December 9, 2019

Journalism visits LACMA

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Journalism visits LACMA

Janet Gonzalez

Chronicle Reporter

Journalism and AP English Language students took a field trip Thursday to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) to visit a new exhibition, Thomas Joshua Cooper: The World’s Edge. This special exhibit consists of years of landscape photography that he has captured from the farthest locations in the world, including Antartica, South Africa and Norway.

The classes discussed and did writing/drawing exercises that really seemed to help the students take in the beautiful scenes in the photos. Some of the photographs showcased are “The Atlas of Emptiness and Extremity, The World’s Edge, the Atlantic Basin Project” which he first embarked upon in 1987. For each location he traveled to he would take only on photograph using an old-fashioned box camera. He only developed the photo after he returned home.

I would recommend going to go visit the exhibition. Students 17 and under can get a free membership to LACMA through their NexGenLA program. Sign up at the museum and bring a guest for free.

College Fair Wednesday

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College Fair Wednesday

Isaac Mendez

Chronicle Reporter

Some 31 colleges, including UC Berkeley, SMC, LACC, and West LA College visited campus today for a college fair while ninth through eleventh graders took the PSAT.

Colleges representatives informed seniors about their school and resources they provide. The fair helped students differentiate each college and what they provide for the student. This showed which college may best suit a student.

What’s up JROTC?

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What's up JROTC?

Julius Joseph

Chronicle Reporter

With JROTC back in action, what have they been up to?

“Just going through basics..learning about jrotc, its objective, leadership traits, as well as learning about ourselves and each other,” said Cadet 1st Lieutenant Michael Granados.

JROTC is getting back on their feet, building the strong program it once was.

As for future events, you can expect to see JROTCs color guard at the homecoming game against Belmont. They’ll be wearing chrome helmets and their uniforms bearing the ceremonial rifles and flags.

Homecoming dance is around the corner

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Homecoming dance is around the corner

Bertha Escobar

Chronicle Reporter

‘Bring It On’ to the dance floor this year with your ‘jazz squares’ because Hollywood’s homecoming dance theme this year is the 2000’s. So come out and join an old school night with us at school.

Ensure you make ‘fetch’ happen and be ready to ‘bend and snap’ on everyone. You must dress to impress to show school spirit. Get your plaid skirts with cardigans on or your cropped tops and denim jeans with your shades to make the night ‘grool’.

This years dance will be held in the big gym just like last years on Oct. 19. Doors will be open at 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Food and Snacks will be sold there.

Purchase your hoco tickets now during lunch at the quad for only $15 before Oct. 18. You could still buy tickets the same day of the dance for $20. So hurry and purchase them now while cheaper. It will be a night to remember. 

Go to movie night this Friday night

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Go to movie night this Friday night

Melisa Lovos

Chronicle Reporter

The first movie night of the year is this Friday, Oct. 11, taking place in room 503, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., presenting the engaging movie, Twitches.

This halloween related movie portrays the life of two teen witches who were separated at birth, and adopted into two completely different families. They meet on their 21st birthday and find that they must use their discovered powers to save the world in which they were born, where their birth mother still lives. 

Bring all your friends and enjoy your Friday afternoon with the entertainment of this iconic movie, delicious popcorn, and snacks- in your pajamas! 

Macbeth opens on Thursday

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Macbeth opens on Thursday

Alexander Oppenheimer

Chronicle Reporter

The 2019 fall play will be the famous Shakespeare play “Macbeth” directed by John Tourtellotte, who promises a “scary good time.” The opening night is Oct. 3 and the play runs Oct. 4-6.

The plot is that Lord Macbeth is a great warrior and general who is helping put down a rebellion against the king. On the way back from the battle he encounters some witches who tell him he will be king one day. Either he can wait or he can kill his way to the crown. After deciding to take action, the guilt of committing this murder breaks Lord and Lady Macbeth from the inside.

Tickets start at $3 for students and family members if one buys them presale. The first three nights will be shown at 7pm and on Sunday the play will show at 2 p.m.

The play is not scheduled to be during school hours but Tourtelotte says that he wants to talk to administration about allowing students to get a free preview of the play.

 Lord Macbeth is played by Sullivan Brock, and Lady Macbeth is played by Randella Drew. Banquo, Macbeth’s best friend, is played by junior Milo Koyfman.

