Select TCA seniors graduate with civic engagement seal

Ani Alimazyan

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The only SLC that will be graduating with the State Seal of Civic Engagement is the Teaching Career Academy. It is a gold seal marked on the transcript of a diploma. Due to their hard work and dedication, they will earn the Seal of Civic Engagement and a sash. 

TCA seniors have the skills of understanding civil knowledge and their understanding of a commitment to participatory government. It has only been the second year that public high schools have been doing this. 

TCA seniors have been working hard to complete their senior projects and they are relieved to find out they get something out of it. 

“I feel really good about earning the Seal of Civic Engagement, I’m one of the only people that got it, I’m really happy that I did,” said Jeremy Patten. Not every TCA senior has earned the California State Seal of Civic Engagement. 

It is only for the students who completed the tasks that are assigned to it, to earn it. One of the tasks was volunteering to support the senior project topic. For example, some students did their senior project on mental health. They volunteered at an organization where you help people who are experiencing mental health problems. 

Another task was to write a letter to a senator. The seniors wrote letters to a senator explaining what they can do to help prevent their topic from happening. For example, a student did their topic about homelessness. 

“I did my senior project on walkable cities in California and I volunteered for CicLavia,” said Luca Bancianu.

These tasks are what have helped seniors earn the State Seal of Civic Engagement. If they didn’t complete them, then they didn’t earn the seal. 

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