Doors Are Open For All The Parents

Diana Ryabchikova visual

Chronicle Reporter

The first five weeks of the new semester passed and all the students got their first report cards. It is time for parents to go back to school and become a student for one day .Hollywood High offers this opportunity for all who want to learn more about their children’s education.

The school will be open for everybody on Thursday Feb. 25 from 8 a.m to 3:06 p.m. The parents can come during the day,  go into the classrooms and see how the learning is going on. Students sign up Wednesday Feb.24 during first period.The teachers will give a list with schedules. Sign up for the classes for which your parents will come.

The next morning parents will go to the Parent Center and sign in that they came.There will be maps of the school and lists with teachers names.Leadership students will help visitors to find the classrooms.If for some reason your child  did not write your name in the list the day before , do not worry. You  can still come  to the school and someone will print all the necessary information.

The purpose of this event  is that parents can actually go into the classes during the day, see what their child is learning and be a student of Hollywood High for the day.


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