Auditioning for the Senior Song for Virtual Graduation

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Enio Lemus

Interested in auditioning for the Senior Song for Virtual Graduation?

Here is some information and steps on how you can audition

Senior Song for Graduation – I Lived by One Republic

Instructions for Official Class Song Performance and Audition Submission:

REQUIRED: 2 devices – 1) phone, computer, or tablet and 2) earphones. 

1.  One device will have the MP3 (eg. on your phone)

2.  Then you will hit record on the other device of your choice to film you singing the song. (Press record and Wait 15 seconds before you start singing.)

3. Press play on the device playing the music without the headphones plugged in with the volume up so we can hear the three beeps for syncing.

4. You will then have 15 seconds to adjust to get ready for your performance (plug in your headphones, adjust the volume, position for singing)

5. Perform the song and film yourself.

6. All that is left is to upload is the video of your performance to Ms. Hertzner at

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