Seniors recommend underrated music artists


Heriberto Rodriguez

Chronicle Reporter

It is evident that, nowadays, there tends to be a collective taste in music — especially among teenagers. There are always those songs and beats that everyone talks about such as those by BTS, Billie Eilish, and Ariana Grande.  

This, however, does not imply that lesser-known bands and artists are any “worse.” In many cases, it just means that they are a hidden gem. This being said, a question arises: what can twelfth-graders recommend when it comes to musical bands and artists?

“An underrated music band is ‘AC/DC’. I Feel like no one knows about them now. Their music pumps you up. So when I go run or workout I play their music to get pumped; they’re a rock band from the 1980’s and I feel like less and less people listen to rock bands anymore; I feel like rock bands need more love”, said Steven Hernandez, SAS senior. “An artist I recommend is ‘J .Cole’ because he tells stories in his songs and makes them feel like you can relate to them; he makes some catchy hooks and makes you vibe to them; he makes you bop your head when listen to him; he makes sad, happy, angry, and relaxing music for everyone to listen.”

Another student even recommended a Spanish-speaking artist.

“An artist I would recommend is ‘Carla Morrison’ for Spanish songs. I recommend this indie-pop artist because her messages in her songs are very impactful and her songs are mostly related to life lessons which I appreciate a lot,” said Julian Valencia, SAS senior.

One more last suggestion comes from an NMA student.

“An artist that I recommend is ‘Lil Nas X’; the reason I recommend him is that his music reflects on his own self,” said Jesus Vasquez, senior.

This ends up refuting the common misconception that teens these days only listen to the same music, and proves true that not all follow similar genres.

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