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Truth cannot be hidden

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Diana Ryabchikova

credit to: movkid.com

credit to: movkid.com

Chronicle Reporter

Everyone of us is familiar with Snow White. We all read the stories about sweet girl. More recently, we have seen a movie about  her , which is called “Snow White and the Huntsman.” In this picture we found a very different Snow White (Kristen Stewart), it was a fighting  girl who, along with the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) fought against the forces of evil. The same Huntsman had to be the last who saw Snow White. He was not able to hurt this sweet and beautiful girl, and switched to the good side. When love leaves, the heart of beautiful maidens becomes ice. Even hundreds of kingdoms will not be able to keep the pace of its myriad armies. Only the hunter knows no fear. Through the woods he goes to meet his fate.

The new film, directed by Rupert Sanders, is another tale deconstruction of the Snow Queen, even darker and sharper than the original story. The action begins long before the events of the film “Snow White and the Huntsman.” The Evil Queen Ravenna(Charlize Theron), ruling another kingdom after her husband’s murder,  had the younger sister Freya (Emily Blunt), unlike Ravenna, she had no magic. Freya fell in love with young Duke( Colin Morgan) and gave birth to a daughter. Beloved suggested Freya to married secretly and leave with a child. Delighted Freya went to wait for him in the garden at night and then saw that the tower, where her apartment  and her daughter’s cradle are, caught fire. Breaking into the tower, Freya saw that there are embers  left  from the cradle, and her lover standing in the middle of the room with a torch in his hand.

Freya saw red with grief and horror, and then her magical and dormant power awakened. She turned her lover into the ice and then frozen all the kingdom of the North that she got after her sister went further south. Thinking after her beloved betrayal , that all love is a fraud and deceit, Snow Queen(Emily Blunt) has forbidden love and vowed that if she was not destined to be a mother, she will take the other children. From all the corners of the kingdom her soldiers were delivering the children to Freya, taking them from their parents and raised them as formidable fighters – Huntsmen.

Advancing Hunters led the royal army captured one land after another, bringing his queen crowns of former rulers. The best warriors were two – Eric(Chris Hemsworth) and Sarah(Jessica Chastain). On the trouble, boy and girl fall in love despite the stern royal ban, and decided to run …

Freya learned about their love and stepped between them, showing them her own truth. Seven years Eric thought that Sarah had died then, from the Snow Queen hands. In turn, Sarah thought Eric left her behind and ran. With Eric, Snow White(Kristen Stewart) overcome Evil Queen(Charlize Theron) and sent the enchanted mirror away from the kingdom.

And then came the day when Sarah and Eric met again. Their common business, finding the mirror, combined them. After going through many trials, they found the mirror. It turned out that Sarah was on the side of the Snow Queen, and she gave her the mirror, but Eric knew that Sarah loved him no matter what. He followed her into the realm of Freya. Freya accidentally freed her older sister from the mirror , and Ravenna(Charlize Theron) told her the truth about that night, when her daughter died.

It turned out that the Evil Queen cast a spell on Freya’s lover, and he burned their daughter to ashes. Furious Freya threw herself at her sister, and the battle began. The Huntsmen were not left behind. Together they defeated the Evil Queen, with the price of Freya’s life , and restore peace in the kingdom. But we all know that evil cannot ultimately win the good as well as the good cannot defeat evil. Part of the mirror survived and now it accumulates all its evil force to strike again.

The previous movie that earned very bad criticism,  has very little to do with “ The Huntsman: Winter’s War” – only fleeting mention of Snow White and cameo of Prince William, now King. The director and the writers of the movie are also changed – that went only on benefit. Costumes, makeup, special effects, plot and acting  are amazing and exciting. The movie team has done a great job. I advise everyone to go watch it.

Cooperation brings business to success

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Katherine Garcia

credit to: comingsoon.net

credit to: comingsoon.net

Chronicle Reporter

Melissa McCarthy is one of the most popular female actresses in the movie entertainment business. She has starred in quite a few of films that have made it to the box office and brings laughter and joy to audiences across the country. One of her first major films such as “Bridesmaids” gained McCarthy publicity and introduced her to the world. The Comedic film, “The Boss” is one of the many films that was recently released.

This time Melissa McCarthy played Michelle Darnell. The movie is based on a woman who was tossed around to different foster homes and seemed to be lost in the world. She eventually grew up to be one of the most successful female CEOs in the business world. Darnell ends up participating in white collar crimes and looses her business empire. Throughout the film, Michelle Darnell fights to prove that she can redeem herself by using her professional skills and acquiring them into starting a brownie company called, “Darnell’s Darlings”, where she strives to create a brownie franchise. With many setbacks and conflicts, Michelle Darnell ends up creating a successful company with the help of her former assistant and her daughter’s school friends.

