all Rams fans. Let’s hope the Rams handle business in this years match up.

Celebrating the seniors

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Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter

With the ending of basketball season and soccer season, Senior Night is upon us. Senior Night is the one game where all the seniors are recognized for their hard work all season. Friends and family have the opportunity to come out and bring their senior flowers, posters and balloons.

This past Monday, Jan. 28, was Hollywood High’s boys soccer team last home game which was against Belmont High School, and it was also their Senior Night. Today, Jan. 30, is the girls soccer team’s last home game and they will also be celebrating their Senior Night. Unlike the boys team, the girls are sharing their Senior Night with the boys basketball team. These teams should feel grateful that they are able to experience a Senior Night being that the football team and spirit squad lost their chance to experience this event because of a lightning storm.

After long and tiring practices to be the best out on the court and field, the seniors will say a last farewell to a sport that they have dedicated their all too.

Dodgers head to the World Series

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Elissa Martinez

Chronicle Reporter

The Los Angeles Dodgers will play in the World Series for the second year in a row after defeating the Milwaukee Brewers 5-1 Saturday night in the seventh game.

Christian Yelich put Milwaukee ahead with a solo home run in the first inning off rookie Walker Buehler. Cody Bellinger hit a two-run home run in the second that gave Los Angeles the lead. Puig added to the Dodgers’ lead with a three-run home run. He celebrated wildly going around the bases as the Dodgers made it 5-1.

“I was extremely happy when the Dodgers won because that meant they were going to the World Series,” said Anthony Sales, TCA senior. “Let’s go Dodgers!”

The 2018 World Series begins Tuesday with the Boston Red Sox hosting the Los Angeles Dodgers at 5:09 p.m. PST from Fenway Park. You are able to tune into the World Series on FOX Sports.

Check out for more information.

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