Hollywood’s Secret Location

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Holly San Nicolas

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Recently, students who have called the stairs by the 200 building their home-away-from-home have witnessed a mass eviction. Staff and faculty members have been kicking the students out of this general area for security issues, claiming they want to make for a safer, cleaner learning environment.

But are they being thorough in their spring cleaning?

Whether or not the authority is aware of it, the stairs by the 200 building is not the only place that students seek solitude. In fact, there are many more places they wouldn’t have given a second glance to beforehand.

When drastic times call for drastic measures, students get creative.

Like adolescent spectres, they glide stealthily out of their classrooms and into the wild frontier of the quad, where they very narrowly avoid the eyes of the ever-looming security guards. From there, the students proceed further.

The Zen Buddhists say “if you seek it, you shall not find it,” and this is true. To find the rat, you must think like the rat.

Next time you’re walking by the Big Gym, near the pool, keep walking straight down and make a left turn down the hall. You will most definitely find a damp, windowless room that opens up to what used to be our football field. This spot is ideal for connoisseurs of illegal substances, as there is little to no ventilation in this room. It’s also great for exchanging bodily fluids- because nothing quite sets the mood like a cold, fluorescent-lit, stony bastion.

Other students are more upward-bound. Literally. Near the cafeteria sits the auditorium, and atop the auditorium, on the balcony facing the field, are perched several students who are just a few feet below the enlightenment they are apparently trying to achieve. Then, there is the legendary “twelfth step” cubicle near the construction lot, by the Orange Gate. Students allegedly climb over a slight obstacle to their temporary escape from the reality of the classroom environment.

In contrast to all of these obscure hiding places are the most obvious spots you would normally never give a second glance. The stairs by the library, the bench by the entrance near the parking lot, and any given stairway- all are inhabited, and all are in plain sight.

So, my fellow students, the next time you need a break, you now know where to look. All you need to pull it off is an excuse to use “the restroom” and a mentality devoid of morality and second thoughts. Good luck!


Spicy Chicken Sandwich Cartel

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While sitting in a hot, boring classroom, you put your heavy head in your hand. Just before it falls onto your desk, you hear the tell-tale whisper: “you buyin’?” followed by the slow unzipping of a backpack, which culminates in the stealthy crinkling sound of paper being unwrapped. A mysterious fast food aroma wafts throughout the room, which begs the question: who’s sellin’?

The selling of spicy chicken sandwiches and other fast food items has been a very popular way of making a profit this year at Hollywood High. It was an inevitable success with the recent flavor-devoid choices from the school’s cafeteria. However, it was also against the rules. A duffle bag full of sandwiches being confiscated was humorously about the equivalent of possessing drugs on campus to onlookers.

The business was stigmatized, even punished, with the reason being that it took money away from the school. Another popular reason was that it was a health issue, as it would have been considered a liability if someone were have to fallen ill post consumption. But is it really such a bad thing?

Typically, the sandwiches available for purchase are sold on the value menus at chains like McDonald’s and Carl’s Jr. for around $1. The students who make the effort to go and pick them up then bring them to school in a bag, selling them at $2- which brings in a 100% profit. These students are actually getting a good lesson in business and marketing, and their customers have no complaints.

“My favorite thing to buy is a spicy chicken sandwich, of course,” said Jacob Sasson, a TCA junior. “I’ve never gotten sick from eating one. I think that making them contraband is just an excuse because they know that students are more likely to spend their money on the sandwiches instead of the school lunches- which sometimes look as though they’ve been scraped out of the garbage cans.”

Whoever these vigilant entrepreneurs are, they are crafty, cunning, and have an idea of what the public wants from the school. What the school will not provide. What they have for sale. They are the Spicy Chicken Mafia, and they will continue to thrive as long as we maintain our unanimous hankering for fast food fixes.  

Summer Movies

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Up and Coming Attractions!

May 24:

“The Hangover: Part III”


“Fast and Furious 6”


June 7:

“The Internship”

“The Purge”


June 14:

“The Bling Ring”

“This Is the End”

“Man Of Steel”


June 21:

“Monsters University”

“World War Z”


June 26:

“The Wolverine”


July 3:

“Despicable Me 2”

“The Lone Ranger”


July 12

“Despicable Me 2”

“Pacific Rim”


July 19

“The Conjuring”

“Red 2”


July 26

“The Wolverine”



August 2

“The Artist and the Model”

“Top Cat”

“2 Guns”


August 7

“Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”


August 9

“Disney’s Planes”




August 16

“Haute Cuisine”

“Kick Ass 2”

Boys State/Girls State

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The 77th Boys State and the 75th Girls State seminars are set to take place from July 19 to July 26. The delegates for Boys State are SAS juniors Alex Jang, Jose Cruz, Victor Rodriguez, MET junior Philippe Agnimol, and TCA junior Eraldo Crisanto, and the Girls State delegate is PAM junior Marina Sangit. Holly San Nicolas, SAS, is the First Alternate, and Juana Blatazar, also in SAS, is the Second Alternate.

