December 8, 2019

KIIS FM provides opportunity with The Jonas Brothers

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Joan Kim


As the sun sets and autumn leaves are ready to fall, KIIS FM (radio station 102.7) provided one last summer activity- a chance to play a softball game with the Jonas Brothers and KIIS FM’s staff. Ten schools from the Los Angeles area were nominated and Hollywood was one of the chosen schools. 

The Jonas Brothers is a trio pop group consisting of Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas. In the 2000s, they had their own Disney channel show called “Jonas” and starred in movies such as “Camp Rock.” They also are known as Billboard artists with songs such as “Sucker” and “Burnin’ Up”.

As votes started on Sept. 13 at 12 p.m., students started voting and advocated each other to vote. SAS Junior Ingrid Muniz said, “When hearing this opportunity, I got excited because although I do not actively listen to the Jonas Brothers, I know how much some of the students enjoy their music. This made me want to vote right away.” 

SAS Junior Lizbeth Zesati said when she heard the news, she was “speechless, over the edge… just breathless” like in the song lyrics from “Lovebug” by the Jonas Brothers. “ I believe that our school could benefit from the positive publicity.”

The voting period ends at Sept. 26 at 11:59 p.m. and students can vote through:

Reopening the curtain on a tradition

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Reopening the curtain on a tradition

Melisa Lovos and Cristal Rincon

Chronicle Reporter and Website Editor

Hollywood High School’s beloved JROTC is making it’s return after the program met it’s demise on the 100th year anniversary in 2017. The program is being led by Colonel Darryl Hensley, who runs all of the JROTC programs in Los Angeles Unified School District.

The program was cut due to financial reasons, but is being brought back now thanks to interim principal Fonna Bishop. Hollywood is the fastest school to have gotten approved for this program, due to the school’s history, administrators said. In 1917, Hollywood was one of seven schools across the nation that was chosen to introduce and run JROTC.

“When I came here and I visited the school three weeks ago and I saw all of the photos,” said Colonel Hensley, “I literally got emotional and I said, I’ve got to bring this school back.” 

JROTC stands for Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps, and is a program that is focused on discipline, teamwork, and leadership values. Contrary to popular belief, the purpose of JROTC is to create better citizens, rather than soldiers for the military. It also offers credits to those participating, and helps students stand out when applying to college.

“It’s just a great program that inspires students to become leaders,” said Assistant Principal Pacino Furioso.

JROTC is now being offered as a free seventh period class every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:15 to 4:45 p.m. Anyone interested in joining should speak to their counselor for more information.

Students win LADWP art contest

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Students win LADWP art contest

Cristal Rincon

Chronicle Reporter

Seven of Ms. Iamboliyski’s students have won awards in the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Student Poster Contest, with artwork that brings awareness to water and power conservation.

It began as an assignment for Ms. Iamboliyski’s art classes, with an additional option to submit their work to the contest. “I think it’s very important that they learn to conserve water and power for the future of the planet and future generations,” said Ms. Iamboliyski.

The contest is a partnership between the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and the LA Times in Education. As the second largest city in the nation, Los Angeles uses a large amount of water and energy. This contest served as an effort to promote conservation tips.

Students made original artwork using illustrations depicting different ways that one can do their part to save water and energy. Schools from all over Los Angeles participated, ranging from elementary schools to high schools. Awards were given in first, second, and third place for categories organized by each grade level.

Alyssa Lira, SAS Senior, received first place in the 12th grade category. Her artwork was a watercolor painting of the earth, with a faucet putting water into reusable water bottle. She included statistics on the amount of plastic wasted when using plastic water bottles rather than reusable ones.

“I didn’t think I would win, I think it’s really strange because I don’t consider myself a painter,” said Alyssa. “I just hope I get more people aware of the fact that we only have 12 years to reverse the effects of climate change.”

Along with Alyssa, the following students received awards:

  • Sorokina Maryna has won second place in the 9th grade category.
  • Laisha Salvador has won third place in the 10th grade category.
  • Violeta Torres has won first place in the 11th grade category.
  • Kayla Kwak has won second place in the 11th grade category.
  • Marilyn Chicas has won third place in the 11th grade category.
  • Alyssa Lira has won first place in the 12th  grade category.
  • Kaizz Maniego has won third place in the 12th grade category.

The winners will receive their awards and be celebrated at a luncheon held on May 23, at the Los Angeles Times Printing Plant, alongside the rest of the winners.

Students donate to Red Cross blood drive

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Students donate to Red Cross blood drive

Cristal Rincon

Chronicle Reporter

In partnership with the Red Cross, Hollywood High School Leadership hosted the second blood drive of the year on Tuesday, May 3.

The blood drive was organized by Leadership’s Service and Wellness committee. They officiate sign ups, schedule everyone in, and keep in contact with the Red Cross. They also help set up the gym, and clean up afterwards. The gym is stocked with necessary supplies, set up with a waiting room, and various stations where the donors get their blood drawn.

Emily Hellstrom, SAS sophomore and leadership member said, “It’s important for us to host this event because in the scheme of things, we are saving lives.”

This time, around 82 students signed up to donate. For some, this was their first time donating. “I decided to donate blood because I felt that I could actually help people,” said Kegan Standridge, SAS junior. “The experience was long, but rewarding. Afterwards, it gives you a new outlook on life.”

According to the American Red Cross, one donation can potentially save three lives. Altogether, Hollywood High School saved about 246 lives through donating.

Swim team prepares for first meet

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Cristal Rincon

Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood High School’s swim team is preparing for their first meet against Contreras, scheduled for Wednesday, March 6.

On Wednesday, Feb. 20, the team participated in a scrimmage against various other schools in the area such as RFK, Contreras, and Mendez. This served as an opportunity to introduce the new team members to how meets work and get them comfortable with competing.

