Reminders for AP exam week

Maria Alfaro

Chronicle Reporter

Starting this week AP exams will take place for two weeks, from May 6 to May 17. There are a few reminders for AP exam week.

The first reminder being that starting May 6 the cafeteria will be open at 7:30 AM for students to get breakfast.

The second reminder is that students are to report to their designated AP exam room no later than 8:10 AM or 12:10 PM. They are to be there early and ready to start.

The third remind is students are allowed to bring snacks, water, pencils, pens, approved calculator (if needed), AP exam label, and school ID. Bags, technology, and other unnecessary materials will not be allowed inside the exam room. Students are recommended to put their belonging inside their lockers or left with a teacher.

Last reminder is any student caught sleeping during the exam will immediately be dismissed from the exam.

Goodluck to all the students taking AP exams! Do an overview of the material before the exam. Be sure to have a good night sleep and a good breakfast to be ready for the exam.

In the link provided, the dates and times for each AP exam can be found.

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