This special program, sponsored by the American Legion, teaches young people to be better speakers, how to work in groups, and gives them a one of a kind experience in working in a faux government setting.

Some of the activities they will have the chance to experience include legislative sessions, law enforcement presentations, assemblies, and other recreational programs. The delegates will have several opportunities to meet and speak with past alumni as well as other important figures who could potentially inspire them to further pursue a career in the United States government.

Overall, it is a grand event that should not be taken lightly. A prestigious branch of the American Legion, these seminars have been taking place since 1935 for Boys State, and 1937 for Girls State.

“We have great representation for the boys and girls this year. They’re all well-rounded individuals. They’ll represent Hollywood well,” said Grijalva.

These delegates will have the luck of being able to carry on an important tradition that will hopefully present them with different ideas as to what they may want to do for a career.


Junior class seeks to raise funds for Hollywood Bowl graduation

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Junior class seeks to raise funds for Hollywood Bowl graduation

The class of 2013 will be able to graduate at the Hollywood Bowl this year. The graduation for the class of 2014, however, is currently uncertain due to a lack of funding and student participation. “It’s very difficult, but we’re looking into different sources like sponsors, activities, dances…we’re also going to have a pie throwing contest at the All School Fair,” said Junior Vice President Barrina Thompson. Sponsors and fundraisers like those in years past now seem like luxuries, as the juniors are currently left to their own devices. It’s a sink or float situation, and the junior class has yet to put on their floaties. Some would say that it is simply because the juniors are oblivious to the fact that it is their responsibility, and others would say that it’s just a lack of communication. Despite the conflicts, the staff remains hopeful. “I feel that it is important for the junior class to come together and organize themselves so they can plan very successful fundraisers,” said Principal Alejandra Sanchez. “I am very sure they have the talent, dedication, and commitment to make the graduation at the Hollywood Bowl a reality for next year.” “We’re trying to reach out to different SLCs who don’t get enough attention,” said Thompson. “We’re trying to get get everybody to come to the meetings on Wednesdays at lunch so everybody can have their voices heard.”

Evil Dead

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Evil Dead

Evil Dead makes a comeback

Alvarez gives tree-hugging a whole new meaning

 For almost a year, splatter-film fans have anticipated the release of the new Evil Dead, a movie directed by Fede Alvarez, loosely based on the events and concept of the original cult classic, directed by Sam Raimi, who was also a producer for this recent film. Original Evil Dead star and B- movie veteran Bruce Campbell was another producer. Evil Dead, which lurched its way into theatres and nightmares on April 6, was heavily laden with guns, gore, and tributes to its predecessor.

This new addition to the long-enduring chain of cadaver and comedy, features some fresh young meat: the tragically lovely Jane Levy as Mia, Shiloh Fernandez as her brother, David, Lou Taylor Pucci as Eric, and more. Evil Dead takes place in a remote, decrepit cabin in the woods. Mia, who is attempting to kick an opiate addiction with the support of her brother and old friends, is the victim of possession from a grotesque entity resurrected when Eric reads aloud from the Naturom Demonto, or simply The Book of the Dead.

From then on, it’s a tidal wave of carnage. Friendships, sanities, and limbs are ripped apart as the evil demons of the night wreck havoc upon the poor but dumb men and women. It is truly a visual assault, but not an entirely terrifying one; the trademark gimmicks and awkwardly placed humor of the original movies is brought back to life once more to ensure nervous giggles to take the edge off just enough to lull the audience into another scene of horror.

While this film was in no way a disappointment, fans of the Evil Dead franchise should be informed that this is a reboot. In other words, it is not directly tied to the previous films. Ash Williams, the progressively deranged and beloved protagonist, does not (currently) have anything to do with the story, other than a brief cameo at the end of the credits, which paves way for speculation for a future story intertwining the characters of Ash and Mia.

