Lyrics by BTS that can make everyone feel inspired

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Lyrics by BTS that can make everyone feel inspired

Joan Kim


As a high school student, the coronavirus could have affected your lives. You might be a senior and be sad because your last months of high school are gone and your senior events that you were finally looking forward to like prom and graduation are not going to happen sooner than you thought. You might be a junior, sophomore, or freshman and you might feel like you are running out of time to do community services and feel unmotivated for the next year of high school and possibly college. Ultimately, everyone is going through a hard time. 

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month,as an “fan of BTS or ARMY , here are some inspirational lyrics that can make someone lift their spirits up. 

  1. Spring Day- This song is about longing for someone and waiting for them. One of the lyrics “The morning will come again, no darkness, no season is eternal” is inspirational because one day we will be able to see our friends and become happy.
  2. 2!3!- This song is reflected on the hardships someone can experience in their life. The lyrics “Let’s all count 1,2,3 forgetting and erasing the sad memories, smiling holding each other’s hands, hoping for better days” can describe how together by staying in touch with your loved ones and friends, we can get through this pandemic together.
  3. Magic Shop- This song reflects on accepting to love yourself and what to do when you feel sad. The lyrics are “on days I hate myself, days I want to disappear forever, let’s make a door in your heart, it’s ok to believe.”  You should open your mind and heart and always try to look at the glass that’s half full and not half empty.
  4. Outro: Wings- This song is talking about growing self confidence and can help the juniors and seniors who might feel nervous about college. “I believe in myself. My back is hurting for my wings to come out. I believe in you, even if things are bleak right now.” Even if juniors might not feel ready to apply for college next semester and seniors being nervous about the next chapters of their lives, everything will be ok.
  5. So What- This song can be for someone who has too many thoughts and worries. The lyrics “90% of your worries are an imaginary swamp that you created. Just go instead of worrying. Don’t get scared, cheer up shout it out so what”
  6. Answer: Love Myself- This song says that the answer to loving yourself can be various answers. The lyrics “I’m on the path to loving myself. It’s what I need the most. I’m walking for myself. It’s an action needed for me. My attitude towards myself. That’s the happiness I need for me.” tells us how loving yourself is trusting yourself. 
  7. Moving on- This song is about moving on to a new chapter in your life. The lyrics “Now let’s take our pride and go toward a bigger world with a bigger dream. A new start, a new beginning, excited to see how it will become.” As seniors step into college, we should be excited that we can start out a new chapter in our lives.
  8. Mikrokosmos- This song talks about how everyone is special in their own way. The lyrics “one light is ambition,….  people’s lights are all precious, don’t disappear, because you’re a big existence” reminds us that each one of us are unique and make others happy.
  9. Epiphany- This song talks about the importance of self love. The chorus “I’m the one I should love in this world, Shining me, precious soul of mine, I finally realized so I love me not so perfect but so beautiful” states that self love is vital and we should appreciate ourselves. 
  10. I’m fine- This song is a response to their previous song “Save Me” and believes that positivity is the answer to fear. The lyrics “all of the sadness and scares became an old memory now. So let’s all smile and let go. Our future will only have happiness so put away your gear, Enjoy it you worked hard” explain how we should abandon our fears and constant worries and be bright. 

Seniors celebrate College Signing Day

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Seniors celebrate College Signing Day

Joan Kim


Seniors have officially made their commitment to enroll in a college on May 1. As many seniors made important decisions that will lead their stages of their lives, they celebrated all together. “College Signing Day” is a tradition where seniors can feel accomplished for all their hard work throughout their high school career. Seniors at Hollywood High School decided to announce their commitment and their celebratory message for others. 

“I am committed to Cal State LA and I will be studying Television, FIlm, and Media Studies. I want to say to other seniors to not put so much pressure of having your entire life figured out. Things change especially with you right now. We just need to take one day at a time.”- PAM Senior, Grace Jones

“ I am happy and proud to say I’m committing to Yale in the fall. I will major in either Latin American Studies; Ethnicity, Race, and Migration; Medicine and Public Health. I plan to go to dental school after completing my undergraduate degree. I’m hopeful for the upcoming year as all of us go down our paths towards success. I plan to come back to help the following Hollywood Classes.”- SAS Senior, Carmen Muniz

