What are Sheiks doing this spring break?

Ashley Estrada and Anay Sandoval

Crimson Chronicle Reporters

Q: What are your plans for this spring break of 2023?

L’kenjha Murph, NMA senior 

“Going out with my family to restaurants and watching the new movie Creed 3”

Gilberto Santiago, NMA senior

“I’m gonna go to ski then go to school on Monday for acceleration day…then I’m going to San Bernardino… and if I’m not wrong, I think we’re going to San Diego after.” 

Edwin Sinecio, teacher assistant for special education 

“During the spring break I’m gonna rest because I’ve been tired of actually the strike and I need to recuperate myself.” 

Katherine Gomez, NMA senior 

“I will be resting a lot with lots of naps. Possibly go to the beach with my friends and have a picnic that’s we’ve been wanting to do for a while now.”

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