Auditioning for the Senior Song for Virtual Graduation

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Interested in auditioning for the Senior Song for Virtual Graduation?

Here is some information and steps on how you can audition

Senior Song for Graduation – I Lived by One Republic

Instructions for Official Class Song Performance and Audition Submission:

REQUIRED: 2 devices – 1) phone, computer, or tablet and 2) earphones. 

1.  One device will have the MP3 (eg. on your phone)

2.  Then you will hit record on the other device of your choice to film you singing the song. (Press record and Wait 15 seconds before you start singing.)

3. Press play on the device playing the music without the headphones plugged in with the volume up so we can hear the three beeps for syncing.

4. You will then have 15 seconds to adjust to get ready for your performance (plug in your headphones, adjust the volume, position for singing)

5. Perform the song and film yourself.

6. All that is left is to upload is the video of your performance to Ms. Hertzner at

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How to prepare for AP exams this week

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Go to the AP Exam Schedule on the AP college board website and scroll down to Course-Specific Exam Information to learn details about your exam including what material will be covered and what materials you’ll need to take it. Then, check in with your AP teacher for additional guidance about what to practice and what skills you should focus on. Review key concepts with video lessons on the AP YouTube channel. Go to AP Classroom for free-response sample questions to practice your skills. And visit the exam demo on AP college boards website to see what the online exam experience will be like. Finally, set a reminder for the date and time of your exam, making sure its correct, and on test day don’t forget you’ll need to log in 30 minutes before your exam and have your AP ID handy. For more information, go to

3 Ways to Maintain Healthy Sleep During Quarantine

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health concept - word cloud of contributing factors (diet, lifestyle, healthcare, family history, environment, exercise, stress, relationships, sleep, rest, hygiene) on isolated colorful sticky notes

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Set a sleeping schedule- the more consistent your bed and wake-up time, the more consistent your body will function. It may be tempting to stay up late watching movies or playing video games, however, losing even 16 minutes of sleep a night is shown to have negative effects – fatigue, irritability, confusion, etc. Target at least eight hours of sleep each night. Make your sleep environment more conducive to success.

Naps?- We’ve all been there, when we get out of school, nuzzled up on the couch or in a favorite chair. Naps happen. Napping for 10 to 20 minutes during the day will help you recharge. But, be mindful of when and how often you do this. Napping too much during the day can disrupt your overnight sleep schedule.

Take a break from electronics- Often, we hear this bit of advice and think it only applies to our computer or laptop. It applies to all electronic devices including our cellphones. That means a break from social media, TV too. Target stopping around 90 minutes before your set bedtime. Meditation can help, but no electronics.

Ways to stay active during quarantine

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If there is anything more important these days, it is your health and that of your family. This quarantine period definitely tests our patience, but this is the best way to deal with the current coronavirus pandemic, which has already claimed thousands of lives and continues to affect millions. You must keep your body active during this period to celebrate the defeat of this deadly virus. 

Do bodyweight exercises – If inmates can get ripped in a tiny prison cell, you can get ripped during the quarantine. Bodyweight exercises aren’t great for getting huge, but they’re a good way to stay toned with limited resources. Here are some body-weight exercises you can do pretty much wherever, whenever. 

Crunches,Push-ups, Planks,Squats,Lunges,Wall sits, Burpees

Go for a run – There’s a good chance you’ll be looking for any excuse to get some fresh air, so just god for a run. Doing so allows you to be active outside without necessarily coming into close contact with other people, so it’s a safe way to get your cardio in during this pandemic.

Next school year class openings

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Next school year class openings

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Upcoming class openings for next year include: Culinary Arts class, Italian language class, after school orchestra class, after school music studio class, afterschool film studio class. 

The culinary arts class taught by Mr Papa will be a class where students will make food and make a restaurant where they will serve food to the public for two to three hours daily. The Italian language class will count as a foreign language course. The film, multimillion dollar music studio, and orchestra class will be held from 3 to 5 p.m. afterschool everyday. 

We look forward to everyone participating in the highly anticipated classes for the next school year. 

Assistant Principal, Ms. Booker, said, “We look forward to students having fun doing what they love.”

Lil Uzi Vert drops Eternal Atake

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Lil Uzi Vert drops Eternal Atake

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Rapper named Lil Uzi Vert surprised the world by releasing his new album Eternal Atake on Friday, March 6. The hip-hop superstar waited to drop the highly-anticipated title until much later in the morning, possibly because he wanted to stand out from other albums being released around the same time , or maybe he just wanted to surprise people.

Critics say that the Eternal Atake album should beat Lil Uzis Luv is rage 2 album based on the billboards and hype based around this album.

SAS Student, Luca Soussan, said, “The first 8 songs are fire, the last songs were took long and the quality was just wack, but we still love Uzi”

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