August 24, 2019

Support Hollywood at Starfest 2019

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Support Hollywood at Starfest 2019

Elvira Roman

Chronicle Reporter

Starfest 2019 is a free event hosted by LACER from 6 different locations. Middle Schools such as Bancroft, King, Irving, and Leconte are performing and being included in this event. Among them are Hollywood and Fairfax High School. Join LACER and students on May 11 at Irving Middle School from 1 to 3 p.m.

This annual showcase is meant to shows off student’s hard work in dance,art, and music. There will be an outdoor art show, showcase of student work, concessions, and raffles.

LACER is hosting this fundraiser to help gather money to support free after school programs in LAUSD. So any donations and sponsors are encouraged in order to help students have this program available at their schools.

Seniors, start returning your books

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Seniors, start returning your books

Elissa Martinez

Chronicle Reporter

Graduation is approaching quickly meaning now is the time to start returning your overdue textbooks and library books.

To graduate it is mandatory that you return/pay for your overdue items. This does not only include any fines you have from Hollywood’s library, it also goes for any other items you need to return/pay from other schools in the district.

If by any chance you lost your book and want to save yourself some money from paying the full fine, you are able to purchase a used book from online and replace your missing book like that.

Visit the library or textbook room to ask about your record if you are not sure about having any overdue items.

The deadline to turn in all of your books and clear your record for graduation practice is Friday, May 31.

Teachers feel the love

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Teachers feel the love

Melanie Aguilar

Chronicle Reporter

This week, Teacher Appreciation Week is officially underway, so let’s show our gratitude and appreciation to the people that educate us on a daily basis not just this week but every week. 

Teacher Appreciation Week takes place from May 6-10 and originated in 1953 thanks to Eleanor Roosevelt. Roosevelt convinced congress that there should be a specific day to recognize teachers. Take the time to recognize the most undervalued workers for all the time and effort that goes into being a teacher. Teachers say grading papers and meeting every students needs are the most difficult aspects of instructing, so it’s important to thank our educators for their labor. Without teachers, careers are limited because there are no instructors to pass along the valuable information that could result to other professions. Teachers  play a huge role in everyday life. We are constantly learning the material that our educators are putting forwards and in the future we may find ourselves instructing others. 

This week we honor our faulty, who continue to inspire and mentor our students. They come to school everyday because despite how demanding it may be, they love what they do. Thank you teacher for helping shape future professions and making an impact in thousands of students lives. 

Fewer shortened days, more minimum days next year

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Rafael Hernandez
Chronicle Reporter

From May 2 to 3 before class started in the morning faculty members voted on whether to change next year’s 2019-2020 school schedule.

A email sent out by the school principal showed the results:

*   Our current OPTION A of 22 banked Tuesdays of Professional Development for the 2019-20 school year VOTE,  fell short of the 2/3 majority for classified and certificated.

Therefore, we shall have OPTION B

* 14 banked Tuesdays of Professional Development for the 2019-20 school year

    * 10 minimum days

According to Lee Tuomala UTLA Chapter chair three of four extra minimum days will be going towards finals while one is still undecided.

Reminders for AP exam week

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Reminders for AP exam week

Maria Alfaro

Chronicle Reporter

Starting this week AP exams will take place for two weeks, from May 6 to May 17. There are a few reminders for AP exam week.

The first reminder being that starting May 6 the cafeteria will be open at 7:30 AM for students to get breakfast.

The second reminder is that students are to report to their designated AP exam room no later than 8:10 AM or 12:10 PM. They are to be there early and ready to start.

The third remind is students are allowed to bring snacks, water, pencils, pens, approved calculator (if needed), AP exam label, and school ID. Bags, technology, and other unnecessary materials will not be allowed inside the exam room. Students are recommended to put their belonging inside their lockers or left with a teacher.

Last reminder is any student caught sleeping during the exam will immediately be dismissed from the exam.

Goodluck to all the students taking AP exams! Do an overview of the material before the exam. Be sure to have a good night sleep and a good breakfast to be ready for the exam.

In the link provided, the dates and times for each AP exam can be found.

Students donate to Red Cross blood drive

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Students donate to Red Cross blood drive

Cristal Rincon

Chronicle Reporter

In partnership with the Red Cross, Hollywood High School Leadership hosted the second blood drive of the year on Tuesday, May 3.

The blood drive was organized by Leadership’s Service and Wellness committee. They officiate sign ups, schedule everyone in, and keep in contact with the Red Cross. They also help set up the gym, and clean up afterwards. The gym is stocked with necessary supplies, set up with a waiting room, and various stations where the donors get their blood drawn.

