August 15, 2020

Summer in quarantine

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Summer in quarantine

Julia Rouillard

Chronicle Reporter

Lyrics by BTS that can make everyone feel inspired

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Lyrics by BTS that can make everyone feel inspired

Joan Kim


As a high school student, the coronavirus could have affected your lives. You might be a senior and be sad because your last months of high school are gone and your senior events that you were finally looking forward to like prom and graduation are not going to happen sooner than you thought. You might be a junior, sophomore, or freshman and you might feel like you are running out of time to do community services and feel unmotivated for the next year of high school and possibly college. Ultimately, everyone is going through a hard time. 

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month,as an “fan of BTS or ARMY , here are some inspirational lyrics that can make someone lift their spirits up. 

  1. Spring Day- This song is about longing for someone and waiting for them. One of the lyrics “The morning will come again, no darkness, no season is eternal” is inspirational because one day we will be able to see our friends and become happy.
  2. 2!3!- This song is reflected on the hardships someone can experience in their life. The lyrics “Let’s all count 1,2,3 forgetting and erasing the sad memories, smiling holding each other’s hands, hoping for better days” can describe how together by staying in touch with your loved ones and friends, we can get through this pandemic together.
  3. Magic Shop- This song reflects on accepting to love yourself and what to do when you feel sad. The lyrics are “on days I hate myself, days I want to disappear forever, let’s make a door in your heart, it’s ok to believe.”  You should open your mind and heart and always try to look at the glass that’s half full and not half empty.
  4. Outro: Wings- This song is talking about growing self confidence and can help the juniors and seniors who might feel nervous about college. “I believe in myself. My back is hurting for my wings to come out. I believe in you, even if things are bleak right now.” Even if juniors might not feel ready to apply for college next semester and seniors being nervous about the next chapters of their lives, everything will be ok.
  5. So What- This song can be for someone who has too many thoughts and worries. The lyrics “90% of your worries are an imaginary swamp that you created. Just go instead of worrying. Don’t get scared, cheer up shout it out so what”
  6. Answer: Love Myself- This song says that the answer to loving yourself can be various answers. The lyrics “I’m on the path to loving myself. It’s what I need the most. I’m walking for myself. It’s an action needed for me. My attitude towards myself. That’s the happiness I need for me.” tells us how loving yourself is trusting yourself. 
  7. Moving on- This song is about moving on to a new chapter in your life. The lyrics “Now let’s take our pride and go toward a bigger world with a bigger dream. A new start, a new beginning, excited to see how it will become.” As seniors step into college, we should be excited that we can start out a new chapter in our lives.
  8. Mikrokosmos- This song talks about how everyone is special in their own way. The lyrics “one light is ambition,….  people’s lights are all precious, don’t disappear, because you’re a big existence” reminds us that each one of us are unique and make others happy.
  9. Epiphany- This song talks about the importance of self love. The chorus “I’m the one I should love in this world, Shining me, precious soul of mine, I finally realized so I love me not so perfect but so beautiful” states that self love is vital and we should appreciate ourselves. 
  10. I’m fine- This song is a response to their previous song “Save Me” and believes that positivity is the answer to fear. The lyrics “all of the sadness and scares became an old memory now. So let’s all smile and let go. Our future will only have happiness so put away your gear, Enjoy it you worked hard” explain how we should abandon our fears and constant worries and be bright. 

Welcome Incoming Freshmen

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Welcome Incoming Freshmen

Cheyan Metcalfe Chronicle Reporter

With the new school year approaching, new freshmen are coming in and are eager to know everything that the world famous Hollywood High has to offer.

What to binge for the next three months

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Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 1.19.14 PM

Guadalupe Dominguez and Cristal Rincon

Chronicle Reporter and Website Editor

Are you looking for something new to watch? Does nothing catch your attention on Hulu and Netflix? Well we have narrowed down the best shows and movies to binge now that you have all the time in the world!

