August 20, 2019

Take your first visit to The Last Bookstore

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453 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

This old bank turned to one of the city’s iconic spots to visit is The Last Bookstore. It is a treasure trove of all kinds of audiences, whether an avid fan of classical literature or someone looking for a graphic novel, this place outdoes itself by providing that and more.

Events such as book signings and stories occur regularly. The patience and enthusiasm of the employees when helping you search or choose out a book is extraordinary. Many of them are well-read themselves. The customers themselves will most likely recommend a title. An indoor coffee shop oozes the invigorating scent of warm coffee in the store, making the whole place feel homely as you explore their vinyl records.

Bird’s eye view of The Last Bookstore

They offer a combination of new and used books, both sold affordably. The labyrinth on the upper floor is dedicated to secondhand $1 books, many of them worthwhile titles. The old bank vault is repurposed to shelf the crime and horror novels. The upper floor is also recognized for its aesthetic value. It is prominent in social media. It is what teens know as “Instagramable”.

You can support the store whether that’d be through purchasing the books, selling your own (however, this requires an I.D.), bartering, and donating. It is easily accessible, only one train ride away. Get off on Pershing Square station, on Hill/5th street. and simply walk down 5th street for a block. There is only so much my words can describe this place, so go check it out in the near future.

An update to Women’s Day

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An update to Women's Day

Chronicle Reporter

Salma Rodriguez

Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day and to follow up on a previous story here’s an update. Hollywood High showed their support for women by handing out T-shirts at the Parent Center. In total there were 700 shirts passed out, donated by the Hollywood Neighborhood Council.

What are students doing to celebrate Women’s Day? Daphne Gonzalez, SAS, 10th grader said, “I will be donating to a charity that helps and supports women in any type of way, shape or form.”

Alessandra Mendez, PAM, 9th grader said, “I will be going to a parade for women’s day.”

Juan Gaytan, SAS, 9th grader said, “I’m going to be telling women how grateful I am to have them in my life and how they have such a huge impact on society.”

Celebrating Women’s Day

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Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter

International Women’s Day is celebrated yearly on March 8. This day is for women everywhere and it is a holiday that women have rightfully earned after fighting for equal rights. This day should be spent celebrating any and all strong and empowered women that are in one’s life.

Hollywood High students are doing their part in celebrating International Women’s Day by wearing shirts to represent unity and empowerment. T-shirts are being passed out to all students to show the outstanding support we have for women. And in case you do not get the opportunity to receive a shirt, there are still things that can be done to show your support.

One example is going out to watch the new and anticipated marvel movie, “Captain Marvel”. This movie showcases a strong and empowered woman as the leading role, Brie Larson. It proves just how far not only women have come, but also how far respect towards women have come.

Come and visit the Los Angeles LGBT Center

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Come and visit the Los Angeles LGBT Center

Elissa Martinez

Chronicle Reporter

The LGBTQ+ club attended Models Of Pride Leadership Insitute on Mar. 1st. A group consisted of 20 students walked to Los Angeles LGBTQ center to experience a safe environment with informational content about the community.

The club got to meet staff, CAN Leaders, and students from other ten schools. They also had discussions and activities about rights that high school students have.

Lunch and snacks were given to the students. Surveys were given as well to make the student’s voices heard. Positivity and kindness was spread all day.

The Los Angeles LGBT Center is open everyday and welcomes anyone to come to visit and make a friend. There are seven center locations all around Los Angeles.

Prepare for senior project presentations

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Katie Adaya

Chronicle Reporter

With senior project presentations right around the corner, here are a few quick tips you might want to consider.

  1. Practice in front of an audience. You can try presenting in front of a group of friends, classmates, and/or teachers available during break or after school. If they give you feedback, make sure to consider making changes to improve your presentation.
  2. Time yourself. When practicing by yourself, try to keep a timer nearby. Pace yourself so that you won’t present too fast or too slow. Make sure you stay within the time range.
  3. Don’t sleep late the previous night. The day of the presentation, you want to look presentable. Make sure you get enough sleep the night before so you don’t stress or look tired that day. Also, you want to make sure you wake up earlier so you don’t oversleep or run late that day.
  4. Don’t stress about it. There’s no need to worry about it. You’ve been researching your topic throughout the year, so no need to overthink.
  5. Make sure you know your subject well. Prepare for questions to answer that day. Research any topic you think you’re missing just in case. Also, make sure to review your subject and presentations in case of any errors.

Embrace the day of love

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Romantic Dining

Yadira Romero

Chronicle Reporter

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and many people always have trouble deciding on what they should do. Many tend to not like Valentine’s Day because they don’t have someone to celebrate it with or because of bad memories, but it’s not about that. It’s the day to show your appreciation towards your loved ones whether they are your partners, friends, or family. Don’t limit yourself to others, it is the day where you can also show yourself some love. As the saying goes, self love is the best love. There are many activities you can do with yourself or with a friend. If you are unsure of what to do, here is a list of things:

  • Have a nice dinner/picnic with the one you love or yourself.

  • Make a sweet letter for your beloved/friend, which is more meaningful than you would think.
  • Go to the movies or stay in and check out a classic flick for a romantic day.
  • Bake something sweet such as heart shaped cookies or make chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Create a gift basket with all their favorite treats and items. For example, you can fill it up with their favorite movies and candy.

