Beauty Lies Within Each of Us

Diana Ryabchikova soul

Chronicle Reporter

The person whose heart is full of  cruelty, jealousy, meanness, greed or hypocrisy can not be truly beautiful. All these qualities will leave its mark even on the most perfect and beautiful face. We can not call beautiful a lazy person, who spends  whole days “doing nothing”, whose life is completely pointless and useless. In my opinion,  a person who is  indifferent to everything can not be truly beautiful. I am not talking about the external beauty. This is the beauty of the soul. His face does not reflect the idea, there is no sparkle in his speeches, there are no emotions. Person  with a blank stare and the imprint of boredom on his face is unattractive.

Even the most modest, nondescript person  who does not have the nature of a great beauty, but endowed with spiritual beauty, no doubt, is beautiful. Kind, sympathetic heart, great deeds, useful things decorate and light up the inner light of any person. Everything should be beautiful in person. This means that there must be harmony between body and soul, thoughts and actions, aspirations and way of life. People call that such a person truly beautiful.

Beauty will save the world. I think the real beauty is a harmony. And if it will exist always and everywhere, it really will not let disappear to our complex and ambiguous, and simply beautiful world.


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