November 13, 2019

Sheiks touring Hollywood

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Kayla Kwak
Copy Editor

Day Three of spirit week at Hollywood High is tropical/tourist day, and the school is full of spirit.

Students and teachers alike were full of school spirit. Many dressed in their Hawaiian shirts and some went all out and wore hats, sunglasses, or brought a camera along. The past two days of spirit week were also a success. Day one being pajama day and day two being duo day. The days that follow are vintage day on Nov 7, and roll call day on Nov 8 with colors designated to each grade level.

Stephanie Gonzalez , SAS senior, poses to get a photo taken by Marlyn Chicas, also an SAS senior.

Zucely Chavez and Christian Guevara, SAS Juniors, show school spirit and dress up as tropical tourists for Hollywood High’s spirit week!

Lets keep up spirit week till the pep rally on Friday!!!

Seniors:Things you might’ve missed during the senior meeting

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Seniors:Things you might've missed during the senior meeting

Janet Gonzalez,Chronicle Reporter

Today,October 30th,the senior student council held a meeting in Mr.Tourtelotte’s room where they discussed things of interest to the seniors,Class of 2020.Ben Kersh,senior class president,announced the winning design for the hoodies which was created/submitted by senior Jade Rodas.Some students did not seem to be happy with the design to which it was announced that there will be an opportunity to create a new design for the t-shirts that will be made for the seniors and that they were all welcome and implored to create and submit designs.Those who want to create a design,you have 2 weeks to do so before the deadline.Many students had been asking school staff and/or administrators about grad night which Ben explained they would not be able to answer since Hollywood High School does not affiliate themselves with the event and that it would be better for seniors to DM the class of 2020 instagram page for questions on grad night.First payment for gradnight is to be turned in by November 15th. and the payment is 50$.Senior reception where they announce class favorites will be next week November 6th on Wednesday after school from 3:30 to 4:30 P.M. in Mr.Tourtelotte’s room.At the end of the meeting seniors were able to sign up to be part of the 20 that will be made during the panorama picture which will be taken on Friday,November 15th.Class of 2020,Sheik Pride!

Give blood this October

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Give blood this October

Kayla Kwak

Copy Editor

The on-campus blood drive will take place on Oct 29. You must be 16 years of age or older to donate blood. If you are 16, before you can donate blood there is a form that needs to be signed by your parent(s) or guardian and the counseling office has a box for completed forms. If you are 17 or older you do not need to fill out an approval form.

Men can give double donations in one sitting however, women are only allowed to give one donation. Food or snacks will be provided after donating blood. Students will be summoned out of class to give donations. For further questions please find Leadership personnel who will be dressed in red.

Answers to the Crossword!

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Answers to the Crossword!

Jasmin Kim
Copy Editor

Here are the answers to the crossword on page 5 of the October issue!

4. Tamagotchi
5. Kim Possible
6. Rihanna
7. Hannah Montana
8. Spears
10. Courage
11. Trix
12. Sunny D

1. Mean Girls
2. Lip Smackers
3. Destiny’s Child
9. iCarly

Voting for senior class favorites begins

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Voting for senior class favorites begins

Bani Rice

Chronicle Reporter

As an ongoing tradition at every high school, it’s that time of year of choosing your class favorites. We are down to the final candidates and voting will take place this Oct. 10th during nutrition, lunch and after school. Hollywood High students will meet in the college center to decide who they deem fits the categories their fellow students are in.

There are a total of 14 categories you can vote in.  The ones Hollywood High School seniors voted on are Class Clown, Best Smile, Cutest Couple, Mostly Outgoing/Friendly, Mr. Hollywood, Miss Hollywood, Drama King, Drama Queen, Biggest Overachiever, Inseparable Duo, The Cutest Couple That Never Was, Most Likely To Be Late To Graduation, Coolest Style/Best Dressed, and last but not least Most Athletic.

In order to take place in the voting, you will need your ID so make sure to bring that this Thursday. The voting will end at 3:30 p.m. and the winners will be announced at the next senior event. Good luck to all of the candidates!

