The library embraces a new look

Ani Alimazyan

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The library has a new look. The old bulky furniture has been replaced with more lively and modern seating. 

 “We have new tables, new chairs, that will be coming soon in March, some soft seating, a couple of bookcases for displays, and some carts over there where we’re going to put materials for, like craft activities and games and things like that. ” said librarian Sherri Whitham.

She tells us about the old furniture and how she found pictures of it in the 1970s yearbook. “They were etched on and the legs were falling off and they were kind of big and bulky,”  said Whitham.

The school received SR  funding which allowed us to get new furniture for the library. “I’ve been asking the principal for many, many years if any funding was to become available for furniture that we really needed and he agreed. And then this year we received SR funding,” said Whitham. 

The library also has a graphic novel reading incentive program that is going on until April 14. Students can read digital graphic novels called Aztec Empire. “I post new questions every week for each episode. And then they complete this Google form and answer questions and then they’re entered into a raffle,” said Whitham. 

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