Saying goodbye to Dr.Reid


Jhevanise E. Aguilar-Horner

Chronicle Reporter

Dr. Mary Reid will be leaving Hollywood Senior High School at the end of the academic school year. The announcement was made on Tuesday May 18 through an email that was sent to faculty members. For reasons unknown, the position has been reopened, creating speculation and opposition about her transfer. 

“Dr. Reid’s transfer was unexpected and unfortunate,” said Lee Tuomala, teacher and union representative of Hollywood Senior High School. “The school community would have been better served continuing with the same trusted leadership, but instead we will be welcoming our fifth principal in four years.”

Dr. Reid began her journey at Hollywood Senior High on September 23, 2019 taking on a difficult mission as we entered lockdown due to Covid-19. Her extensive educational experience and leadership skills brought the students, teachers and community together, increasing the involvement in school activities. 

In Tuesday’s announcement Dr. Travis Brandy, administrator of the Hollywood Community of Schools, discussed the transition of the upcoming leadership and bid Dr. Reid farewell.

“We thank Principal, Dr. Reid for her leadership, dedication and hard work as she supported students, parents, and staff for the past two years,” said Dr. Brandy.

Dr. Brandy then continued to discuss the formation of a Principal Selection Advisory Committee to begin the process of finding the next leadership of Hollywood Senior High School. This process will consist of five steps; announcing the opening of the position, applicant selection, a paper screening, interviews, and the approval of Superintendent Dr. Adaina Brown.

Many faculty members are opposed to the transition in leadership. “This is not good timing for the teachers, students, or our community,” said Dr. Steven Steinberg, history teacher. “This is not a signal to parents and students that Hollywood is a beacon of hope and promise in Hollywood. I believe this should be the highest priority at this moment in history.”

Christina Dempsey, a teacher at Hollywood Senior High School, presented Dr. Reid with a handcrafted Note of Appreciation that contained 104 signatures on Friday May 21 during lunch. This farewell gift also included a gift bag that contained a mug, candle, bath supply, among other items..

Dr. Reid’s transfer took us all by surprise with many faculty members, students, and community members opposed to the decision. She has made her mark in Hollywood history and will be missed. 

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