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Two great minds visit Hollywood

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Christine Coe

Copy Editor

     The library held their occasional meet and greet with two writers in the book industry, Erin Stein and Joelle Charbonneau. The event that took place on May 4 during fifth and sixth period allowed students to obtain an insight on the process that makes the books we long to read.

  The two guests specialize in the Young Adult department of novels. Erin Stein assists in the publication of such books. She works as a publisher at Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group where she goes by the imprint, Imprint, which signifies that she will be leaving her mark on Macmillan. She has helped publish brands for The Twilight series, Monster High, and Ever After High. She began her career at a PR and gradually built her way up to becoming a publisher in one of the nations most well known and credible publishing companies. Stein recommends the business to book worms and English majors everywhere. She offers a technical perspective on the writing industry, one that creates the embodiment of a book and truly brings the text to life.


    Joelle Charbonneau is an author who has recently published the novel Time Bomb. Aside from writing, she works in the performing arts field as a voice teacher and a stage performer. The New York Times best selling author is an undergraduate in music and theatre and has a masters degree in opera performance. Her most notable novel, The Testing, made waves in the young adult novel world as her depiction of a dystopian society where only an elite selected few are chosen to be tested left youth in awe with relatability. The climax is shown when Cia’s father reveals the terror that lays hidden behind the testing as her impending appointment awaits.


    Charbonneau advised that any up and coming authors take the plunge and continue to write until they master their craft. She also warns that like acting, writing comes with an abundant amount of rejections. She faced among 200 rejections from her novels until she lost count and even got an email from an agent advising her to burn her book and to give up writing. Yet, she stood in front of her audience telling her story of how she became a New York Times bestseller without being “qualified”.

Boys Track take glory home

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Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

After a long struggle of defeat against Contrera’s boys for several years, Varsity boys took the glory of defeating them and now continue being undefeated. Their final score was 66-52. However, the girls lost against the lady Cobra’s. It was their first defeat after three years of being undefeated league champions and their final score was 66-52, with the lady Cobra’s winning. Currently the boys score is 3-0, while the ladies score is 2-1.

“That’s one school down now three more to go,” said Carlos Yalibat, distance runner. “We don’t stop here, we will push it till the end.”

The varsity boys started off with a rough start since the Cobra’s started to take the points from the first few events but the Sheiks began to make up those points back. Carlos won the 800 meter run, 1600 meter and the 3200 meter runs, which added up his 15 points for the team. Edwin Garcia, sprinter, won both relays of 100 meter dash and 200 meter dash and accumulated 10 points. This helped the team out since these were one of the few tough events out there.

Every point counts and the runners aren’t the only ones to rely on for winning. The varsity shot put team accumulated a total of six extra points for the team, helping the team for a better score. Also, the long jump, high jump, triple jump played a major role for the team as they added 18 points.

Photo Credit: Edson Ortiz

Are you in yet?

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Are you in yet?

Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

It has been four months and 15 days since seniors have turned in their application and in that time,  and your final review of your application to your dream university decides to accept you or not has yet to come.

Seniors turned in their UC and Cal State applications by the end of Nov. 30. This may be considered one of your happiest days of your life yet to come or you just might be dreading about not getting in the university you wanted.

“It can be stressful because who wouldn’t be stressed. Its their future and their dream college. I’m just very anxious to see the results,” said Nicole Vasquez.

Although many colleges have already decided your admission, many others are still under consideration until the very last day which may be stressful because you’re not sure if you even want to know anymore. However, it may just make your day if you got in. Check your portal or mail if you aren’t sure whether they have made a decision on your admission. UC has their deadline by March 30 and its halfway through the month already.

When accepted into a college, don’t forget that by May 1, you must submit an a Statement of Intent to Register. There are only 15 days left and counting and once you made a decision, make sure to to apply to Cal grant to get your money for school.

College bound ready

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Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

The last FAFSA and Dream Act workshop was held today at the library from 3:30 to 7:30. Although the deadline for the application process is near, many seniors attended for more help or concerns they have about the process. This workshop helped many seniors know what they need to know in order to be able to financially help themselves go to college.

“My workshops are successful because when the students come, they ask for help and I’m there to help them,” said Ms. Pinedo. “Some don’t know the importance of it and they are the ones that need to attend and they can always come to me for questions and don’t be afraid to ask. ”

She had folders full of information available to the students whom attended her workshop. She made all of her work possible through Schoology, Instagram, and Naviance which are all available online. The deadline for both these applications are March 2, which is next Friday. The deadline is near and just as important as applying to scholarships.

“This workshop can help me because this can help me financially on my success to college,” said Anthony Hernandez, a senior PAM student. “For most people, this application is very important because they need the money.”

Although her workshops are done, she is still available to help anyone out with any questions one may still have. She is available at the college center all day and after school just to help. Don’t forget to keep checking your Instagram and Schoology for more updates on news from the College Center and their field trips they have. Resources are always available when you are in need of help.

Shooting injures two students

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Shooting injures two students

Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

Early this morning at 8:55 a.m., a school shooting was reported from Salvador Castro Middle School. Two 15-year-old students were shot while a 12-year-old female is held custody  as a suspect of the shooting. One of the students was shot in the head who is in very critical danger and the other was shot by the wrist, according to news reports.