According to the New York Times, “Ms.McCarthy has become a Teflon laugh factory.” The film is getting many positive and negative reviews from movie critics. In prior movies, McCarthy’s characters have been focused based on her overweight qualities. The New York  times claims that “McCarthy is portrayed more appropriately in this film and less overweight jokes being made unlike her other films.”

The film is one of the only comedy-based movies that are released this month and it seems to have earned a decent amount of money so far. Be sure to catch Melissa McCarthy in “The Boss” in theaters now and don’t miss out on the comedic film that has critics raving.


Two in a row: second dance canceled

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Diana Ryabchikovaimage

Chronicle Reporter

The Sadie Hawkins Spring Fling dance has been canceled due to lack of ticket sales. It was supposed to held on April 16. This year’s theme was when a girl asks the boy to be her date.

It  was really unusual for everybody and maybe that was the reason why not a lot of students wanted to go to the dance. Girls are too shy to ask the boy about going to the dance together. It would definitely work with couples, but not with single and blushing from one boy’s side view girls.

Another reason was the previous years dance’s reviews. A lot of Hollywood High School students say they think that dances were boring and it was not worth the money. This year, event organizers promised  to change the food, decorations and DJ, but Sheiks did not even give a chance to the Spring Fling 2016.

Another issue is that the Prom day is not so far from this dance. So, students did not want to spend extra money if they already paid much more for the prom.

Anyway, the Sadie Hawkins theme was picked for fun and the Leadership team tried hard to do everything to make this event better than the previous ones. So far, it was a second canceled dance. If  the event cancelation  will go on, school will cease to be a place where students are not only able to learn and acquire knowledge, but also to have fun.

Be Closer to Your Dreams

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credit to: Bassim Sannah

Diana Ryabchikova

credit to: Bassim Sannah

credit to: Bassim Sannah

Chronicle Reporter


Spring Dance Concert is not far off. Hollywood High performing Arts Magnet presents a beautiful dance show “Closer to My Dreams”, under the guidance of an artistic director and choreographer Lisa Goldshein .The first concert will take place on March 11th at 7:00 p.m. If for some reasons you can’t come March 11, don’t worry.You can still visit it on March 12th at 7:00 p.m and March 13th at 2:00 p.m. Don’t miss the chance to brighten up your evening and enjoy the great show.

Prices for the show are listed below:

$7 Adult admission

$2 student tickets with ID.

$5 student tickets without ID.

Complimentary admission to teachers and staff.


Doors Are Open For All The Parents

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Diana Ryabchikova visual

Chronicle Reporter

The first five weeks of the new semester passed and all the students got their first report cards. It is time for parents to go back to school and become a student for one day .Hollywood High offers this opportunity for all who want to learn more about their children’s education.

The school will be open for everybody on Thursday Feb. 25 from 8 a.m to 3:06 p.m. The parents can come during the day,  go into the classrooms and see how the learning is going on. Students sign up Wednesday Feb.24 during first period.The teachers will give a list with schedules. Sign up for the classes for which your parents will come.

The next morning parents will go to the Parent Center and sign in that they came.There will be maps of the school and lists with teachers names.Leadership students will help visitors to find the classrooms.If for some reason your child  did not write your name in the list the day before , do not worry. You  can still come  to the school and someone will print all the necessary information.

The purpose of this event  is that parents can actually go into the classes during the day, see what their child is learning and be a student of Hollywood High for the day.


Beauty Lies Within Each of Us

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Diana Ryabchikova soul

Chronicle Reporter

The person whose heart is full of  cruelty, jealousy, meanness, greed or hypocrisy can not be truly beautiful. All these qualities will leave its mark even on the most perfect and beautiful face. We can not call beautiful a lazy person, who spends  whole days “doing nothing”, whose life is completely pointless and useless. In my opinion,  a person who is  indifferent to everything can not be truly beautiful. I am not talking about the external beauty. This is the beauty of the soul. His face does not reflect the idea, there is no sparkle in his speeches, there are no emotions. Person  with a blank stare and the imprint of boredom on his face is unattractive.

Even the most modest, nondescript person  who does not have the nature of a great beauty, but endowed with spiritual beauty, no doubt, is beautiful. Kind, sympathetic heart, great deeds, useful things decorate and light up the inner light of any person. Everything should be beautiful in person. This means that there must be harmony between body and soul, thoughts and actions, aspirations and way of life. People call that such a person truly beautiful.

Beauty will save the world. I think the real beauty is a harmony. And if it will exist always and everywhere, it really will not let disappear to our complex and ambiguous, and simply beautiful world.


