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Everyone of us is familiar with Snow White. We all read the stories about sweet girl. More recently, we have seen a movie about  her , which is called “Snow White and the Huntsman.” In this picture we found a very different Snow White (Kristen Stewart), it was a fighting  girl who, along with the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) fought against the forces of evil. The same Huntsman had to be the last who saw Snow White. He was not able to hurt this sweet and beautiful girl, and switched to the good side. When love leaves, the heart of beautiful maidens becomes ice. Even hundreds of kingdoms will not be able to keep the pace of its myriad armies. Only the hunter knows no fear. Through the woods he goes to meet his fate.

The new film, directed by Rupert Sanders, is another tale deconstruction of the Snow Queen, even darker and sharper than the original story. The action begins long before the events of the film “Snow White and the Huntsman.” The Evil Queen Ravenna(Charlize Theron), ruling another kingdom after her husband’s murder,  had the younger sister Freya (Emily Blunt), unlike Ravenna, she had no magic. Freya fell in love with young Duke( Colin Morgan) and gave birth to a daughter. Beloved suggested Freya to married secretly and leave with a child. Delighted Freya went to wait for him in the garden at night and then saw that the tower, where her apartment  and her daughter’s cradle are, caught fire. Breaking into the tower, Freya saw that there are embers  left  from the cradle, and her lover standing in the middle of the room with a torch in his hand.

Freya saw red with grief and horror, and then her magical and dormant power awakened. She turned her lover into the ice and then frozen all the kingdom of the North that she got after her sister went further south. Thinking after her beloved betrayal , that all love is a fraud and deceit, Snow Queen(Emily Blunt) has forbidden love and vowed that if she was not destined to be a mother, she will take the other children. From all the corners of the kingdom her soldiers were delivering the children to Freya, taking them from their parents and raised them as formidable fighters – Huntsmen.

Advancing Hunters led the royal army captured one land after another, bringing his queen crowns of former rulers. The best warriors were two – Eric(Chris Hemsworth) and Sarah(Jessica Chastain). On the trouble, boy and girl fall in love despite the stern royal ban, and decided to run …

Freya learned about their love and stepped between them, showing them her own truth. Seven years Eric thought that Sarah had died then, from the Snow Queen hands. In turn, Sarah thought Eric left her behind and ran. With Eric, Snow White(Kristen Stewart) overcome Evil Queen(Charlize Theron) and sent the enchanted mirror away from the kingdom.

And then came the day when Sarah and Eric met again. Their common business, finding the mirror, combined them. After going through many trials, they found the mirror. It turned out that Sarah was on the side of the Snow Queen, and she gave her the mirror, but Eric knew that Sarah loved him no matter what. He followed her into the realm of Freya. Freya accidentally freed her older sister from the mirror , and Ravenna(Charlize Theron) told her the truth about that night, when her daughter died.

It turned out that the Evil Queen cast a spell on Freya’s lover, and he burned their daughter to ashes. Furious Freya threw herself at her sister, and the battle began. The Huntsmen were not left behind. Together they defeated the Evil Queen, with the price of Freya’s life , and restore peace in the kingdom. But we all know that evil cannot ultimately win the good as well as the good cannot defeat evil. Part of the mirror survived and now it accumulates all its evil force to strike again.

The previous movie that earned very bad criticism,  has very little to do with “ The Huntsman: Winter’s War” – only fleeting mention of Snow White and cameo of Prince William, now King. The director and the writers of the movie are also changed – that went only on benefit. Costumes, makeup, special effects, plot and acting  are amazing and exciting. The movie team has done a great job. I advise everyone to go watch it.

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