Self-confidence is the key to success

Diana Ryabchikova

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Talking about success in life and successful people, we always imagine  a confident person.  He/She knows what he/she wants. It seems that for him/her there are no obstacles. Everything just surprised his/her confidence and speed of life. It infects your confidence and all the other objections in its side just useless. But what is the secret of such confidence? Or maybe people are just born confident?

People are not born self-confidence – they become so.

No one has a birthday gift of confidence. Confidence – is the result of work on itself. One person needs to work more, while others – less. But the most important thing is that everyone can become a confident person. And it’s true. In the history, you’ll find plenty of examples of people thanks to the constant work on themselves  became so confident that they could lead the entire state.

Here are three tips about how to become a self-confidence person:

1) Keep a notebook in which you will write every day at least five successful cases. The main thing to write every day is that in hard times you will have something  to rely on. The importance of this step is if  you would write down the daily small victories you will wake up the spirit of a winner in yourself.

2) Eliminate negative information from your life. Pay attention to what you’re watching, listening, reading and with whom you are talking. If possible, eliminate from your life people who do not believe in you – people who are willing to inspire and support you.

3) Create an image of yourself. Take a blank sheet of paper and write the image of who you want to be in one or two years. Write 20 or more points about  the qualities that would like to acquire. Each time before going to bed or in the morning, read the list of a new itself as vividly as possible.

Those tips will help you to become confident in yourself. When a person is confident in itself, his/her movement speed of life increases significantly.He/She easily picks up speed and moving towards his/her goals. I wish you to be confident in yourself and never give up.




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