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Final reminders for this week

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Final reminders for this week

Although it is the last week of school there are many things going on. A few reminders, including this week’s schedule. 

This week’s schedule consists of two days of block schedule on Wednesday and Thursday. 

All students except seniors are to take finals on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 

The Aloha Luncheon for seniors will be hosted on Tuesday, June 4. 

Seniors will be rehearsing in the auditorium Tuesday, Wednesday, and on Thursday seniors will practicing at the Hollywood Bowl before graduation takes place at 5:00 p.m.

Last reminder for seniors that Achieve the Honorable is on Wednesday, June 5 at 6:00 p.m. If any senior would like their picture to be part of the slideshow at the event then upload it in the link provided on schoology under Ms.Pinedo’s recent post. 

Good luck to everyone who’s taking finals this week and good luck to all the seniors!

Overall thoughts on prom

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Overall thoughts on prom

Maria Alfaro

Chronicle Reporter

Prom night at The Westin Bonaventure Hotel was a success, a night where memories were created and happiness was shared among everyone. Prom left people with different thoughts about it.

Many people had different thoughts about this year’s prom. The comments were a mixture of positive and negative ones coming from different people.

Jaimelee Belisle, NMA senior, thought prom could have been better starting with having “free parking.” She thought it was “unfair that they wanted us to pay $49 for parking.” Not only that, but she thought the place was “pretty small” and the “songs were being played too long.” Overall she had fun and rates it an 8.

Shawn Dela Cruz, SAS senior, thought it was an overall “fun experience,” but that “sometimes the song choices were off putting.” Despite the songs being an issue, it didn’t stop people from partying and having a great time.

“Spending the night taking pictures, dancing, and seeing our four years of high school come to an end created a subtle farewell,” said Diana Alberto, SAS senior. It brought her satisfaction to see her friends having fun and not “on a desk stressing about a final exam.”

Most people had a great time at prom. It was an event where they could have fun and take a break from school work.

Reminders for AP exam week

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Reminders for AP exam week

Maria Alfaro

Chronicle Reporter

Starting this week AP exams will take place for two weeks, from May 6 to May 17. There are a few reminders for AP exam week.

The first reminder being that starting May 6 the cafeteria will be open at 7:30 AM for students to get breakfast.

The second reminder is that students are to report to their designated AP exam room no later than 8:10 AM or 12:10 PM. They are to be there early and ready to start.

The third remind is students are allowed to bring snacks, water, pencils, pens, approved calculator (if needed), AP exam label, and school ID. Bags, technology, and other unnecessary materials will not be allowed inside the exam room. Students are recommended to put their belonging inside their lockers or left with a teacher.

Last reminder is any student caught sleeping during the exam will immediately be dismissed from the exam.

Goodluck to all the students taking AP exams! Do an overview of the material before the exam. Be sure to have a good night sleep and a good breakfast to be ready for the exam.

In the link provided, the dates and times for each AP exam can be found.


Poet William Wallis celebrates poetry month with students

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Guadalupe Huerta

Sports Editor

The poet and author William Wallis reads his poems to two English classes, Mr. Jirn and Ms. Zeineddine, and the poetry club members in Hollywood High School’s historic library in celebration of Poetry Month.

    After a brief introduction from Assistant Principal Pacino Furioso, Wallis spoke to the audience about the importance of poems. “They are the most intense and honest form of communication.”

    Before he became an author, he tried his career as a singer, which in fact went great, and as a baseball player. He found his path as a poet and author through school. That is when he discovered the power of language. Inspiration was everywhere for him. He said he started with pain, then love and eventually found a sense of self discovery.

    He is most fond of his novel Hawk. It is based on family and survival focusing on conflicts and joys within.

    He shared with the audience one of his works. It was a book that he and his daughter, Zara Ilana Wallis created called Images. She took the pictures and he wrote the poems.

    During his readings, he read some poems about the people that have inspired him. Making The Bed was about his mother. True Forms was dedicated to his father. IV was for his daughter.

College Center Updates

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College Center Updates

Maria Alfaro
Chronicle Reporter

Attention seniors, there are a few updates from the college center concerning the Hollywood High Scholarship application and college deadlines.

