Graduating in red or white

Kayla Kwak

Copy Editor

It is Hollywood High tradition to graduate in either a red cap and gown or a white cap and gown.

To be able to graduate in white a student must meets the requirements that make them eligible. The 2020 requirements are to have a cumulative grade point average of 3.300 as of Feb 21, 2020, met or have exceeded on SBAC/CAA English or Math during junior year, no more than 5 total days absent through May 22, 2020, and no Ds or Fails on final grades of fall semester or 15 week spring semester during senior year.

PAM Senior Delilah Peraza said,”The white cap and gown represents over-achievement and that’s why so many people want to wear white.” Peraza will be wearing red and said,”I think the chords are more important than the color of the cap and gown we wear.”

The strict deadline for the 2020 white cap and gown applications is Monday Mar 9, 2020.

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