“I am committed to California State University Fullerton as an electrical engineering major. I would like to tell all the seniors of 2020: we are put down by all this, yes, but our power is stronger as we continue to move forward. Don’t dwell on this  issue and strive to be better than the world,”- NMA Senior,Esteban Fonseca

“I am committing to Cal State Long Beach with an undeclared major so I am able to explore different subjects and careers. For my fellow seniors who are undeclared or do not know what career to pursue, that is completely normal! Don’t stress out the first year of college is the best opportunity to branch out and see what you like or dislike.”-SAS Senior, Nicole Kaye Agustin

“I am happy to commit at Cal State University of Los Angeles. I wish the best for all the seniors and to always strive for success!”-SAS Senior, Jose Saban

“I am happy to commit to UCLA this fall! Congrats to all the seniors, I hope everyone is doing well.”- SAS Senior, Andrea Henao

“I am committed to Howard University. Thank you to everyone for making my high school experience unlike any other. I can’t wait to see where we all end up!”-PAM Senior, Zöe Schiller

“I am excited to commit to UCSC studying Biology/Pre-Med. I hope everyone is staying safe during these troubled times and I am proud of the Class of 2020.”-SAS Senior, Roberto Ortega

“I am happy about my decision to commit to UCI as a Film and Media Studies Major. I wish the Class of 2020 the best in their future endeavors.”-PAM Senior, Jasmin Kim (Copy Editor of The Crimson Chronicle)

“I am committing to UC Davis and I will study Theatre and Dance. Remember to just have fun and don’t lose yourself just studying. Make new friends and make new experiences.”-SAS Senior, Maria Solis.

“I am attending San Diego State studying Journalism and Media Studies. Even though this wasn’t the senior year that we dreamed of, this will definitely remind us that we can get through anything. The Class of 2020 holds all of the leaders of the future.”-PAM Senior, Johvonne Roberts

“If you told me a year ago that I would be committing to UC Irvine, I would have never believed you. After getting accepted into all my Cal States and ¾ of my UCs, I am proud to say I will be attending University of California Irvine on a full-ride Chancellors of Excellence Scholarship. I will be pursuing a double major in Business Administration and Biology in the Paul Merage School of Business. Congratulations to all my fellow seniors around the world during this particularly strange time.”- SAS Senior, Christine Morales

“Even with social distancing, I’m still able to manage to share my joy of committing to CSUN in the fall, it was not my first choice. Looking at how dire this pandemic is, I am fine knowing I have my parents with me to support my transition as a Matador.”-SAS Senior, America Florez (Entertainment Editor of The Crimson Chronicle)

“I am proud and excited that I committed to USC as a Sociology Major on a Pre-Med Track. I would like to thank the seniors, upperclassmen, underclassmen and teachers who have supported me throughout high school. I will treasure my experience at Hollywood High School. I will also never forget the experience I had with four years of Journalism. Everyone on the staff raised me to be the person I am today. I will dearly miss everyone and hope that everyone will accomplish their dreams and be happy.”- SAS Senior, Joan Kim (Editor-in-Chief of The Crimson Chronicle)

Celebrate Virtual Spirit Week

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Celebrate Virtual Spirit Week

Joan Kim


Since schools are currently closed, the ASB announced a virtual spirit week in order for students to connect with other peers safely at home. “One of our biggest goals for the rest of the school year is to keep the Sheiks’ spirit up. I am sure that this approach will make everyone still feel a part of the school. This will also remind them to keep their heads up.” said SAS Senior Nicole Kaye Agustin. With different themes from April 13-18, there are many opportunities to participate and interactions will be available @hwoodsheiks on Instagram. 

The schedule will first start out with Movie Monday in which students can take a picture or record themselves watching their favorite movie. On Tuesday, students can post their funniest snapchat or video and tag @hwoodsheiks in order to be featured. On Wednesday, students can recreate their baby pictures, feel nostalgic and tag their photo. 

On Thursday, students can share a picture of their favorite quarantine snack such as Hot Cheetos, donuts etc. On Friday, students can reflect on their favorite memory such as watching or playing school games, assembly events, field trips and more. On Saturday, beauty gurus and students can share their skin care routine which can give inspiration and tips for other students. Lastly on Sunday, you can virtually “bring your pet to school” by sharing pictures or videos which will be a cute experience for every Sheik.    