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Editor: Angel Zometa

Star Wars Day

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Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day

A day to celebrate a sci-fi legend


A long time ago, in a warehouse in Van Nuys, a legacy emerged in the midst of the Cold War. George Lucas generously blessed the world with the gift of Star Wars, an epic space opera that would rock the world in 1977 to this day. Star Wars, to many, is just simply a good movie. To others, it is a lifestyle, which is why on May 4th, now recognized as Star Wars Day, it will be a day of celebration- no matter what side of the Force you’re on.

Star Wars has been a major impact on popular culture and American life in general ever since its release. From John William’s legendary soundtracks, Darth Vader’s breathing, Princess Leia’s costume in Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi, to the question of whether or not Han shot first, (it was Han, by the way), it has inspired many different mediums of expression. It has left its mark on society so much that it is still today being enjoyed, with new additions for new generations to come.

So, on May 4th, get out your lightsabers and Yoda figures (we know you have them) and celebrate! Don’t pay any mind to taunts of “geek” or even “nerd”; today is a day where it is okay, an honor, even, to adorn yourself with that title. It’s also Free Comic Book Day, so live it up! Embrace your inner Jedi (or Sith Lord) and have fun- and may the Fourth be with you.

El Capitan Event Raises Funds for Performing Arts Magnet

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El Capitan Event Raises Funds for Performing Arts Magnet

[ Scroll down for video]

Actress, comedian, and Hollywood High alumnus Carol Burnett was bestowed with the very first Carol Burnett Honor of Distinction Award at the El Capitan Theater.

Enter the scene: blinding lights, the shutter of cameras, and a red carpet for contenders of the entertainment industry and PAM students alike to walk upon. This was the first annual Hooray for Hollywood High event, which honors former students of Hollywood High and current students in the Performing Arts Magnet program.

In addition to Burnett, other celebrities attended that evening: Rita Moreno, Benito Martinez, Leeza Gibbons, Shirley Jones and Marty Ingles, Sally Kellerman, and Charlene Tilton were among the many.

The PAM students performed several dynamic skits from their productions over the years like Chicago, Rent, Beauty and the Beast, and Moulin Rouge, with some past students from the program to reprise their roles, like Max Herrera (2012), Shayanne Ortiz (2012), Kacey Baughan (2011), and Daniel Cruz (2011).

At the closing of the ceremony, surprise guest Jane Lynch presented Burnett with a speech and the first ever Carol Burnett Honor of Distinction Award, an award which will now be presented to future notable Hollywood High alumni.

Carol Burnett, who was once an editor in chief for Hollywood High School’s newspaper, starred in several film, television, and Broadway performances such as Annie, Once Upon a Mattress, The Ed Sullivan Show, The Garry Moore Show, 6 Rms Riv Vu, The Four Seasons, Pete ‘N Tillie, and her very own show, The Carol Burnett Show, an Emmy Award-winning comedy series that ran for twelve years.

This event, created by H2O coordinator Stormy Sacks and the Friends of Hollywood High School Performing Arts Center, was also a major fundraiser to keep the PAM program alive and kicking, a rebuttal to the major budget cuts LAUSD has faced in recent years.

“The event was an exceptional experience for the students who participated and the alumni who performed and the celebrities who attended and participated,” said Sacks. “We don’t know how much we made yet, but we do know it will help us with our productions. It will be a yearly event, and it will probably grow throughout the years with support from the community and the alumnis. Everyone wants to become a winner, and with this one, we hit it out of the park.”

“It was very amazing, and it was an honor meeting Carol and Jane along with other Hollywood stars. It was a very memorable experience that I hope to do again next year,” said Tiffany Amber Jimeriez, a PAM senior.

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Camera & Editing : Jose Valcarcel & Jesse Jimenez

How to score the perfect date!!!!

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How to score the perfect date!!!!

So everyone, and I mean everyone, has one thing on their mind this month: Valentine’s Day. Yeah, that’s right, it’s the one day in the year where girls (and guys too, lately) seem to lose their minds and money for their significant other. It’s a day for roses, teddy bears, and giddy giggles. Above all, it’s a wakeup call for all of you recently paroled romantics reading this to finally put yourselves out there and get in on some of the action! Just follow these simple instructions, and we guarantee you’ll have the perfect date in no time, or your money back!

Step 1. Personal Hygiene
This is arguably one of the most crucial attributes to the Suitor. Hygiene is defined as how close people are willing to stand next to you, so if you associate the amount of times you change your underwear with the number of times you’ve watched the Summer Olympics, then get out of my sight- you make me sick. But you don’t have to make me sick! If anything, you can at least fake your personal hygiene. You can start by drowning yourself in perfume or cologne- we suggest something strong enough to sedate a small elephant- and work your way up. If they’re gagging and crying, don’t worry; it’s from the sheer joy of you making an effort for them!