Emily Hellstrom, SAS sophomore and leadership member said, “It’s important for us to host this event because in the scheme of things, we are saving lives.”

This time, around 82 students signed up to donate. For some, this was their first time donating. “I decided to donate blood because I felt that I could actually help people,” said Kegan Standridge, SAS junior. “The experience was long, but rewarding. Afterwards, it gives you a new outlook on life.”

According to the American Red Cross, one donation can potentially save three lives. Altogether, Hollywood High School saved about 246 lives through donating.

Seniors sign for their future

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Seniors sign for their future

Katie Adaya

Chronicle Reporter

May 1 is college decision day. Make sure to commit to the college you are planning to attend. Stop by the college center to get help from Ms. Pinedo or some of the college peer counselors  to review your financial aid offer letters. This is important because it can make it easier for you to decide which college will support you the most financially.

Ms. Pinedo, with the help from others, has a special event to celebrate students’ college decisions on May 3. Seniors will be excused to leave early from their fourth period to attend this event. There will be popcorn and snow cones, as well as giant games like Connect 4, Jenga, and cup pong.
Once you decide on which school you will be attending, fill out the transcript request form in schoology so that Ms. Pinedo could send your transcript to that college.

If you need some extra help on deciding which college to attend, here is some advice from a few college peer counselors.
Arianna Ortiz, SAS senior, said, “I would suggest to look at all aspects. For instance, your major and what the school has to offer, financial aid, the campus, and how you like the atmosphere. You can also make a pro and con list and follow your instinct.”

Andrea Alvarez, SAS senior, said “Well first, sit down with a college counselor. They’ll help you understand your financial aid package and what exactly the school wants from you. Try to visit the colleges if you can and just trust your gut. You’re going to be spending the next four years there and don’t want to dread going to classes everyday.”

Poet William Wallis celebrates poetry month with students

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Guadalupe Huerta

Sports Editor

The poet and author William Wallis reads his poems to two English classes, Mr. Jirn and Ms. Zeineddine, and the poetry club members in Hollywood High School’s historic library in celebration of Poetry Month.

    After a brief introduction from Assistant Principal Pacino Furioso, Wallis spoke to the audience about the importance of poems. “They are the most intense and honest form of communication.”

    Before he became an author, he tried his career as a singer, which in fact went great, and as a baseball player. He found his path as a poet and author through school. That is when he discovered the power of language. Inspiration was everywhere for him. He said he started with pain, then love and eventually found a sense of self discovery.

    He is most fond of his novel Hawk. It is based on family and survival focusing on conflicts and joys within.

    He shared with the audience one of his works. It was a book that he and his daughter, Zara Ilana Wallis created called Images. She took the pictures and he wrote the poems.

    During his readings, he read some poems about the people that have inspired him. Making The Bed was about his mother. True Forms was dedicated to his father. IV was for his daughter.

Start preparing for AP exams

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Start preparing for AP exams

Frida Larios

Chronicle Reporter

This year’s AP (Advanced Placement) exams are approaching quickly with the first one being on May 7.

Many students taking AP courses are also taking the exam so here are a few tips to pass that exam.
1) Start from scratch
Go through all of your notes starting from the beginning of the 2018-2019 year. Going through your notes can help refresh your memory on older material.

2) Invest in an AP prep book
There are AP prep books for every AP course available. These books have tips and tricks to pass your specific exam as well as previous test questions.

3) Complete practice essays
Your AP exam will most likely have an essay question, luckily, there are many practice essays and essay prompts from previous years available online.

Youth Ambassadors for Queer History

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America Flores-Hernandez
Chronicle Reporter

Students who are interested working in professional research, project development skills, and ways to include a voice of LGBTQ history/culture in their communities, should take this opportunity. The ONE Archives Foundation is currently accepting applications for potential youth ambassadors for their Queer History Program for high school students. Through this program, individuals are mentored by the foundation’s members by involving groups on hands-on research projects and interactive discussions.

The program includes LGBTQ history presentations by community organizers, group discussions on queer topics, research and workshops, and field trips to affiliated organizations and landmarks throughout Los Angeles. Ultimately, these activities will guide each student to create a personal passion project that shows off their knowledge of LGBTQ history and culture. The culmination of these individual projects will be showcased as a collective exhibition at ONE Gallery, West Hollywood.

In addition, being an ambassador also shows you’re capable of being an advocate for others, plus it looks good to colleges when you send off applications. It can also be way to earn community service hours. Also, a recommendation from a teacher is a necessary part to the application as well. The deadline to submit applications is Friday, April 26th.

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