LACER teaches students to cook and prep professional-style cuisine

Guadalupe Cruz

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The LACER program offered students a wide selection of afterschool activities, with one of them, being Cooking With Gaby. 

Cooking with Gaby was a cooking class that took place every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays where students got the opportunity to cook a fantastic meal. The food would range from Mediterranean to steaks to salads. Students did not know what they would be cooking because each meal would be different in every class based on the culture and theme. But one thing for sure is that the food would come out tasty and the smells were wonderful.

Cooking with Gabby is a class that provides a wonderful opportunity and experience to students who want to get into cooking but don’t know how to. The class is not difficult. Students follow the instructions given to them by the chefs and follow the recipe and in the process, learn a lot of skills. 

As someone who went and experienced it firsthand, cooking with Gabby provides a wonderful opportunity and experience for students. The unique thing about the class is that it allows students to be independent. The chefs do this so students can learn how to cook on their own and build themselves up. But they monitor and teach students things they might not know, for example, the different ways to cut a vegetable and whether to dice or cube it. Not to mention that at the end of the class, they let students take ingredients home to share with family.

“This class lets students just be students and have fun,” said assistant principal Alonzo Jones, “The cool thing I like about Cooking with Gabby is that you get to take something home and you get to have a conversation with your family about something that you learned that’s positive and makes you feel excited.” 

The people who attend the class are very friendly so there’s no need to be scared. The chefs greet students with kindness to make them feel welcome and make it feel like a safe space for newcomers. 

The class was an amazing experience from the tasty foods to the wonderful chefs. The LACER program outdid itself with the class and is recommended to anyone who wants to learn how to cook.

Photo Credit: Cooking with Gabby staff

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