Don’t Stress Out

Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

Its the last week of the semester and it would be shame to waste it by procrastinating all week. Spend Your time wisely though, don’t lack off because these finals are the last tests to affect your grade. However you should spend it with joy because you have just finished another year of high school. The sophomores will face their most important year during their junior years. They will deal with the SBAC testing and their SAT’s coming up soon.

Congrats to all juniors on finishing their most important year of High School and hoped that no one winged the year. Now, all juniors will have to start their senior project sooner or later, depending on what English class they’re taking. However, this doesn’t mean that they can lack off fully. They have college applications and scholarships to fill out by November.

Congrats to all freshies who are finishing up their first year as a High School student. Not to much to worry about but it is still early enough to change your study habits to be the type of scholar you should be. You can still enjoy the best of the High School experience.

Overall, congrats to everyone, especially our seniors who have finished all four years as student. Hope for a great summer and a great start in college.

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