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Brandon Ascencio

Chronicle Reporter

The comic book inspired show, “Invincible”, was released on Amazon Prime Video on March 25, and it has since grown into one of the most popular animated shows of this decade. “Invincible” shows a new interpretation of the superhero genre, showing a darker and more graphic look into the world of superheroes.

The show at first was a silent release, and didn’t really get much attention, it wasn’t until the very graphic fight scenes in the first episode that people began to recognize it. Within eight episodes “Invincible” grew a huge fanbase of fans who enjoyed the very dark murder mystery-type show. The show grew so popular that as soon as the first season came to an end, the second and third seasons were confirmed for the near future.

The show has a simple yet very complex story to tell and it delivers. Mark Grayson, the young half breed alien superhuman obtains his powers and is trained by his father, the greatest superhero on Earth, Omni-Man. As the story develops, it follows a darker interpretation on the world of superheroes. This little nudge to a darker story starts within the first two episodes when Invincible first starts as a hero, and very quickly realizes that at the level he is at, people will die in his hands. 

Things begin to fall apart for both Omni-Man and Mark. Mark has to find a way to save as many as he can as a hero, all while balancing his highschool life and spending time with his girlfriend. Omni-man is also in quite the pickle as everyone grows suspicious at the fact that he was the only survivor of a team of superheroes who were randomly murdered. The story builds up suspense as little by little, the truth is revealed, all to end in a fascinating final episode. 

Apart from its amazing story and plot, the casting choices were amazing. We see one of the greatest performances by J. K. Simmons who is the voice actor of Omni-Man. We also see great choices and appearances by Seth Rogen who plays Allen the Alien (this character became a fan favorite instantly), Steven Yeun who plays our main hero Invincible, Mark Hamill who plays a tailor that creates the hero costumes, and much more. Adding the great cast with the well written story together got the hearts of many fans, even making a meme that quickly grew all over social media.

If you have Amazon Prime Video, the show is a must watch. The well written story and amazing cast all make this “cartoon” seem as one of the best shows you’ll ever see. While it has men in spandex flying around saving people, it does give us a view on how realistic certain superhero situations can be. The show is made for young adults and it’s recommended to watch with an adult if you’re under the age of 16. Other than that the show will easily grow into your heart especially if you are a superhero fan.

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