Overall thoughts on prom

Maria Alfaro

Chronicle Reporter

Prom night at The Westin Bonaventure Hotel was a success, a night where memories were created and happiness was shared among everyone. Prom left people with different thoughts about it.

Many people had different thoughts about this year’s prom. The comments were a mixture of positive and negative ones coming from different people.

Jaimelee Belisle, NMA senior, thought prom could have been better starting with having “free parking.” She thought it was “unfair that they wanted us to pay $49 for parking.” Not only that, but she thought the place was “pretty small” and the “songs were being played too long.” Overall she had fun and rates it an 8.

Shawn Dela Cruz, SAS senior, thought it was an overall “fun experience,” but that “sometimes the song choices were off putting.” Despite the songs being an issue, it didn’t stop people from partying and having a great time.

“Spending the night taking pictures, dancing, and seeing our four years of high school come to an end created a subtle farewell,” said Diana Alberto, SAS senior. It brought her satisfaction to see her friends having fun and not “on a desk stressing about a final exam.”

Most people had a great time at prom. It was an event where they could have fun and take a break from school work.

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