Sister Act Brings Down The House

Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

This past weekend showcased a “Divine musical comedy.” Full of joy and happiness, it was the best musical I have seen on the Hollywood stage. The main actress was Kaelyn Norwood playing as Deloris. She had a struggling life as a singer trying to make the music industry with her crazy boyfriend Curtis , Winston Oughourli. It all goes down when he rejects her and the show goes on with Deloris’s life when she has to hide as a convict.

The musical brought unexpected comedy that made everyone laugh even though it had barely begun. The musical was successful from the very start all the way till  the end. A little bit more comedy to the show could have been a bit better but overall the musical had its own comedy. It had excellent scenery that went with all the acts, the lights were on point. They really did themselves a really great show that it has gained popularity over the weekend with lots of improvement done and more attractions to Hollywood.


Hollywood will premier their show once again this weekend coming for those whom would like to see it again.



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