Are you in yet?

Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

It has been four months and 15 days since seniors have turned in their application and in that time,  and your final review of your application to your dream university decides to accept you or not has yet to come.

Seniors turned in their UC and Cal State applications by the end of Nov. 30. This may be considered one of your happiest days of your life yet to come or you just might be dreading about not getting in the university you wanted.

“It can be stressful because who wouldn’t be stressed. Its their future and their dream college. I’m just very anxious to see the results,” said Nicole Vasquez.

Although many colleges have already decided your admission, many others are still under consideration until the very last day which may be stressful because you’re not sure if you even want to know anymore. However, it may just make your day if you got in. Check your portal or mail if you aren’t sure whether they have made a decision on your admission. UC has their deadline by March 30 and its halfway through the month already.

When accepted into a college, don’t forget that by May 1, you must submit an a Statement of Intent to Register. There are only 15 days left and counting and once you made a decision, make sure to to apply to Cal grant to get your money for school.

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