Within the acting community there is a superstition about this mysterious play. One of the beliefs is that during the play the prop knife that is used has been switched with a real knife which causes the actors to accidentally stab the other. The other side of the superstition is just that it is a fun thing to joke about with the other actors and actresses.

KIIS FM provides opportunity with The Jonas Brothers

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Joan Kim


As the sun sets and autumn leaves are ready to fall, KIIS FM (radio station 102.7) provided one last summer activity- a chance to play a softball game with the Jonas Brothers and KIIS FM’s staff. Ten schools from the Los Angeles area were nominated and Hollywood was one of the chosen schools. 

The Jonas Brothers is a trio pop group consisting of Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas. In the 2000s, they had their own Disney channel show called “Jonas” and starred in movies such as “Camp Rock.” They also are known as Billboard artists with songs such as “Sucker” and “Burnin’ Up”.

As votes started on Sept. 13 at 12 p.m., students started voting and advocated each other to vote. SAS Junior Ingrid Muniz said, “When hearing this opportunity, I got excited because although I do not actively listen to the Jonas Brothers, I know how much some of the students enjoy their music. This made me want to vote right away.” 

SAS Junior Lizbeth Zesati said when she heard the news, she was “speechless, over the edge… just breathless” like in the song lyrics from “Lovebug” by the Jonas Brothers. “ I believe that our school could benefit from the positive publicity.”

The voting period ends at Sept. 26 at 11:59 p.m. and students can vote through:

Reopening the curtain on a tradition

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Reopening the curtain on a tradition

Melisa Lovos and Cristal Rincon

Chronicle Reporter and Website Editor

Hollywood High School’s beloved JROTC is making it’s return after the program met it’s demise on the 100th year anniversary in 2017. The program is being led by Colonel Darryl Hensley, who runs all of the JROTC programs in Los Angeles Unified School District.

The program was cut due to financial reasons, but is being brought back now thanks to interim principal Fonna Bishop. Hollywood is the fastest school to have gotten approved for this program, due to the school’s history, administrators said. In 1917, Hollywood was one of seven schools across the nation that was chosen to introduce and run JROTC.

“When I came here and I visited the school three weeks ago and I saw all of the photos,” said Colonel Hensley, “I literally got emotional and I said, I’ve got to bring this school back.” 

JROTC stands for Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps, and is a program that is focused on discipline, teamwork, and leadership values. Contrary to popular belief, the purpose of JROTC is to create better citizens, rather than soldiers for the military. It also offers credits to those participating, and helps students stand out when applying to college.

“It’s just a great program that inspires students to become leaders,” said Assistant Principal Pacino Furioso.

JROTC is now being offered as a free seventh period class every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:15 to 4:45 p.m. Anyone interested in joining should speak to their counselor for more information.

Let’s Wrap it Up Class of 2019

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Let’s Wrap it Up Class of 2019

Melanie Aguilar

Chronicle Reporter

This is it seniors, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the goal has always been the bowl. After four long years, we wrap up what has been filled with the most stressful yet memorable times. 

Graduation will take place at the Hollywood Bowl on June 6 at 5 PM. Everyone is welcome to join the Class of 2019 as they are officially on their way out. Congratulations to every student who has decided to pursue higher education whether it be a community college or a four year university. 

As a senior myself I am extremely proud to be graduating. Graduation is the next step   towards becoming an adult and entering the real world. The possibilities are endless to those that seek them. Although we will miss Hollywood high school very much on our journeys towards the top,  this is not a goodbye but a see you soon Class of 2019. 

Senior Reminder: turn in textbooks

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Senior Reminder: turn in textbooks

Sharon Ulloa

Chronicle Reporter

As graduation is approaching, seniors main priority is to walk the stage. A big requirement is making sure you do not have any fines or late fees.

It is important for seniors to make sure they do not owe anything by Tuesday, June 4, as rehearsal for graduation begins.

Students who play sports have to make sure they have turned in their uniforms in. Also, a senior can not have textbooks owed or fines are due in order to replace the book that is missing. Those textbooks can range from $15 to up to $200 if not turned in. Many online websites offer good quality replacements at a reasonable price. Lunch fines not paid can also ruin your plan of attending graduation.

“I tell students to make sure they have spoken to each office for their fines before rehearsal to be cleared,” said Ms. Elizabeth Payne.

Students who do not take responsibility and make up their fines will be taken out during rehearsals.

Graduation will be held at the Hollywood Bowl on June 6 at 5pm.

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