August 11, 2020

LAUSD is giving out free meals

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LAUSD is giving out free meals

Melisa Lovos

Crimson Chronicle

After schools in Los Angeles and Orange County were closed to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, many families who depend on schools for meals and child care became negatively affected, with the lack of these essential services. 

“Our schools provide a social safety net for children.” said Superintendent of the Los Angeles School District, Austin Beautner at a Friday press conference. 

The only solution they could find, that would both help the families in need and follow the health regulations includes providing students ages 18 and younger with meals, in schools all around the district. They also planned on providing child care resources, however they could not guarantee a safe and appropriate environment for everyone during this pandemic, causing such to be reconsidered. 

“Most people go to get meals for their kids, mostly in elementary and middle school. I have heard some complaints from families because they don’t think enough food is given to them, in order to have a healthy and reasonable diet. But I think it’s good that people are trying to help out those most in need, and the way they are doing it is causing a positive effect.” Said TCA Senior, Kevin Hernandez. 

The district’s Grab- And- Go Meal provides 60 locations and are open every weekday. They began distributing food this past March 23 from 7 a.m to 11 a.m, with two meals per kid. Regulations may differ from school to school, and information will be provided to families from their local schools. 

Locations providing food include:

Class will be taking place on zoom

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Class will be taking place on zoom

Maria Hernandez

Chronicle Reporter

Starting March 30 students and teachers will have to follow a blocked schedule because schools in Los Angeles will remain closed due to COVID-19. Austin Beutner, the superintendent of LAUSD, announced on March 23 that schools would remain closed through May 1.

Teachers have been looking for different forms to communicate and teach their students.

Hollywood high has set a blocked schedule so that students can meet with their teachers on zoom. Zoom is a conference app where many users can meet with video.
Most teachers are new to this app but have been working to get all of their students on the app.

“I think having a conference on zoom with my teachers and peers will be helpful to all of us. I think it will make up for the lessons we’ve missed but I don’t think it’s a really good way to teach because it is not the same as being in a classroom,” said Aimar Aguilar, TCA, Junior.

Periods 1, 2, and 3 will be meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 am- 2.30 pm and periods 4, 5, 6 will be meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students, please make sure to be on time to all of your conferences.

New COVID 19 Schedule announced

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New COVID 19 Schedule announced

Joan Kim


As the coronavirus became worse, LAUSD announced to close schools until May 1. Since students will need to stay home for more than a month, a new COVID 19 schedule was announced in order for students to receive learning material from their instructors. With a planned schedule, students are expected to complete assignments given and participate in meetings with Zoom (a platform that allows students to interact with their teachers remotely).

After Spectrum provided free internet services for students and Chromebook were distributed, students are expected to use the online resources in order to learn. Some students have been introduced to Zoom in order to check with their classmates and teachers.

“Currently, my AP English Literature teacher, Ms. Laurie Tobenkin is sticking with the new COVID 19 schedule. We were able to communicate with her this week through Zoom.” said SAS Senior Daniel Kang.

Although the new schedule does not make students meet with all six periods like a normal school schedule, they can interact with three periods per day. With three blocks with a given lunchtime, on Mondays and Wednesday students will communicate with their first, second and third periods with a duration of one hour and thirty minutes each. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students will communicate with their fourth, fifth and sixth periods with also a duration of one hour and thirty minutes each. On Fridays, there are no meetings with any periods, however, students can use Friday as a day to catch up or review any additional work that they did not complete. 

Theatre department waits for its princess

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Theatre department waits for its princess

Cristal Rincon

Website Editor

Amid the spread of COVID-19, the school musical “Once Upon a Mattress” has been postponed, and many questions are still up in the air about its opening.

The musical was originally scheduled for the weekends of March 20 and March 27. It was almost ready to open, with only microphones, costumes, and the orchestra left to add. However, due to LAUSD’s decision to keep schools closed until May, “Once Upon a Mattress” joined countless shows all across the country that had to close down their productions. 

“Obviously, it’s extremely frustrating,” said director John Tourtellotte. “Countless hours of dedicated, disciplined work put in by the cast, the crew, and Dr. Sannah’s students to bring this musical to life, and we were almost there.”

The cast had been hard at work, rehearsing weekly since the beginning of second semester, with PAM sophomore Morgan Rhone and PAM senior Hannah Barukh leading the cast as Prince Dauntless and Princess Winnifred. Working alongside Tourtellotte was assistant director and PAM senior Zoe Schiller, choreographer Jessie Holder Tourtellotte, and musical director Lisa Hertzner. 

Despite the disappointment of the cast and crew, Tourtellotte assures that the theatre department of Hollywood High is “alive and thriving”, and “will continue to grow”. 

As of now, there are no rescheduled dates for the musical. Final decisions will be planned out depending on what the rest of the school year looks like. If given enough time, three to two weeks of heavy-duty rehearsals will take place before the show opens. 

To the audiences looking forward to watching “Once Upon a Mattress” after the quarantine, Tourtellotte says, “You can expect to see a theatrical phoenix that will rise from the ashes of postponement and Shelter-In-Place with a level of joyous abandon that will be impossible to explain.”

