Seniors recommend music in Spanish


Heriberto Rodriguez

Chronicle Reporter

Spanish is one of the most widely-spoken languages of the world; it is the official language of 20 countries, plus the territory of Puerto Rico.

Does this mean anything at all? Given the fact that there are over 570 million speakers of Spanish — with about 470 million of them being native speakers — this makes the language rich in culture, history, accents, and of course: music.

Music in the Spanish language has reached many Sheik’s ears; so, what do seniors recommend?

“I would recommend ‘Luis Miguel’ because he not only makes beautiful music, but his voice and message in his songs touch the soul”, said Leslie Rodriguez, SAS senior. “Every time you play one of his songs, no matter the circumstances, you will feel the emotion he conveys with his angelic voice run through your bones.”

The next suggestion is optimal if one likes the ‘cumbia’ music genre.

“I recommend the artist ‘Raymix’ because his songs are catchy and the music is great. The music is ‘electrocumbia’, which I personally like to listen to when I’m doing chores or on late night drives”, said Julian Valencia, SAS senior.

One last recommendation comes from a non-Spanish speaker.

“I like to listen to ‘Ozuna’ because I like the beat that he uses and his voice is just very attractive to my ears,” said Milena Ryabchikova, SAS senior. “Since I’m not a Spanish speaker, I search up the translation to his lyrics so I know what I listen to, and even though sometimes I don’t particularly like the lyrics, if I still like the beat of the song, I will listen to it, unless it’s really inappropriate and gets out of hand.”

Ultimately, the wide-variety of choices that one can make with regards to Spanish-language music is rather big; thus, the listener will be able to enjoy different genres, all being from various countries; all in one language.

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