How Sheiks spent their spring break


Yahir Martinez

Chronicle Reporter

During this unusual spring break, students at Hollywood High engaged in several activities. 

Karen Franco, SAS junior, said, “I went out to the mall with my friends to get some new clothes.” She also mentioned that she went to the park with her family for Easter. She said, “I had a good time, we just went Easter egg hunting and ate some carne asada that my mom made.”  

On the other hand TCA senior Jose Maldonado said, “During my break I rested.” He also got into crypto mining, which is a way to make money without any of your money being wasted. He is excited to see where crypto mining takes him and how he can expand on it over time. 

For TCA senior Diego Ortiz, the highlight of his spring break was that he was in Malibu spending time and relaxing with his family. He said, “I didn’t really do much this spring break, however I did see some family members over the week, which was great because I haven’t seen them in such a long time, and it was good seeing them again.” 

Even though students were limited to places in Los Angeles, they found ways to learn new skills or simply spend time with their families during this unusual period.

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