One less thing to worry about

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One less thing to worry about

Guadalupe Dominguez Trujillo

Chronicle Reporter

This period of quarantine to stop the spread of COVID-19 has caused the student body to worry not only for their grades but the AP exams. For precaution, all LAUSD schools will remain closed until May 1. Meaning the doors of Hollywood will open just days before the AP exams start taking place.

The College Board has decided not to postpone the AP Exams. Instead, they have shortened all exams to a  45-minute free-response exam. It was also announced that students will only be tested on what they learned prior to the closure of there, meaning everything learned up until the first week of March. In addition to that, a second test date will be added. So students can either pick to take the exam the date set before the closure of the schools or take it at a later date.

In order to prepare students, the College Board has set up online classes. They will be covering all AP courses from AP English Literature to AP Biology. For the schedule of these courses visit the Advanced Placement Youtube channel linked below. If students still feel unprepared they will be allowed to not take the AP exam with no penalty.

For more updates on the AP exam click on the following links:

Information for AP students-

College Board Instagram-

Advanced Placement Youtube Channel-

LAUSD schools remain closed

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Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 4.46.35 PM

Bertha Escobar Chronicle Reporter

On Monday, March 23, LAUSD announced that schools will remain closed till May 1. Schools were going to open on March 30 but COVID-19 cases kept extending more over time. Therefore, keeping schools closed will help prevent students from getting the virus going, within and leaving school campus. “I wish I could tell you it will all be back to normal sometime soon, but it does not look like that will be the case,” Beutner states. The district is looking for ways to help students continue their education. Even though, many students are not satisfied with having school closed because of the amount of assignments being given while being stuck at  home. However, staying safe and healthy should always be a priority for everyone.

Hollywood High lets students take chromebooks home

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Hollywood High lets students take chromebooks home

Nayeli Alviar

Photo Editor

LAUSD made the announcement that schools would be closed until May 1, 2020. With this being announced, access to a computer has become crucial for students since all work being assigned by teachers will now be given via Schoology, Google Classroom, and even live video chats through things like ZOOM. Teachers and faculty members have been asking around if any student is in need of a chromebook to complete their courses and be successful in their classes through this pandemic. The school will be providing chromebooks Wednesday and Thursday from 11 am to 3 pm. In order to recieve a chromebook you will need your school I.D. and a parent to sign off the chromebook. Please notify your teacher if you are in need of a chromebook ASAP so you can be added to the list.

Next school year class openings

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Next school year class openings

Enio Lemus

Chronicle Reporter

Upcoming class openings for next year include: Culinary Arts class, Italian language class, after school orchestra class, after school music studio class, afterschool film studio class. 

The culinary arts class taught by Mr Papa will be a class where students will make food and make a restaurant where they will serve food to the public for two to three hours daily. The Italian language class will count as a foreign language course. The film, multimillion dollar music studio, and orchestra class will be held from 3 to 5 p.m. afterschool everyday. 

We look forward to everyone participating in the highly anticipated classes for the next school year. 

Assistant Principal, Ms. Booker, said, “We look forward to students having fun doing what they love.”

Spectrum is offering free internet

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Spectrum is offering free internet

Maria Hernandez

Chronicle Reporter

Spectrum will be providing free Internet to K-12 and college students who do not have internet access at home during this quarantine. Schools may be closed for more than two weeks due to the Coronavirus which means that students will be doing online school. 

“I feel like free internet by Spectrum will give students an opportunity to access lessons for school and videos that will help them for the future. I am thankful for this,” said Clarice Banda, SAS, junior. 

To receive these services by Spectrum a parent must call 1-844-488-839. The installation will be waived for new students. The free internet will only last for 60 days. If you are currently a client of Spectrum and are worried that you will not be able to pay the bills, you don’t have to worry about your services being cut off. Spectrum says they will not terminate services due to the inability to pay bills and they will waive any late fees that were caused due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Students, school is still on. All your work is online, make sure to get it done so you can keep high grades.

Restrooms become open

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Sidney Gonzalez

News Editor

Students have grown concerned over the restroom situation in the possibility of them being closed permanently.

Dr. Mary Reid and the administration team, consisting of the assistant principals, magnet coordinators, the dean, and the school officer decided to close restrooms during class time. Dr. Reid says this was in order to promote restrooms being used correctly and discourage students from setting fires, smoking, vaping, and ditching class. The only restrooms that were supposed to be open during this time were the 400s and the TCA building. In addition, teachers documented a student leaving the classroom and coming back on a sign out sheet.

The timing of this decision was in alignment with the fires, trash cans being set on fire in the restrooms, arts and P.E. buildings, and the sign out sheets were meant to help determine who set the fires to begin with. Fires of the sort are toxic to breathing and can harm anyone nearby that inhale the fumes. 

“I don’t want to discourage people from being here,” Dr. Reid said.

Misinformation over the restrooms being closed also spread, as initially among students it was said that the restrooms were to be closed during nutrition and lunch. Some restrooms were found to be closed not due to the plan to keep students in classrooms, but due to plumbing issues.

“I have to walk across campus to go use the restroom,” Melany Ramirez, TCA senior said,” and it makes me late when I go during passing period because there’s such a big line.”

Dr. Mary Reid says that she plans to keep the restrooms open meanwhile students remain responsible and no further incidents occur.

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