Old traditions are forgotten

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Diana Ryabchikova

Chronicle Reporter

credit: pixabay.com

credit: pixabay.com

For many years, a society in which people keep traditions was considered to be more strong and stable.This school is part of a society and without traditions it is a dead building where teenagers spend exhausting hours of learning.

Some traditions live a long time and some disappear after a few decades. Rewind 50 years into the past and we can see that our school was full of diverse traditions which are now forgotten.Every morning at the beginning of the day the Pledge of Allegiance was said.The front of the school had grass where everyone sat for lunch and had student meetings. The drill team was all girls and the marching band led the Christmas parade on Hollywood Boulevard.

But that’s not all. According to Carol Wells, secretary of the Hollywood High School Alumni Association, students always sang the HHS song at the football games and now no one even knows that we have our own song.The school had a strict dress code. Girls had to wear skirts and boys had to wear slacks, There were no jeans, and all the students looked alike.

Now, everyone has the freedom of choice. And to be honest, I do not like it. I believe that a school uniform reflects the spirit of the whole school and makes us a family, a part of something important and beloved. We had a basketball game between alumni and staff. I was not there, but I think it was fun.

Now all these traditions have disappeared and everyone has forgotten about them.

We should bring them back or at least come up with new ones, more interesting than the previous. One that comes to mind is to arrange school dances in honor of Halloween or Christmas, to organize the Spring Festival, which would have different competitions and at the end of the day there would be a ball where students chose  the king and queen of the festival. We could organize dances in style of the 50’s or 60’s.

Our school is divided into groups; some students are so shy that they are afraid to make friends. I think these activities might help us become closer and make new friends. We have a wonderful school and I would like to make it even better than it is right now. Traditions bind us together, make us a part of something inherent. Without them school is just school, and only with traditions does it get a soulful and warm look,which everybody wants to participate.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Breaks Movie Records

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Katherine Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

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It is the multi-million dollar franchise. It is the global phenomenon. It is Star Wars. From its first release in May of 1977, Star Wars quickly became a film that captivated many all over the world. Its basic story line is based on a dark force, the antagonist, trying to control the galaxy versus a light side of the force, the protagonists, aiming to restore the galaxy which results into a continuous feud between both forces.


All of the films are sequels to the last. The film series has been very successful globally, and has yet to fail with ringing in stellar reviews and astonishing amounts of movie ticket sales. In addition, according to the Guinness World Record, Star Wars holds first place ranking in “the most merchandise sold from a movie franchise” and for “the most viewed movie trailer within twenty- four hours’’. Fans from all over remain anxious to see what else the Star Wars series has to offer.


The latest trilogy of the series, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, was released on December 18, 2015. According to the Box Office Mojo, the film has recently earned one of its most prestigious acknowledgments for officially becoming the highest domestic grossing film of all time with an impressive 764.4 million dollars in earnings as of January 7th. Star Wars is indisputably one of the most successful films today.  

Self-confidence is the key to success

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Credits to pixele.com

Diana Ryabchikova

Credits to pixele.com

Credits to pixele.com

Chronicle Reporter

Talking about success in life and successful people, we always imagine  a confident person.  He/She knows what he/she wants. It seems that for him/her there are no obstacles. Everything just surprised his/her confidence and speed of life. It infects your confidence and all the other objections in its side just useless. But what is the secret of such confidence? Or maybe people are just born confident?

People are not born self-confidence – they become so.

No one has a birthday gift of confidence. Confidence – is the result of work on itself. One person needs to work more, while others – less. But the most important thing is that everyone can become a confident person. And it’s true. In the history, you’ll find plenty of examples of people thanks to the constant work on themselves  became so confident that they could lead the entire state.

Here are three tips about how to become a self-confidence person:

1) Keep a notebook in which you will write every day at least five successful cases. The main thing to write every day is that in hard times you will have something  to rely on. The importance of this step is if  you would write down the daily small victories you will wake up the spirit of a winner in yourself.

2) Eliminate negative information from your life. Pay attention to what you’re watching, listening, reading and with whom you are talking. If possible, eliminate from your life people who do not believe in you – people who are willing to inspire and support you.

3) Create an image of yourself. Take a blank sheet of paper and write the image of who you want to be in one or two years. Write 20 or more points about  the qualities that would like to acquire. Each time before going to bed or in the morning, read the list of a new itself as vividly as possible.

Those tips will help you to become confident in yourself. When a person is confident in itself, his/her movement speed of life increases significantly.He/She easily picks up speed and moving towards his/her goals. I wish you to be confident in yourself and never give up.




World AIDS Day concerns everybody

Posted on December 13, 2015 by in Features, News

Hollywood High celebrated World AIDS Day on Tuesday Dec.1st. Crimson Chronicle interviewed Dr.Melissa Ruiz and asked her about her own feelings at the World AIDS Day.

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