Tips for summer job seekers


Maria Hernandez and Christopher Martinez

Opinion Editor and Chronicle Reporter

As the end of the school year approaches, teenagers 16 years or older should consider looking for a job. Getting a job benefits you in gaining experience of the real world and you develop stronger social skills. 

Most jobs in California pay $15 an hour. Some jobs even reward you with more money by investing  in your education. This is great for teenagers because you can save up your money to purchase a car or anything you desire. 

Here are some jobs that hire teenagers that are 16 years or older. 

McDonald’s- Crew Member

At McDonald’s you are in charge of providing the best customer service for every customer. You will be in charge of taking orders, maintaining a clean environment, and preparing food. 

McDonald’s offers great benefits for its crew members. This includes a flexible schedule, college tuition assistance, free high school completion programs, and free English language classes. 

To apply for a position at McDonald’s visit the site:

Starbucks- Barista 

At Starbucks you will have the opportunity to unleash your creative skills. Here you will prepare many drinks for customers as well as make connections with them. You will be in charge of taking orders, preparing drinks, and maintaining a clean work environment. 

Starbucks offers a free bachelor’s degree program through Arizona State University. This is a great opportunity for many college students who are currently struggling to pay for their college tuition. 

To apply for a Barista position at Starbucks visit the site:

Retail Sales associate – Hollister, Old Navy, GAP, Foot Locker 

At any retail job, you will be in charge of making sure that all of the merchandise is well organized on the sales floor. You will also be in charge of providing the best customer service for everyone. This includes signing customers up for rewards programs or credit card programs as well as checking in with them to make sure that they are finding everything okay. You will also be in charge of cleaning the store. 

Here are some stores that you can apply to: 


Old Navy-


Foot Locker- 

If you get called in for an interview, make sure to dress professionally, go in with confidence, and answer all the interview questions to the best of your ability.

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