December 16, 2017

Basketball hoops into season

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Ethan Murga

Chronicle Reporter

 It’s that time of the year again where the gym’s jumping with the noise of loud squeaky shoes as we celebrate basketball season. The basketball players stay on their grind as they wake up early mornings after late nights of doing homework to get ready for the next game.

    As this year’s games are mixed there is no real individual pre-season and season. Since their first scrimmage game, Red vs White, the team was split into two different teams. The boy’s first game was against Manuel Arts at home where the teams went into overtime in a hard fought, intense filled game Manuel Arts. The Sheiks would leave their territory with a win 59-56.

   Coach Rico Myles felt that in the loss “the team left a lot on the table” after the game. “We played really well and competed but it was just small turnovers that kinda costed us the game”, said Coach Rico.

The team having started off on the wrong foot went on to face Hawkins High away and would leave with a 55-51 win. It was a close game but the Sheiks would get a win complementary to their lost. In a league matchup against the Contreras Cobras, the Sheiks would stay home with a dominating 91-34 win. The Sheiks would hold the Cobras to under 40 points with a win by 57 points. Hollywood played rival school Bernstein in a close game, the Sheiks would leave Bernstein High with a 69-62 win. Coach Myles said “I think we did really well. We fought to the end… Niko Gooden stepped up big time for us, Jared Layne stepped up for us big time and Narek hit some big 3’s down the stretch for us to help us cap the game.” Coach Myles would also add an interesting fact of which it was his first personal time beating Bernstein in his 3 years as the Hollywood Basketball coach. Although it is early within the season it is easy to see that the Sheiks will try their earnest hardest to go as far as they can. “I’m feeling confident we can take the city title,” said Adam Schiller. Coach Myles also expects much more success from his newly formed team as they are young team coming together. “Our best basketball is in front of us, right now figuring out how to play with each other” when speaking about their losses. Varsity basketball remains 5-2. JV basketball remains 6-0 consistently coming to play every game like their last. JV has been on a 6 game winning streak since the beginning of the season with wins against Manuel Arts, Hawkins, Bernstein, Contreras, Mendez, and East Valley by forfeit. “Probably more on defense on offense we do okay,” said JV basketball player Jacob Jimenez as in their style of play. Much is to come for Hollywood basketball as they continuously work hard and learn something new everyday to incorporate into their game.

Every race has a finish line

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Oscar Perez

Chronicle Reporter

    Cross Country came to a close after making it to State Finals, leaving them to find other activities to keep them busy. The City Finals Race was held on Nov. 18 and had a winning streak this season.

    “The team performed exceptionally well this season.” said Coach Kenny Valencia.  Valencia was proud that both boys and girls qualified for city finals and he was also proud of the returning athletes running faster than the previous season. “The way to prepare for the next season is by practicing with more miles during the preseason.” said Coach Valencia.

“My biggest accomplishment was beating my personal record by two minutes in the middle of the season.” said Ashley Patza first-year runner, freshman NMA. Ashley believes that she did pretty good since it was her first time competing in a running sport. Ashley also said that she will improve mentally in the sport and also getting to know her teammates for next year Cross Country team.

”I believe that I did better this year in Cross Country than what I did last year.” Jose Saban second-year runner, sophomore SAS. Jose said that the way he will prepare for the next season is by challenging himself to do better and pushing himself to his limit. Jose feels like his biggest accomplishment this season was being able break his personal record of 18 minutes for 3 miles.

Girls’ Soccer Takes the Win

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Celine E. Gimpirea Chronicle Reporter

Varsity and JV girls’ soccer teams took on Mendez in a home game and won big Dec. 5. JV led with a 1-0, while varsity stole with a 4-1. But this is only the beginning for the Lady Sheiks.

Going undefeated for the past seven games this season, the girls’ win is another step closer to playoffs. Multiple players report that the experience in the games thus far make future games flow more smoothly, even against rival team Bernstein (which they played on Nov. 30 and won 1-0 in Varsity).

Andrea Arancibia, NMA junior, says of her varsity team, “It’s been a great feeling [being undefeated], knowing that the girls and I deserve it. We’ve been working really hard to get this far and hopefully it continues.”

Well-prepared and united, the Lady Sheiks are optimistic about their next game against Soto Mayor at home this Mon., Dec. 11. “We’re going for League Champs. That’s what we really want and we’ll work hard to get there,” says Arancibia.

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 Allison Oliva

Chronicle Reporter

As the end of the semester approaches, spring sports have begun to condition for their upcoming seasons. However, one team that is unable to condition, is the swim team. Every year, the same issue is brought to the attention of the school staff and every year it takes ages for them to solve the problem. Like many of the issues at Hollywood High, this was brushed aside because of insufficient funding.
This is not the first time that the swim team has been unable to condition for their upcoming season. Last year the same issue occurred, and the swim team was only able to condition at Bernstein High School for a week. Team members have stated that they are particularly nervous when it comes to competitions because other schools have had the chance to condition as where Hollywood’s swim team hasn’t.
Currently the main issue with the pool is that there is a leak. However, it seems like there are constant issues every single year. There is never a single issue. The swim team has come to accept the fact that the pool is always broken. Jason Kim, a member of the swim team said, “I am annoyed that the pool is always broken. Issues occur every year and they always wait till the last minute to fix it.”
This is a frustrating issue for the team because they are the only sport on campus that is unable to condition. Every other team is able to find the time and place to practice for their upcoming seasons, but the swim team is always the one that has to stress over trying to figure out how they will prepare for competitions. While other teams are pushing themselves to make sure they are at their best performance, the swim team is forced to scramble around for a place where they can practice.

