Two great minds visit Hollywood

Christine Coe

Copy Editor

     The library held their occasional meet and greet with two writers in the book industry, Erin Stein and Joelle Charbonneau. The event that took place on May 4 during fifth and sixth period allowed students to obtain an insight on the process that makes the books we long to read.

  The two guests specialize in the Young Adult department of novels. Erin Stein assists in the publication of such books. She works as a publisher at Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group where she goes by the imprint, Imprint, which signifies that she will be leaving her mark on Macmillan. She has helped publish brands for The Twilight series, Monster High, and Ever After High. She began her career at a PR and gradually built her way up to becoming a publisher in one of the nations most well known and credible publishing companies. Stein recommends the business to book worms and English majors everywhere. She offers a technical perspective on the writing industry, one that creates the embodiment of a book and truly brings the text to life.


    Joelle Charbonneau is an author who has recently published the novel Time Bomb. Aside from writing, she works in the performing arts field as a voice teacher and a stage performer. The New York Times best selling author is an undergraduate in music and theatre and has a masters degree in opera performance. Her most notable novel, The Testing, made waves in the young adult novel world as her depiction of a dystopian society where only an elite selected few are chosen to be tested left youth in awe with relatability. The climax is shown when Cia’s father reveals the terror that lays hidden behind the testing as her impending appointment awaits.


    Charbonneau advised that any up and coming authors take the plunge and continue to write until they master their craft. She also warns that like acting, writing comes with an abundant amount of rejections. She faced among 200 rejections from her novels until she lost count and even got an email from an agent advising her to burn her book and to give up writing. Yet, she stood in front of her audience telling her story of how she became a New York Times bestseller without being “qualified”.

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