This year, the team has approximately 15 members, a significant amount of them being individuals who are new to the sport. Emily Luis, SAS sophomore and new member said, “I think swim is fun, but it is a bit difficult. With time I think I will get better.”

The team started conditioning in November, and started practicing in the pool in early February. The team has been practicing at Bernstein, because Hollywood’s pool has yet to be fixed, an issue they have been experiencing for the past two years.

Adding to this difficulty, there have been problems involving the team’s transportation to and from practices. They have to arrange a bus everyday of practice after school. However there have been times when the bus is either late or simply doesn’t arrive.

Raquel Kaufman, team member and SAS sophomore said, “Even though the obstacles we’ve faced have been discouraging, it’s made the team work harder as a whole, and we’ve gotten closer because of it.”

Annie finds its cast

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Cristal Rincon

Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood High School’s spring musical, Annie, is in the midst of finalizing it’s cast after holding auditions and callbacks Monday, Jan. 28 through Thursday, Jan. 31.

The classic musical Annie follows the story of “Little Orphan Annie”, and her journey to find her parents, based on the popular comic strip by Harold Gray. Since it’s time on Broadway, the show has warmed the hearts of many by sharing the message of hope and endurance, something director John Tourtellotte hopes to showcase to the Hollywood High School community.

Economic parallels between society today and society during Annie’s time period, along with the lack of classic musicals at Hollywood High in recent years are part of what drove Tourtellotte to pick Annie as this year’s musical. “Ultimately it’s a fun show that has a tremendous number of roles for our students to explore and play and grow within.”

The audition process featured a dance segment done in groups of eight, and an individual singing segment. Some went in with a specific part in mind, while many were open to playing whichever role recieved. Those who progressed to the callback were later notified if they recieved the part.

Hannah Barukh, PAM junior, who was cast as Miss Hannigan said, “I felt extremely excited and started listening to all the songs and envisioning all the things we could do with it. I’m excited to work with the rest of the cast.”

Playing the lead role of red-haired orphan Annie is PAM senior, Audrey Crabano. “I feel really honored and blessed because it is my last show. I’m excited to celebrate all our hard work. The biggest shift is going to be working with a new director, who I’ve only worked with once, and getting to know his methods and style.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda receives Hollywood star

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Cristal Rincon

Chronicle Reporter

Award-winning composer, lyricist, and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda left his legacy on Hollywood Boulevard after receiving a star on the Walk of Fame on Friday Nov. 30.

Miranda is best known for creating and starring in the groundbreaking Broadway musicals “Hamilton” and “In the Heights”, along with various TV and film credits, the most recent being “Mary Poppins Returns.” Not only is he an active voice in the entertainment community, but also as an activist.

The work he’s done over the span of his career has impacted many, which was evident by the crowds of people who attended in the audience. Fans lined the street in anticipation as they waited, some having gotten there as early as 3 a.m. Many wore costumes and merchandise from his work, and even engaged in a “Hamilton” sing along as they waited for the ceremony to begin.

The ceremony itself took place outside the Pantages Theatre, a historic spot both in Los Angeles and for Lin-Manuel Miranda, who recalled having performed there for his first musical “In the Heights”, and which is now the home to his star. “It means the world to me that my star is outside this theatre because I love it so much,” Miranda commented during his speech.

Also in attendance to Friday’s ceremony was actress Rita Moreno and singer-songwriter “Weird Al” Yankovic, both of whom also spoke and helped unveil the star. “You have earned this honor—especially because you made a choice to focus the brilliance of your star power for the good of others,” said Moreno. Yankovic added on by describing Miranda as “gifted beyond words,” “absolutely fearless” and “the best human I know”.

The magnitude of the ceremony and the words spoken there prompted many who were watching to shed a few tears, including Miranda himself. It was an emotional day all around.

New mural to be installed

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Cristal Rincon

A new mural is being installed on Hollywood High School grounds at the corner of Orange Drive and Sunset Boulevard.

It will be seen covering the outside of the previously blank walls of the Liberal Arts building and the sides of the stairs directly in front of the mural. The mural’s art features two large scale faces drawn surrounded by different colors and winding details. The new artwork aims to complement the already existing murals found along the walls facing Orange Drive beside the Wellness Center.

The mural is a part of the Mural Beautification Project, which is a project launched by the Los Angeles Police Department in efforts to inspire creativity and deter from vandalism and graffiti. The project is in partnership with the Los Angeles Consulate of Israel and is supported by School Board Melvoin, various LAUSD facilities and the LA Historical preservation committee.

The mural will begin being installed this week, starting on Thursday, Nov. 1 and ending next week on Thursday, Nov. 8, and will be followed by a ceremony to display it.

Halloween screenings at El Capitan Theatre

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Cristal Rincon

Chronicle Reporter

El Capitan Theatre is celebrating their Spooktacular 25th Anniversary by showcasing two Halloween film favorites throughout the month of October. The two featured films are Disney classics, “Hocus Pocus” and Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

Both are going to be shown in 3D with interactive 4D sensory effects such as scents, lights, wind, fog, and more. Guests will have special photo opportunities with props from both movies that will be on display before and after each showing. Along with this, the theatre will also be hosting costume contests and surprises on the opening nights of both movies, as a way to usher in the Halloween season.

Hocus Pocus is going to be showcased Oct. 11 through Oct. 21, while The Nightmare Before Christmas is going to be showcased Oct. 22 through Oct. 31. Daily showtimes for both movies are 1:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., and 9:45 p.m., along with 10:00 a.m. screenings only on Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets are on sale now, available at the El Capitan Theatre on Hollywood Blvd or online.


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