Chipotle offers delivery

Jasmin Kim
Copy Editor

Enjoy a delicious meal and practice social distancing at the same time! Chipotle is now offering delivery services due to COVID-19.

You can now order your go-tos through DoorDash, UberEats, Postmates, and the Chipotle website itself. To celebrate and promote the launch of the delivery service, Chipotle is making the delivery service free on orders over $10!

Sadly, the delivery services will not be serving fountain drinks. There are still other drink options such as bottled water, Izze sparkling juice, and other bottled drinks.

Please practice social distancing to flatten the curve. Delivery services and drive thru-s are good ways to get yourself the food that you need while still being safe and keeping others safe as well. Wash your hands thoroughly before digging into your delicious meal!

A promotional image by Chipotle for the launch of their delivery service

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