Official price for graduation fee announced


Christopher Martinez

Chronicle Reporter

The Hollywood Bowl graduation fee of $100 has now been lowered to $65. This announcement was made on the Hollywood Class of 2021 Instagram page on Thursday.

Many students and parents are grateful to know that the price has been lowered considering that some were not able to meet the $100 fee. 

“I feel relieved that the price has dropped from $100 to $65, I’m thankful for the community that donated money towards our graduation” said Alexis Bedolla, NMA senior. 

Principal Mary Reid and Assistant Principal Samuel Dovlatian both worked hard to collect donations from the community in order to make the price more affordable for their graduates. 

Make sure to follow up with the Class of 2021 information page and Instagram for the latest updates.

Class of 2021 Information Page:

Class of 2021 Instagram: @hwood2021

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