Some seniors unhappy with Grad Nite

Sherlyn Ovando and Sherli Perez

Seniors are disappointed with the lack of organization in most senior activities, particularly Grad Nite, which has been contentious for the last few months.

This year the senior cabinet divided seniors into tiers and limited eligibility to those who attended senior meetings. However, not all seniors in the first tier were allowed to purchase tickets.

“I attended every senior meeting, signed up for a QR code, and still didn’t qualify to attend Grad Nite due to not being put on any tier for ticket purchasing,” said PAM senior Belen Villegas.

Seniors have complained about favoritism within the senior cabinet and their decisions on which seniors attend. The senior cabinet has control over handling these situations. Within the tiers, the seniors see friends of the senior cabinet members being put in the first tier, making purchasing tickets easier.

”It is not fair that most of the senior class is going to be missing out on Grad Nite,” said PAM senior Karla Mireles, “missing out on this experience because of an unorganized senior cabinet is unfair.”

Senior class sponsor Sandra Cervantes declined to comment when contacted by the Crimson Chronicle.

Senior class president Breanna Brown expressed that the senior cabinet did not organize the way Grad Nite tickets were being sold, and had no idea that students were required to attend meetings to qualify.

“Students still had an opportunity to purchase their tickets as spots opened up for those placed in tiers and decided not to attend” said Brown.

Regardless, students felt disappointed with the way tickets were sold and distributed .

”I feel as if Grad Nite was only targeted to [members of] the senior cabinet’s friends because they are the only ones who got to purchase tickets,” said TCA senior Ani Alimazyan.

Some seniors said they prefer to experience their own “Grad Nite” by going to Disneyland on their own time with their friends without the harsh rules of the school and senior cabinet.

Disney’s Grad Nite 2010” by carmen zuniga is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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