The first update being that this Thursday, April 25, the scholarship application is due at the college center or Ms.Pinedo’s mailbox no later than 3 p.m. Remember to attach a baby picture, a current picture, and a one page letter of intent before submitting. Achieve the Honorable Scholarship Night will be on Wednesday, June 5.

The second update is that the college center will be open every Thursday until 5 p.m and Saturdays from 9 a.m to 1 p.m. Seniors are able to come in and make an appointment to review their options for college. However, students can come in at any time to print or get their work done.

The third update consists of college deadlines. Most schools have an “Intent To Register” as a way for students to officially secure their spots. Some schools charge to do this, but can get a fee waiver if they qualify. This needs to be done before May 1. It is important to make sure that this has been done before May 1.

Seniors if you know what school you are going to be sure to fill out the Transcript Request form on schoology under “Class of 2019 Scholarships” so Ms.Pinedo can send them to your future college. Any questions or concerns be sure to visit the college center.

Express your creativity for Earth Day

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Express your creativity for Earth Day

Maria Alfaro

Chronicle Reporter

All Hollywood High students have been invited to participate in Richard Bloom’s 2019 Earth Day Poster Challenge in honor of Earth day on April 22. Students have the chance to express their creativity on the environment through their posters so long as they promote the theme, “Protect Our Species.” 

In order to participate, the poster needs to be 8 1/2’’ by 11’’ and must be on recycled paper. Students are allowed to use any form of media, paint, photos, pencils, and collages to express this year’s theme. Each entry must include the student’s name, grade, and school name. They will also need to include a complete released formed signed by their parent or guardian in order to be in the contest. The entries are to be submitted to Bloom’s office at 2800 28th Street, Suite 105, Santa Monica, CA 90405. The deadline is on April 18 and any entry received after that date will not be considered for this year’s contest. 

There will be four winners in total. Three will be first prize winners that will be selected from grade levels: K-3, 4-6, and 7-12. There will be one grand prize winner selected from the entire contest. The winners of the contest will receive a personalized letter from Bloom, a California State Assembly Certificate of Recognition, and have their posters showcased on his social media accLAUSDounts. Black Art Supply, a supporter of the contest, will also award the student’s instructor to purchase art supplies for their classrooms. Not only that, but they have agreed to display the winner’s art at their Santa Monica store location. More information can be found on schoology under Hollywood Senior High.

Design your own Sheik-A-Thon t-shirt

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Design your own Sheik-A-Thon t-shirt

Maria Alfaro

Chronicle Reporter

A Shiek-a-thon t-shirt contest is being held, a chance for students to design and express their creativity. All students are allowed to participate in the contest and have the chance to design a t-shirt that relates to the event. The t-shirt design must have a relation with at least one of the following: 

a. Hollywood High School

b. Hollywood Sign 

c. Health (Physical Activity Nutrition)

d. The City’s Partnership with Hollywood High 

The winner of the contest will get a $25 gift card and a free shirt they can wear on the day of the event. The sheik-a-thon will take place on April 6. All entries are due by Friday, March 29 to Mr.Grijalva, room 408, the Health Start (Alimohammadi, Maria) mailbox in the office or Christian Beauvoir’s email: Christian@thelatrust.org.

Track and Field prepares for the upco​min​g season

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Track and Field prepares for the upco​min​g season

Maria Alfaro

Chronicle Reporter

Track and Field had a preseason race against Abraham Lincoln High School and Esteban E. Torres High School on Friday, March 1. Their season starts this week and their first race will be against Downtown Magnet High School on March 8 at Hollywood.

The team has been practicing since January, preparing themselves for this season. Usually, their practice consists of running three to seven miles daily. Ashley Zulueta, SAS junior and a first-year runner, is doing sprints and hurdles. “My preseason race had me nervous all day, but I feel like I did better than I expected for a first-timer.” Although she tripped a few times at the events she said she would not “let it faze” her.

She is going to use her experiences from preseason to achieve her goals. Her goal for this upcoming season are to “become a better hurdler,” and to “overcome the general statements that ‘short’ people aren’t the best option for hurdle races.” To achieve her goals she plans to push herself every day by “running and sprinting more than usual” to build her endurance and to eat healthier and put a limit to junk food.