  1. Elite (Netflix): We might not be in school but the students at Las Encinas are. The teen drama set in Spain will keep you stuck to your streaming device with its drama and cliches.
  2. Gossip Girl (Netflix): For a longer running teen drama, with just as much scandal and heartache, watch Gossip Girl—where the lives of privileged upper class students gets turned upside down by a mysterious blogger by the name of ‘Gossip Girl’. 
  3. 9-1-1 (Hulu): The doors to the lives of first responders including fire fighters, police officers, and dispatchers are open during this series. From overcoming the loss of family and addiction to saving those affected by earthquakes, 9-1-1 tells the story of those who are there during emergencies.
  4. Becoming (Netflix): An intimate documentary that goes behind that scenes with former first lady Michelle Obama, as she goes on her inspiring book tour.
  5. Queer Eye (Netflix): Queer Eye has returned with four new seasons and the new Fab Five. The show which takes place in and around Atlanta follows the lifestyle makeovers of men and women. The Fab Five on this reboot include Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Tan France, and Karamo Brown.
  6. A Quiet Place (Hulu): For anyone who’s a fan of horror or suspense, A Quiet Place is essential to watch. The plot revolves around a family trying to survive in a world overrun by creatures with an acute sense of hearing who hunt you if they hear you.
  7. Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting and Internet Killer (Netflix): If you are looking for a docu-series to keep you on your toes Don’t F***k With Cats is your best choice. It follows the investigation and manhunt of Luka Magnotta, known for uploading the video titled 1 man 2 cats to Facebook. Watch at your own risk…. 
  8. Criminal Minds (Netflix): An elite squad of FBI profilers analyzes the country’s most-twisted criminal minds, anticipating the perpetrators’ next moves before they can strike again. 
  9. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Hulu): The show that should be on every sitcom fan’s watchlist, Brooklyn 99 is a police procedural comedy series following the detectives of the NYPD’s 99th precinct. 
  10. One Day at a Time (Netflix and Pop TV): Pop TV has brought back One Day at a Time after its cancellation on Netflix. The show follows the life of the Alvarez, a Cuban- American family living in Echo Park. Along with being culturally diverse it deals with issues like immigration, sexism, racism, and mental illness.

5 ways to stay productive at home

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5 ways to stay productive at home

Frida Larios
Opinion Editor

During quarantine, it’s easy to feel like you haven’t been doing much. Like a lot of people, I’ve been binge watching a lot of shows and staying in my room all day. After awhile, this can feel like a drag so here are some ways to start being productive.

Cooking- cooking can be scary for some people but if you want to kill time and learn something new, searching up a recipe to follow is the way to go. The possibilities are endless.

Go for a daily walk around your neighborhood- Going on walks can get your body moving without getting you extremely tired. The days are starting to get longer and the weather is getting nicer so it’s a perfect way to take advantage of it. Don’t forget your face mask.

Catch up on school work- This is pretty self explanatory. It’s really easy to fall behind during these times and catching up will lift a weight off your shoulders.

Start a new hobby- We have more time right now than we may ever have again. Its the perfect time to start something you’ve been thinking about doing for awhile. My new hobbies are cooking and planting.

Clean your room and home- Spring cleaning may be one of the best ways to stay productive and organized. It can be annoying to clean so much but you will thank yourself for it later on.

A shoutout to the Golden Age

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America Flores-Hernandez
Chronicle Editor and Reporter

In Ryan Murphy’s new Netflix series “Hollywood”, viewers get a glimpse of the glamour and excitement that buzzed in the still growing Hollywood entertainment industry. Taking place post-WWII during the golden age of filmmaking, the story follows Jack Castello, a young army veteran who moves into Los Angeles with his expecting wife, hoping to make ends meet for his future family by participating as an extra in films made by ACE Studios, which is a call out to all the successful studios of the time period.

Alongside the Jack, the series follows the lives of other aspiring actors and filmmakers willing to do almost anything to make their showbiz dreams come true.

The show tackles both sides of the struggles a person would take on to survive and flourish in an industry that was not very accepting as it seemed. Alongside that the writers take into account issues that people in our everyday lives would face: understanding our needs, acceptance of sexuality, the slow validation of mental health, and learning how to believe in yourself when you think it’s you against the world.