Step 2. Your Sunday Best
Not every single one of us can look like Humphrey Bogart or Sophia Loren, but then again, we don’t necessarily have to settle for looking like a pile of human waste, either. The first place to look to when you want to enhance your looks is 7/11, baby! When you’ve finished your Slurpee, the remaining chunks of ice and syrup can be reused as a means of reddening those juicy lips of yours. Do not forget that the grease on your Slim Jim wrapper makes for an excellent moisturizer. Be sure to apply enough convenience store products (men, we’re talking to you too) so that all of your flaws are concealed. Your face must, must, MUST match the texture of your leather wallet! Paint an entirely different face on if you have to! Put on some clothes that will constrict your very soul, because you want to flaunt what you’ve got. You can even use your 7/11 bag if you want- the more unique you look, the more desirable you will be. And you’ll really impress your date by being so environmentally friendly!

Step 3. Location, Location!
So you’re all dolled (or action-figured) up now, and you’re ready to go. The question is, where do you take your date? The staff at the Crimson Chronicle came to the unanimous conclusion that the perfect place to make your fairy tale come true is Walmart. No, not for shopping, and not even for the McDonald’s, but for the free samples and entertainment. Let’s face it, we’re all suffering from the recession, and the best things in life are always free! In addition to admittance into a circus spectacular featuring all sorts of intriguing creatures, you can get full off of all of the tasty samples. You can even knock over one of the displays so as to create a distraction so that you can get some extra Bagel Bites and Red Bull for your honey! You’ll make yourself look like a real catch for going through all that trouble to fill their cute little gullets with all of those miniature delicacies.

Step 4. Casual Chatter
Everyone knows that the first date is usually chock full of one of the following: awkward silence or awkward babble. You can avoid both by talking nonstop about either yourself or your ex. (Or both, if you know they’re a keeper). When talking about yourself, it is recommended that you tell your date all about that papercut you got when you mud-wrestled that tiger shark in Swaziland, or about your secret double life as a smuggler with the Hostess Twinkie cartel down in Mexico. Just make something up! It will impress them, and if they ever find out the truth, lie some more! Put that overactive imagination to use! When you’ve done this, you can then mention your ex. Tell them all about the things he or she used to do for you, how attractive you found them, all of the most intimate and personal details you can recall. It will let them know that they have big, expensive shoes to fill to even contend with your standards! They will appreciate this gesture from you, and don’t worry- their shifting glances and nervous laughter means it’s working!

So, I have now passed on my secret techniques to all of you. Go forth and succeed where everyone else has failed. And you can trust me, I’m an expert; these tricks have left tons of would-be dates so impressed that they were too intimidated to even call me back!

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Camera & editor : Deborah Orozco

Review: Mama Makes Moviegoers Cringe

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Review: Mama Makes Moviegoers Cringe

It’s mid-winter once again, and we all know what that means: the time of the year where the fountain of quality movies has seemed to have run dry. However, much like the prospectors of the California Gold Rush, avid moviegoers have to sift their figurative pans through a lot of brackish water before they can find the gold nuggets. Well, your search is over- Guillermo Del Toro’s Mama, which crept its way into theatres on Jan. 18, 2013, is that refreshing moment of discovery.

Despite the somewhat unflattering trailers and bizarre, monosyllabic title, Mama surprises audiences with gorgeous scenery, a commanding performance by a convincing cast, and spectacular visuals that are reminiscent of Del Toro’s Pans Labrynth. Oh, and one must not forget the sheer thrills and terror that are sprinkled generously throughout the film.

Mama is the story of the relationship between two orphaned girls and a lost spirit, whom they affectionately refer to as Mama. Previously, Victoria and Lilly (exceptionally portrayed by Megan Charpentier and Isabelle Nelisse) had been taken to a remote cabin in the woods (we won’t spoil too much of it) and were abandoned.

Five years later, they are found and are sent to live with their uncle Lucas and his girlfriend, Annabel. (played by Jessica Chastain) The girls are withdrawn and animal-like. Annabel, who is in charge of taking care of them after Lucas is rendered comatose, discovers that they came with the paranormal baggage that is Mama, the film’s main antagonist. She is one of the few creatures in movies whose appearance will continue to make you cringe long after her “pop-up” scenes have come to a close.

Filled to the brim with mystery, suspense, surreal imagery, and scenes where you will literally drop your popcorn and cower on the shoulder of the person next to you, Mama is definitely the must-see movie event of the month.

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