Cheerleading is more than a sport, its an attitude!

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Leslie Figueroa

Chronicle Reporter

When attending a football game have you ever taken a moment to appreciate the people dancing and cheering on the players? These are our magnificent cheerleaders and they have been working hard this semester. Rapping up football season and heading on to basketball, cheer is really a sport that does it all.

Image: hwood_cheer on Instagram

While there was a competitionon scheduled during December, it got canceled and this is what, “So what actually happened is we have a league that is going on. So we have a league that is starting up on February. So it’s actually becoming a sport and were trying to figure out how everything is going to play out and what we need,” said Coach Miguel. All in all, their schedules seem to be packed as according to the coach in January they will be focusing completely on basketball season. Leaving February for leagues where they will be competing against schools like Bernstein and Marshall.

On the Hollywood High School website cheer has this written there,” You can’t have Sheik Pride without a squad of spirited cheerleaders… “Explosive?” Doesn’t even begin to describe this group.” Cheer seems to be all about teamwork and it seems like it would be as generally the stunts they do require them to all be working together.

When asked about what a typical training regime for them was all about one cheerleader said, “We basically start off by running on the field. Coach tells us to run many laps, and then we start stretching. From then we either stunt or we go over like basic routines,” said Chelsea Cortez, SAS Senior. They work hard and deserve our support. Keep at it Cheer, and good luck at the competition in February.

Make a home run at softball tryouts

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Michelle Munera

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood’s softball tryouts begin today, Dec 6th and will go on until tomorrow Dec. 7th. Make sure to come out and be ready to show off your skills. There will be many other girls trying out for the team as well, so it is important to show a lot of effort because hard work is a very big part of playing on a team.

Be prepared and take clothes to practice in, softball cleats, a glove, and batting gloves. Try your best and show that you should be on the team.

Softball season begins next semester in March and will include home and away games for both JV and Varsity. During season there are usually two games each week unless they get cancelled. Expect to save time for after school practices once you are on the team.

The girls who make the team will start preparing and practicing shortly after tryouts. Results for tryouts will be posted sometime next week and anyone is encouraged to try out. Good luck to those trying out!

Basketball has a busy week

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Carlos Agaton

Chronicle Reporter

Basketball season has finally arrived for the boys and girls, hoping to start off on the right foot. The boys had their first game on Nov. 17, at home. Although the Varsity team could not get the win they fought for to the very end against Manuel Arts, it was a very entertaining game. It went down to the wire. On the other hand JV managed to get the win without any difficulties.

The girls did not have the privilege of playing on the same day as the boys, but on Monday, Nov. 27, they played Grant High School on campus. The team sadly lost both games. The girls have a total of 4 games this week and they hope to win all of them because they have put in a lot of work. They hope to display their skills against their upcoming opponents. The team will be playing against Miguel Contreras, Chavez, and Bernstein.

While the boys are coming from a big win against Hawkins (away) on Monday, Nov. 27, both games were played very competitively. The boys have two more games later this week, including one with their biggest rival, Bernstein. They will hope to defeat them in this big game. Basketball is now in full gear and they hope to have a great season.



Lady Sheiks take on the cobras

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Guadalupe Huerta

Chronicle Report

The girls soccer team had an away game against Contreras on Nov. 27. The final score for Varsity was 3-0. Jv lost 2-0.

This was the ladies first game of the season.

Dorothea DeLa Cruz scored her hattrick. For those who are not aware of what a hattrick is, it is when a player scores 3 goals in one game.

Come show your school spirit as they face Bernstein at home.

Jv starts playing at 2:30 and varsity starts at 4:30.

The boys soccer team had a game as well against Contreras but the game got cancelled.

The sheiks will face Bernstein at an away game on thurs. Nov. 30

Lonzo to the G League?

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Ryan Toovi
Chronicle Reporter

Lately around school I’ve been hearing that people think that Lonzo Ball should go to the G- League due to the lack of production.The Los Angeles Lakers rookie point guard hasn’t lived up to the hype through the first 15 games of his NBA career, and Nick Wright believes it’s time for the Lakers to make a move.

The G-League, formerly known as the Developmental League, is where young players who have yet to prove they belong in the league cut their teeth, and Wright believes it will help Ball regain his confidence.
“So what I would do with Lonzo is, I would consider putting him in the G-League,” Wright said. “If you’re not going to play him, in 20 minutes, and he’s not going to have any confidence, I would say, because we know Lonzo can hit some free throws, he hit about 70 percent in college. We know he can finish around the rim, he had an above 70 percent field goal percentage in the paint in college. We know he’s not the worst 3-point shooter in the world, he was an above average, not great but above average 3-point shooter in college.
In my opinion they shouldn’t send him to the G League he is still a rookie he has to get accustomed to the style of play in the NBA. Just give him a little more time to develop.

Sheiks face off the Eagles

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Yadira Romero

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

In case you missed the last football game and want to attend another one then you will be glad to know that the football season is not over yet. The Sheiks are playing their first playoff game on Thursday Nov. 9 against the Eagle Rock Eagles at Eagle Rock High. The last time the Sheiks played Eagle Rock they lost to 35-0 and now hope to make a comeback after the way they ended their season.

Come out to support the football team and have a good time. If you come out, be sure to wear warm clothes since it’s going to be chilly. Eagle Rock is a friendly school, so there’s no need to worry about fights breaking out. Hope you can come out and show some love.