Celebrate the year of the pig this weekend

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Celebrate the year of the pig this weekend

Elvira Roman

Chronicle Reporter

The Chinese New Year is a celebration of the beginning of a new year according to the traditional Chinese calendar. This holiday is one of the world’s most popular festival and is celebrated in not only countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Southeast Asia but also Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and other areas with a Chinese community. The New Year began on Feb. 5 and this year it is set to be the year of the pig.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Los Angeles by attending the Golden Dragon Parade and Chinese New Year Festival. This year is the 120th annual parade and festival in Chinatown. The parade takes place in Chinatown and begins in the evening. Floats, marching bands, and cultural groups, are a glimpse of what is to be expected.

For more information visit

Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Celebrate Valentine's Day

Katie Adaya

Chronicle Reporter

Show your appreciation and love for friends, significant others, or any other loved one by celebrating Valentine’s Day with these two activities at Hollywood High.

Come and support LGBT Club on their annual Marriage Booth set-up on Feb. 14. You can purchase a $5 package. This package includes a polaroid picture taken at the booth, a certificate of “marriage” for each person, and two free ring pops. If you just want the polaroid picture taken, it will only cost $2.

Following that, leadership will be selling Valentine grams in the quad during lunch for only $5. These grams include a mug, a small teddy bear, chocolate, and a note. They will continue to sell them through Feb. 11. On Feb. 14, these grams will be sent during first and fourth period to the recipient.

Make sure to buy these grams before time runs out and stop by the marriage booth to create some unforgettable memories.

Book Recs with a purpose

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America Flores-Hernandez

Chronicle Reporter

With the new year in full swing, authors within the thrillers and fantasy genre have caused a spurge in fresh titles that reciprocate to their readers needs in the unexpected. According to the New York Times Best-Sellers, the following list is categorized based on the author’s notoriety and impact in the list:

Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Vanderah

After the loss of her mother and her own battle with breast cancer, Joanna Teale returns to her graduate research on nesting birds in rural Illinois, determined to prove that her recent hardships have not broken her. She throws herself into her work from dusk to dawn, until her solitary routine is disrupted by the appearance of a mysterious child who shows up at her cabin barefoot and covered in bruises.

The girl calls herself Ursa, and she claims to have been sent from the stars to witness five miracles. With concerns about the child’s home situation, Jo reluctantly agrees to let her stay—just until she learns more about Ursa’s past.

Freedom Road by William Lashner

Instead of willing to live out his final years in despair, Oliver Cross is fresh out of jail. However, he finds out his granddaughter, a wild child who reminds him of his late wife, has vanished, thus Oliver jumps parole. With a sketchy teen and an abandoned dog, he hits the blacktop to find her.

On the road and on the run from a vengeful Russian drug dealer, he finds himself on a trip across America and into his own past, fueled by fumes from a Ford F-250 plus a reason to live. It’s a journey that could all end in redemption or a hail of bullets. And either’s okay by him.

An Anonymous Girl: A Novel by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

Looking to earn some easy cash, Jessica Farris agrees to be a test subject in a psychological study about ethics and morality. But as the study moves from the exam room to the real world, the line between what is real and what is one of Dr. Shields’s experiments blurs.

Dr. Shields seems to know what Jess is thinking… and what she’s hiding.

Jessica’s behavior will not only be monitored, but manipulated.

Caught in a web of attraction, deceit and jealousy, Jess quickly learns that some obsessions can be deadly.

Overall, what makes these three books stand out besides the subject matter they tackle, the authors themselves are persistent, thoughtful, and cunning when adding on symbolic and thematic elements into the stories which leads on the reader into questioning their own stances in a fixated arc of doubt. In turn, this revolves unto making the protagonists realize not only their right to self-satisfaction, but giving up personal happiness so that those in vulnerable positions can attain and understand the true meaning behind togetherness with others, and individually.

Photography apps that are snap worthy

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Photography apps that are snap worthy

America Flores-Hernandez

Chronicle Reporter

On the App Store and Play Store, most of these applications are within the categories of Lifestyle and Productivity, and are mostly aimed towards the adolescent groups which have a tendency to use them. Photography is no exception since the rise of editing, photoshop, and aesthetic backgrounds has increased in the last decade, with our advances in technology itself. The following apps are recommended based on personal and widely reviewed qualities.


A mobile app for iOS and Android devices made by the US Visual Supply Company. One of the great things about VSCO is that it offers a one of a kind experience for users to alternate and edit their photos however they wish. Partly due to the wide arrange of filters that enhance the appearance of digital photography. Users can publish their photography through a journal for the public to see.


Having a wide array of choices in filters and background icons with fading highlights, there’s a lot of reasons as to why this app’s simple perspective even has professionals hollering. The majority of the editing work is done within the Tools section of the app itself. Other tools include filters for head poses, portraits, lens blur, double exposure, and text. It’s also very addictive by the moment you begin wandering from the tools to make adjustments, after all nothing is permanent until you decide it is.


Taking your photos to the next level, especially in terms of its manner of shooting and editing, while beautifully doing it. One unique feature in Afterlight is white balance lock. This feature can be accessed directly to the right of the grid button and can be used to lock your white balance on the fly. This is especially helpful when shooting in dark environments.

Huji Cam

An app that’s inspired a cult following among a lot of influencers for taking photographs as if you’re “back in 1998.” One of the varying reasons as to why it’s a major jewel within the photographic scene is that not only does it offer tons of filters, perspective changing angles, and a vintage tone that gives off an ancient vibe, it truly makes you feel as if you’re entering another era.

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