Summer Movies

Up and Coming Attractions!

May 24:

“The Hangover: Part III”


“Fast and Furious 6”


June 7:

“The Internship”

“The Purge”


June 14:

“The Bling Ring”

“This Is the End”

“Man Of Steel”


June 21:

“Monsters University”

“World War Z”


June 26:

“The Wolverine”


July 3:

“Despicable Me 2”

“The Lone Ranger”


July 12

“Despicable Me 2”

“Pacific Rim”


July 19

“The Conjuring”

“Red 2”


July 26

“The Wolverine”



August 2

“The Artist and the Model”

“Top Cat”

“2 Guns”


August 7

“Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”


August 9

“Disney’s Planes”




August 16

“Haute Cuisine”

“Kick Ass 2”

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