Volleyball boys heading into the playoffs

Daniel Madrid, Boys’ Volleyball MH, serving up a clean serve against Belmont

James Ajin

Crimson Chronicle Sports Editor

The Boys’ volleyball team finished their season with wins over league rivals Robert F. Kennedy High School and Edward R. Roybal Learning Center 3-0 respectively. 

It was a contentious game for the volleyball team as 4th place RFK gave the Sheiks one of the hardest games of their season, only winning by two points each set. However, the boy Sheiks still came out on top, winning their final set 28-26 and brightening the mood for their senior night, celebrated with posters made by Leadership and flowers. 

To cap off the season, the Volleyball team traveled to Roybal Learning Center to play their final game of the regular season with a dominant win 3-0. 

The whole season has been one roller coaster for the team. They faced many challenges and struggled in the middle of the season with fitting players in the right positions. 

“Throughout the season we’ve been switching players around trying to be the best team possible,” said Boys Volleyball captain Hudson Kim, “In the end, we decided on a team that brings out the most in each player.” 

While the team was figuring out which players fitted where they tacked on more losses including pivotal games against rivals Helen Bernstein 3-2 and first-place Mendez 3-0. 

“We accomplished to be second,” said senior MH Daniel Madrid,” not bad but nowhere to what we wanted.”

Despite the challenges, the Sheiks placed second in the Central League and currently rank fifth in the Division II Los Angeles City Section. 

“Over the season, the team has grown a lot,” said Hudson, “improving their communication, dedication, and overall skill.”

The team now prepares for their upcoming Division II play-in game against the Bulldogs of Elizabeth Learning Center April 29.

The Boys Volleyball team say goodbye to:

  • Hudson Kim (NMA) #4
  • Christian Diaz (TCA) #7
  • Francisco Velazquez (NMA) #12
  • Daniel Madrid (PAM) #19
  • Jose Ayala (NMA) # 26
  • Daniel Enriquez (NMA) #17

Photo Credit: Daniel Enriquez

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