“This is scary because not only did she have a gun, but it was loaded, she could’ve loaded it or somebody else could’ve done it for her,” said Samuel Dovlatian, an assistant principal at Hollywood High. “See something, say something. This tragedy could’ve been prevented.”

The middle school shares a campus with Belmont High School, which caused both schools to be under lock down until everything was cleared. It wasn’t cleared of the intention of the shooting but police are currently undergoing the case, according to NBC. Others were injured but not fatal. The school went into a lock down, warning other nearby campuses about the threat, according to the NBC post.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with those who were hurt in today’s shooting incident at Sal Castro Middle School and with all the students, families and employees on the campus,” said the Interim Superintendent Vivian Ekchian.

The school day continued, and students had the chance to talk to counselors about the shooting, stated Vivian Ekchian in the CNN post. School will continue the next day, leaving many questions if the school is still safe for everyone.

Santa’s Frosty Follies come to town

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Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

A marvelous choir show premiered on Thursday night, full of joy and Christmas spirit. Tis’ the season to be jolly and what a great way to start the season, with a holiday show. With solos in the show and Santa and his little helpers in the action, Christmas seems ever so close to arrive.

” I liked how Dr. Keislar was dressed up as Santa and the High Notes because it was very entertaining,” said Nicole Vasquez. ” I believe the show put everyone in the Christmas spirit.”

With Dr.  Robert Keislar as  Santa, the show made a spectacular hit in the Hollywood School. Not only did the singers sing, but they also performed on stage with their own little act. Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the red nose reindeer joined the action, with their own little skit.

“I thought it was a success in general,” said Jonathon Har, a High Note. ” Everything was amazing. I liked the way I was able to interact with students from other periods rather than just my own class.”

It was a splendid show with some humor on the side. It was all balanced out to make the show interesting but not long enough to bore anyone down. Lisa Hertzner, the choir teacher, put on a great first Christmas show at Hollywood. She has also performed this show at her school that she founded in Arizona.

Cross Country places second and third in league

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Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

The match of Hollywood against Contreras was a tough battle till the end. Both Cross Country boy teams were undefeated until the boy’s team lost against Cobras, 21-38. The score with the least points take home the glory of being victorious. The boys resulted in 2nd place in the league, right behind the Contrera boys.

“It was a good race. [But] It doesn’t end here,” said coach Kenny Valencia.

The Hollywood girls raced the Contrera girls, and had an outcome of 21-33, resulting in their loss, placing in 3rd place in their league. The team have been training for various months now and are giving their all to make their way through the top.

“Going into the race we knew it would be challenging, but with that said even though we did not win, I am still proud of the outcome as many of the girls improved their times and gave it their all,” said Vivian Rodriguez.


Don’t Stress Out

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Don't Stress Out

Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

Its the last week of the semester and it would be shame to waste it by procrastinating all week. Spend Your time wisely though, don’t lack off because these finals are the last tests to affect your grade. However you should spend it with joy because you have just finished another year of high school. The sophomores will face their most important year during their junior years. They will deal with the SBAC testing and their SAT’s coming up soon.

Congrats to all juniors on finishing their most important year of High School and hoped that no one winged the year. Now, all juniors will have to start their senior project sooner or later, depending on what English class they’re taking. However, this doesn’t mean that they can lack off fully. They have college applications and scholarships to fill out by November.

Congrats to all freshies who are finishing up their first year as a High School student. Not to much to worry about but it is still early enough to change your study habits to be the type of scholar you should be. You can still enjoy the best of the High School experience.

Overall, congrats to everyone, especially our seniors who have finished all four years as student. Hope for a great summer and a great start in college.

Sister Act Brings Down The House

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Sister Act Brings Down The House

Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

This past weekend showcased a “Divine musical comedy.” Full of joy and happiness, it was the best musical I have seen on the Hollywood stage. The main actress was Kaelyn Norwood playing as Deloris. She had a struggling life as a singer trying to make the music industry with her crazy boyfriend Curtis , Winston Oughourli. It all goes down when he rejects her and the show goes on with Deloris’s life when she has to hide as a convict.

The musical brought unexpected comedy that made everyone laugh even though it had barely begun. The musical was successful from the very start all the way till  the end. A little bit more comedy to the show could have been a bit better but overall the musical had its own comedy. It had excellent scenery that went with all the acts, the lights were on point. They really did themselves a really great show that it has gained popularity over the weekend with lots of improvement done and more attractions to Hollywood.


Hollywood will premier their show once again this weekend coming for those whom would like to see it again.



New Service Hours Available For PAM

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Esteban Garcia and Guadalupe Huerta

Chronicle Reporter

As many of the students with the new history teacher, Mr. Barishman , has done a project that will help one finish their hours easily. Ms. Gambero helped set up the project that will be displayed with a booth as fair which will take place on May 12.

“It’s a win-win situation for the students. While the kids work for the project, it will count for their service hours,” said Ms. Gambero.

The group project is based on related topics to being successful in high school. This includes time management, study habits, and preparing for college. 11th graders will be shareing with the 10th graders of what one has learned since the 9th grade and what could’ve been done differently.

This would greatly help the new students to choose the right path to become what they want to be. They will also be able to see what is the future is holding for them.

The fair will also be filmed and documented by the NMA students during and after the fair.


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