Two in a row: second dance canceled

Diana Ryabchikovaimage

Chronicle Reporter

The Sadie Hawkins Spring Fling dance has been canceled due to lack of ticket sales. It was supposed to held on April 16. This year’s theme was when a girl asks the boy to be her date.

It  was really unusual for everybody and maybe that was the reason why not a lot of students wanted to go to the dance. Girls are too shy to ask the boy about going to the dance together. It would definitely work with couples, but not with single and blushing from one boy’s side view girls.

Another reason was the previous years dance’s reviews. A lot of Hollywood High School students say they think that dances were boring and it was not worth the money. This year, event organizers promised  to change the food, decorations and DJ, but Sheiks did not even give a chance to the Spring Fling 2016.

Another issue is that the Prom day is not so far from this dance. So, students did not want to spend extra money if they already paid much more for the prom.

Anyway, the Sadie Hawkins theme was picked for fun and the Leadership team tried hard to do everything to make this event better than the previous ones. So far, it was a second canceled dance. If  the event cancelation  will go on, school will cease to be a place where students are not only able to learn and acquire knowledge, but also to have fun.

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