Celebrate Virtual Spirit Week

Joan Kim


Since schools are currently closed, the ASB announced a virtual spirit week in order for students to connect with other peers safely at home. “One of our biggest goals for the rest of the school year is to keep the Sheiks’ spirit up. I am sure that this approach will make everyone still feel a part of the school. This will also remind them to keep their heads up.” said SAS Senior Nicole Kaye Agustin. With different themes from April 13-18, there are many opportunities to participate and interactions will be available @hwoodsheiks on Instagram. 

The schedule will first start out with Movie Monday in which students can take a picture or record themselves watching their favorite movie. On Tuesday, students can post their funniest snapchat or video and tag @hwoodsheiks in order to be featured. On Wednesday, students can recreate their baby pictures, feel nostalgic and tag their photo. 

On Thursday, students can share a picture of their favorite quarantine snack such as Hot Cheetos, donuts etc. On Friday, students can reflect on their favorite memory such as watching or playing school games, assembly events, field trips and more. On Saturday, beauty gurus and students can share their skin care routine which can give inspiration and tips for other students. Lastly on Sunday, you can virtually “bring your pet to school” by sharing pictures or videos which will be a cute experience for every Sheik.    

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