From a personal perspective, I think it’s quite the time to be alive knowing that there’s a series that explores how Hollywood could have managed to create a film where even the most hopeless dreams became a reality when the person on the highest pedestal of the hierarchy of film entertainment understood the power of his and her privilege – and used it for something positive and uplifting.

With a diverse cast, stunning and accurate visuals, and as well as a thrilling plot, viewers should consider watching Hollywood as something to watch during this quarantine, given that the series’ plot at times makes us question the what-ifs of human ambition.

3 Ways to Maintain Healthy Sleep During Quarantine

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health concept - word cloud of contributing factors (diet, lifestyle, healthcare, family history, environment, exercise, stress, relationships, sleep, rest, hygiene) on isolated colorful sticky notes

Chronicle Reporter

Enio Lemus

Set a sleeping schedule- the more consistent your bed and wake-up time, the more consistent your body will function. It may be tempting to stay up late watching movies or playing video games, however, losing even 16 minutes of sleep a night is shown to have negative effects – fatigue, irritability, confusion, etc. Target at least eight hours of sleep each night. Make your sleep environment more conducive to success.

Naps?- We’ve all been there, when we get out of school, nuzzled up on the couch or in a favorite chair. Naps happen. Napping for 10 to 20 minutes during the day will help you recharge. But, be mindful of when and how often you do this. Napping too much during the day can disrupt your overnight sleep schedule.

Take a break from electronics- Often, we hear this bit of advice and think it only applies to our computer or laptop. It applies to all electronic devices including our cellphones. That means a break from social media, TV too. Target stopping around 90 minutes before your set bedtime. Meditation can help, but no electronics.

Lunch With The Principal

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Lunch With The Principal

Julius Joseph

Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood High school students attended a zoom meeting with the principal and teachers to discuss ways students and teachers can better get along. A idea came up to create a “Student Bill of Rights” which listed rights for students at Hollywood High School. One example of a right we are to have is “Students have the right to be respected for the fact that they are juggling multiple workloads”.

A completion of this Student Bill of Rights will occur at the next lunch with the principal which is on Friday May 1. Anyone is welcome to join and add their opinion.

Ways to stay active during quarantine

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Enio Lemus

Crimson Chronicle

If there is anything more important these days, it is your health and that of your family. This quarantine period definitely tests our patience, but this is the best way to deal with the current coronavirus pandemic, which has already claimed thousands of lives and continues to affect millions. You must keep your body active during this period to celebrate the defeat of this deadly virus. 

Do bodyweight exercises – If inmates can get ripped in a tiny prison cell, you can get ripped during the quarantine. Bodyweight exercises aren’t great for getting huge, but they’re a good way to stay toned with limited resources. Here are some body-weight exercises you can do pretty much wherever, whenever. 

Crunches,Push-ups, Planks,Squats,Lunges,Wall sits, Burpees

Go for a run – There’s a good chance you’ll be looking for any excuse to get some fresh air, so just god for a run. Doing so allows you to be active outside without necessarily coming into close contact with other people, so it’s a safe way to get your cardio in during this pandemic.

Ways to distract yourself during this quarantine

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Ways to distract yourself during this quarantine

Melisa Lovos

Crimson Chronicle

During this pandemic time, as everyone is asked to stay at home, and every form of entertainment outside of the home is closed or canceled, we come to dread the thought of the next day- as every day is the same as the last. 

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many ways to keep yourself entertained, while indoors and following the cautionary safety measures set without having to spend much- or any- money

 Activities using technology: 

Read a new book online, host a Netflix viewing party, take a digital museum/university/concert, find DIY ideas on social media (Pinterest), video chat or facetime with a friend, start an Instagram or Twitter with your favorite hobbies as feed, go window shopping online, take online quizzes on websites such as Buzzfeed, find free apps and games on your phone, and even create a blog or youtube channel. 

Other activities: 

Play your favorite music and dance, write a poem or story, draw something you like, cooking or baking, make a collage, learn to play an instrument, reorganize or clean your house/room, prat or meditate, try a new workout, catch up on quality sleep, and even dedicate some time on your beauty routine. 

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