3 Ways to Maintain Healthy Sleep During Quarantine

Chronicle Reporter

Enio Lemus

Set a sleeping schedule- the more consistent your bed and wake-up time, the more consistent your body will function. It may be tempting to stay up late watching movies or playing video games, however, losing even 16 minutes of sleep a night is shown to have negative effects – fatigue, irritability, confusion, etc. Target at least eight hours of sleep each night. Make your sleep environment more conducive to success.

Naps?- We’ve all been there, when we get out of school, nuzzled up on the couch or in a favorite chair. Naps happen. Napping for 10 to 20 minutes during the day will help you recharge. But, be mindful of when and how often you do this. Napping too much during the day can disrupt your overnight sleep schedule.

Take a break from electronics- Often, we hear this bit of advice and think it only applies to our computer or laptop. It applies to all electronic devices including our cellphones. That means a break from social media, TV too. Target stopping around 90 minutes before your set bedtime. Meditation can help, but no electronics.

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