November 18, 2019

Sheiks attending Frozen 2 premiere

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Sheiks attending Frozen 2 premiere

Maria Hernandez

Chronicle Reporter

Elsa the snow queen is making a comeback to the big screen and that means another amazing premiere. Frozen 2 will be having it’s premiere on hollywood blvd on November 7, 2019

Hollywood High School students were given the opportunity to attend the premiere. Students from each SLC had to enter a raffle on Monday. A handful of students were chosen to go to the premiere. The students are very excited to attend because they got VIP passes. 

“I‘m feeling very excited because I believe it’s going to be a wonderful experience” -Victor Solis, PAM

In case you don’t know what happened in the movie Frozen here is a little recap: 

Anna and Elsa are two sisters who are very close. After a small accident caused by Elsa the two sisters drifted apart. Later on, Elsa was crowned queen of Arendelle. The day of her crowning she caused another accident with her snow powers. She ran away leaving Arendelle in perpetual winter. Her sister and a mountaineer go on a search to find her so that she could end the winter she had left. In the end, the sister reunite and Elsa brings back the sun. 

Frozen 2 will be in theaters November 22, 2019. 

Joker’s release generates hype

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Joker's release generates hype

Maria Hernandez

Chronicle Reporter

Joker came to theatres on Oct. 4, and in its first week, is already breaking box office records. 

The Rated R movie is about a comedian named Arthur Fleck (Joker), who lives in a city named Gotham City. Arthur is a clown during the day who feels left out from society. He attempts to be a part of society but fails every time. After his many tries, he gives up. Arthur accepts the fact that he will never be a part of society and he transforms into a criminal known as The Joker. 

As one of the most famous ‘Batman’ villains, Joker has had many other appearances. He has been in many DC comics, like the comic Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore. In this comic, a group of criminals including Joker, plan out a way to rob many places. In the end, the plan was not successful. 

Joker also makes an appearance in the movie Batman, as well as in others. In this specific movie, the Joker is originally a gangster named Jack Napier. Joker encounters Batman at a chemical lab where they fought and Joker got bleach on his skin. Later on, in the movie Joker encounters Dark Knight. Dark Knight left a big scar on Joker’s face which resulted in him having a permanent smile. The smile made him into a more evil person. He wanted to destroy the city of Gotham and blamed Batman for wanting to do that. 

Despite having already appeared in various other films, this new take on the old villain is creating a reaction that’s never been seen before.

This film had the fourth largest opening ever for a Rated R movie. Right now, in total, the film has earned $236 million globally. The film also set box-office records for previews, earning a total of $13.3 million.

“Joker is an amazing movie. It shines light on real problems and struggles of mental illness. It shows the reality and realness of the world we live in,” said TCA Junior, Denia Nunez. “The movie is not only a magnificent one but it can be used as a learning tool. I would recommend this movie to anyone.”

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