Final reminders for this week

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Final reminders for this week

Although it is the last week of school there are many things going on. A few reminders, including this week’s schedule. 

This week’s schedule consists of two days of block schedule on Wednesday and Thursday. 

All students except seniors are to take finals on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 

The Aloha Luncheon for seniors will be hosted on Tuesday, June 4. 

Seniors will be rehearsing in the auditorium Tuesday, Wednesday, and on Thursday seniors will practicing at the Hollywood Bowl before graduation takes place at 5:00 p.m.

Last reminder for seniors that Achieve the Honorable is on Wednesday, June 5 at 6:00 p.m. If any senior would like their picture to be part of the slideshow at the event then upload it in the link provided on schoology under Ms.Pinedo’s recent post. 

Good luck to everyone who’s taking finals this week and good luck to all the seniors!

Grab your 2019 Yearbook today

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Chronicle Reporter

Kenyon Dawson

Hollywood High School has officially started releasing their 2019 school Yearbooks out to the student body on Wednesday, May 22. Students are very excited because they have been waiting on this issue of the yearbook since the pre-sale started way back in Sept of 2018 for the low price of $55. Or, if it came in your senior package you don’t have to worry about it.

Many people were surprised at the fact that the opportunity to purchase the yearbook for $55 was never announced, did you know this?–QxJjQ-8a5VbcJ-l003tp50tkHxxwOnMw/viewform?usp=sf_link

TCA senior, Natalia Torres, says “I like the cover, it gives me that iconic Hollywood feel and I’m so glad it came in my package so I don’t have to pay it again.”

If you were looking to purchase the Yearbook as of right now, you need to pay $90. Just come to the student store with your money and school ID in hand and you can leave home with an official Hollywood High School Yearbook.

Next weeks block schedule

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Next week starting May 20th all juniors will be taking the CAASPP (California assessment performance and progress) test. The purpose the CAASPP system is to assist teachers, administration, students, and parents by promoting high-Quality teaching and learning through the use of a variety of assessment approaches and item types.

Monday May 20
Math Computer Adaptive Test Periods 1,3,5

Tuesday May 21
Math Computer Adaptive Test Periods 2,4,6

Wednesday May 22
Math Computer Adaptive Test Periods 1,3,5

Thursday May 23
Math Computer Adaptive Test Periods 2,4,6

Friday May 24
Special Bell Schedule for Hollywood Idol

Chronicle Reporter 

Kahliyah Williams

Mercury scare temporarily closes two classrooms

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Alex Glebov
Chronicle Reporter

As some students have noticed, Rooms 310 and 311 have been sealed of with yellow tape to stop people from entering. The reason for the seal was that Frank Muniz, plant manager, had contacted the Office of Environmental Health and Safety to test the classrooms to see if mercury was present.

The reason for the test was that a teacher in one of those classrooms had felt ill and Assistant Principal Pacino Furioso suspected a thermostat breaking and causing a mercury leak, as there was a case of a thermostat breaking before.

Both classes were relocated just to not take any chances with a potential mercury leak, and to give time to OEHS to come in and test the classrooms with a state-of-the-art device for mercury. The tests showed that there was no mercury leak in any of the classrooms and everything will go back to the usual very soon.

Support Hollywood at Starfest 2019

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Support Hollywood at Starfest 2019

Elvira Roman

Chronicle Reporter

Starfest 2019 is a free event hosted by LACER from 6 different locations. Middle Schools such as Bancroft, King, Irving, and Leconte are performing and being included in this event. Among them are Hollywood and Fairfax High School. Join LACER and students on May 11 at Irving Middle School from 1 to 3 p.m.

This annual showcase is meant to shows off student’s hard work in dance,art, and music. There will be an outdoor art show, showcase of student work, concessions, and raffles.

LACER is hosting this fundraiser to help gather money to support free after school programs in LAUSD. So any donations and sponsors are encouraged in order to help students have this program available at their schools.

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