Evil Dead

Evil Dead makes a comeback

Alvarez gives tree-hugging a whole new meaning

 For almost a year, splatter-film fans have anticipated the release of the new Evil Dead, a movie directed by Fede Alvarez, loosely based on the events and concept of the original cult classic, directed by Sam Raimi, who was also a producer for this recent film. Original Evil Dead star and B- movie veteran Bruce Campbell was another producer. Evil Dead, which lurched its way into theatres and nightmares on April 6, was heavily laden with guns, gore, and tributes to its predecessor.

This new addition to the long-enduring chain of cadaver and comedy, features some fresh young meat: the tragically lovely Jane Levy as Mia, Shiloh Fernandez as her brother, David, Lou Taylor Pucci as Eric, and more. Evil Dead takes place in a remote, decrepit cabin in the woods. Mia, who is attempting to kick an opiate addiction with the support of her brother and old friends, is the victim of possession from a grotesque entity resurrected when Eric reads aloud from the Naturom Demonto, or simply The Book of the Dead.

From then on, it’s a tidal wave of carnage. Friendships, sanities, and limbs are ripped apart as the evil demons of the night wreck havoc upon the poor but dumb men and women. It is truly a visual assault, but not an entirely terrifying one; the trademark gimmicks and awkwardly placed humor of the original movies is brought back to life once more to ensure nervous giggles to take the edge off just enough to lull the audience into another scene of horror.

While this film was in no way a disappointment, fans of the Evil Dead franchise should be informed that this is a reboot. In other words, it is not directly tied to the previous films. Ash Williams, the progressively deranged and beloved protagonist, does not (currently) have anything to do with the story, other than a brief cameo at the end of the credits, which paves way for speculation for a future story intertwining the characters of Ash and Mia.

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