New COVID 19 Schedule announced

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New COVID 19 Schedule announced

Joan Kim


As the coronavirus became worse, LAUSD announced to close schools until May 1. Since students will need to stay home for more than a month, a new COVID 19 schedule was announced in order for students to receive learning material from their instructors. With a planned schedule, students are expected to complete assignments given and participate in meetings with Zoom (a platform that allows students to interact with their teachers remotely).

After Spectrum provided free internet services for students and Chromebook were distributed, students are expected to use the online resources in order to learn. Some students have been introduced to Zoom in order to check with their classmates and teachers.

“Currently, my AP English Literature teacher, Ms. Laurie Tobenkin is sticking with the new COVID 19 schedule. We were able to communicate with her this week through Zoom.” said SAS Senior Daniel Kang.

Although the new schedule does not make students meet with all six periods like a normal school schedule, they can interact with three periods per day. With three blocks with a given lunchtime, on Mondays and Wednesday students will communicate with their first, second and third periods with a duration of one hour and thirty minutes each. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students will communicate with their fourth, fifth and sixth periods with also a duration of one hour and thirty minutes each. On Fridays, there are no meetings with any periods, however, students can use Friday as a day to catch up or review any additional work that they did not complete. 

How to stay safe from the Coronavirus

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How to stay safe from the Coronavirus

Joan Kim


COVID-19 or Coronavirus has impacted the whole world and LAUSD schools. The school district decided to close schools officially on March 16, 2020 and will be closed for two weeks. The virus itself is a disease with symptoms similar to the common flu such as fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties, according to the World Health Organization. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) announced that there is no current vaccine or cure that could reduce the outbreaks. While fears of the respiratory disease are reaching faster than the virus itself, here are some important tips for your safety and awareness.

Wash Your Hands

Although washing your hands should be necessary every day, many should be aware to wash their hands after they eat, before and after preparing food, using the toilet, using the garbage, etc. Irene Tan, a nurse at McAlister High School, suggests that washing your hands for 20 seconds (which is the duration of singing the birthday song twice) is most effective.

Use an Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

When you cannot wash your hands, you should use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Purell Hand Sanitizers ($2-$5 based on size) are the most effective at killing germs, while other hand sanitizers such as those from Bath and Body Works ($1.90) are available. Hand Sanitizers are also available in sprays such as ‘Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Hand Sanitizer’ ($5) and Trader Joes’ ‘Grapefruit & Lemon Hand Sanitizer Spray’ ($1.99). 

Try to wash your face often and not touch your face.

When we touch our faces, the dirt, oils, and bacteria from our hands will attract our faces. Our eyes, nose, and mouth have mucous membranes that can provide bacteria to enter our bodies. Therefore, wash your face and make sure to remove makeup.

Cover your mouth when you are coughing or sneezing.

It is always important to cover your coughing or sneezing with your elbow. You should not cough with your mouth because your hands will need to be washed and as you touch doors or other objects in order to wash your hands, your germs can become a disadvantage to others who touch the same objects. 

Do not burden others if you are sick.

Even if you are down with a common cold, think of others around the environment and do not come in close contact with others. This way we can prevent everyone from getting sick. 

Regular Masks will not help.

While many tend to use masks and believe that they will be able to avoid the virus, this is false. Masks actually should be used if you are constantly sneezing or coughing or if you are taking care of someone with COVID-19. (If you are using a mask, make sure you are washing your hands constantly and you are not reusing single masks).Otherwise, masks will not help you avoid the virus. Instead, make sure you are not touching your face.

Do not travel and try to stay home.

If you travel to different locations, your risks of exposure to the virus will increase. In addition, you can get infected if you are near someone who does not know they have the virus. Usually, a person will show signs 2-14 days after they come in contact with the virus. Also do not try to raid the supermarket or stores because we should consider those who are vulnerable to resources such as the elderly or sick. (Raiding the toilet paper at Costco will not save you from the virus).

Be kind to everyone.

When we are in a panic, we tend to forget the act of kindness. Do not make negative racial comments to other communities because as humans, we are all trying to fight this epidemic. Pointing or calling someone inappropriate comments are not the cures to this virus. Be kind to those in the medical field and people who work at grocery stores. Those people are trying their best to help the community. Our generation can do our best by showing kindness and making sure we are keeping everyone safe. 

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