Brandon Aguila, distance runner and SAS sophomore said, “I feel pretty well for my first track meet.” His teammates supported him as he ran and said he couldn’t have done it without their support. His goals for this season are to get faster so he can improve his “mileage time to get under six minutes and to get closer to the team.” He is sure that if he keeps practicing he will accomplish his goals.

Highlights from the 61st Grammy Awards

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Highlights from the 61st Grammy Awards

Maria Alfaro

Chronicle Reporter

Childish Gambino was awarded four Grammys including record of the year for “This Is America.” Unfortunately, he was not present to collect his awards. The 61st Grammy Awards was hosted by Alicia Keys on Feb.10 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Many artist were recognized in one of the 84 categories. Females dominated the ceremony, winning for the first time, and some even made history.

The night started off with Camila Cabello who performed “Havana” along with Ricky Martin, J Balvin, and Young Thug. After this came host, Alicia Keys, on stage with four other women introducing them as her sisters. The “sisters” were Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith, Michelle Obama, and Jennifer Lopez, who each gave a speech about how music has inspired and helped them throughout their lives. Many people were excited upon seeing Michelle Obama, erupting in applauses. She shared how music helps “us share ourselves, our dignity and sorrows, our hopes and joys.” The first award was awarded to Lady Gaga for best pop duo/ group performance, for “Shallow” with her partner, Bradley Cooper, from their movie “A Star Is Born.” Later into the night she was awarded for best pop solo performance, “Joanne (Where Do You Think You’re Goin’?).”

Many women were awarded during the ceremony. Cardi B was the first female solo artist to win for be rap album “Invasion Of Privacy.” Not only was she the first woman, but it was her first Grammy of her career. Kacey Musgrave won four awards including album of the year for “Golden Hour.” Ariana Grande won her first Grammy for best pop vocals for “Sweetener,” but was not present to collect her award. Women weren’t the only ones who were awarded, men such as Drake and Childish Gambino took home a Grammy award. Drake was awarded for best rap song “God’s Plan” and gave a speech about how people don’t need an award to know that they have won or to measure their success.

The night progressed with many more awards. Dua Lipa won for best new artist and threw shade at Recording Academy President Neil Portnow after he criticized women last year saying they needed to step it up if they wanted more women to be nominated. Among the nominated, “This is America” (Childish Gambino) was the winner for record of the year and song of the year. Donald Glover made history at the Grammy awards despite not being there. Album of the year went to “Golden Hour” (Kacey Musgraves). The best score soundtrack for visual media went to “Black Panther.” The night was memorable for many artist who got the chance to leave their mark.

For the list of all the winners and nominations:


Photography apps that are snap worthy

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Photography apps that are snap worthy

America Flores-Hernandez

Chronicle Reporter

On the App Store and Play Store, most of these applications are within the categories of Lifestyle and Productivity, and are mostly aimed towards the adolescent groups which have a tendency to use them. Photography is no exception since the rise of editing, photoshop, and aesthetic backgrounds has increased in the last decade, with our advances in technology itself. The following apps are recommended based on personal and widely reviewed qualities.


A mobile app for iOS and Android devices made by the US Visual Supply Company. One of the great things about VSCO is that it offers a one of a kind experience for users to alternate and edit their photos however they wish. Partly due to the wide arrange of filters that enhance the appearance of digital photography. Users can publish their photography through a journal for the public to see.


Having a wide array of choices in filters and background icons with fading highlights, there’s a lot of reasons as to why this app’s simple perspective even has professionals hollering. The majority of the editing work is done within the Tools section of the app itself. Other tools include filters for head poses, portraits, lens blur, double exposure, and text. It’s also very addictive by the moment you begin wandering from the tools to make adjustments, after all nothing is permanent until you decide it is.


Taking your photos to the next level, especially in terms of its manner of shooting and editing, while beautifully doing it. One unique feature in Afterlight is white balance lock. This feature can be accessed directly to the right of the grid button and can be used to lock your white balance on the fly. This is especially helpful when shooting in dark environments.

Huji Cam

An app that’s inspired a cult following among a lot of influencers for taking photographs as if you’re “back in 1998.” One of the varying reasons as to why it’s a major jewel within the photographic scene is that not only does it offer tons of filters, perspective changing angles, and a vintage tone that gives off an ancient vibe, it truly makes you feel as if you’re entering another era.

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