December 19, 2018

Seniors it is time to wrap it up

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Mayeli Acuna

Chronicle Reporter

As Nov. 30th approaches, seniors must finalize their UC applications. Following the CSU deadline has been postponed to Dec. 15th. The window has been open for a month now and the time has come to hit that submit button. The nerve wracking apprehension leaves seniors in the thought that the end of their high school career is near. No matter how “done” seniors say they are, the idea of moving on is truly frightening. As a senior myself, the application process has made me realize that my life has yet to begin and high school was a stepping stone towards the rest of my life.

Many of us seniors have been dealing with the overwhelming amount of work, whether it be because of college applications or school work. The stress that has come our way throughout the application process is one that will pay off at the end. Writing personal insight questions and filling out the application has made seniors realize how proud they should truly be of how far they have come.

Yes, senior year might be stressful and a handful, but it is a milestone for our future. Hit that submits button and be proud of how far you have come. The time is here.\


Carry on, Carry on to the cinema in tribute of Queen

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Mayeli Acuna

Chronicle Reporter


Another one bites the dust as Queen’s legendary story is told on the big screen and excludes the great memory of Freddie Mercury. It began with Freddie Mercury, played by Rami Malek , at his day to day job and escalated to his encounter with Roger Taylor played by Ben Hardy and Brian May played by Gwilym Lee who were soon to become members on Queen. The movie was produced in a meticulous matter, capturing the most needed information in order for the audience to indulge in the film.

The shift of emotion was surely enhanced, one second I was in tears and the other I was laughing so hard I could not breath. Bohemian Rhapsody and its creation was a scene that left me with chills, the passion and motivation was felt through the movie screen. There came the evolution of Queen and their legacy, the film provided the bands seek for a new generation of music. The start of songs like “Another One Bites the Dust” and “We Will Rock You” are shown and that leaves one in a sort of “wow” feeling. Queen’s impact on many people remains till this very day and that is surely produced in the film. For one, the final scene simply justifies that they belong to the people and they formed a union of acceptance. Today, their legacy lives on and that is why Bohemian Rhapsody has made its mark nationwide.

Falling into Pep Rally with Spirit Week

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Mayeli Acuna

Chronicle Reporter


As pep rally approaches this Friday, that means spirit week is here. Be apart of the school spirit and follow the themes that lead up to our massive school gathering. Fall spirit week is three days in, but it is not to late to join. It lift ups the spirit of the school and that is what Hollywood High as all about. Here are the themes of  the remaining days of spirit week.

Wednesday 10/17: Wear Pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Thursday 10/18: Wear your favorite sports team jersey for Sports Day

Friday 10/19: ROLL CALL

Reminder: Freshman wear gray, Sophomores wear black, Juniors wear white and Seniors wear red

Join and be apart of the school spirit. You can take pictures with your friends and create fond memories for the fall 2019 spirit week. There are a few days left, do not hesitate. If you decided not to take part or think it is to late, there is always the spring spirit week.


Los Angeles Holds Another Jam Session

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Mayeli Acuna

Chronicle Reporter


As the year comes to an end, everyone must try to end with a series of events. What other way to spend time and enjoy some amazing tunes than at a local concert? Here are some upcoming concerts around Los Angeles.

Interpol at The Hollywood Bowl – Oct. 4

Ozzy Osbourne at The Hollywood Bowl – Oct. 11

5 Seconds of Summerat The Greek Theater – Oct. 12

Arctic Monkeys at The Hollywood Bowl –  Oct. 16 – 17

Drake and Migos at The Forum – Oct. 17-20

97.1 AMP Radio’s 6th Annual WE CAN SURVIVE with performances by Shawn Mendes, TYGA, Khalid and many more at the Hollywood Bowl – Oct. 20

Real Friends at The Telegram Room on Oct. 26

Lany at the Hollywood Palladium – Oct. 26 and 27

Banda MS at The Microsoft Theater LA LIVE – Oct. 26

Troye Sivan at The Greek – Oct. 30

This was only a handful of the talents that are touring this year and making a stop in the city of Angeles. Go on and enjoy some live music to release the stress. You never know if your favorite artist will be in town.

Shawn Mendes and Khalid’s tribute to the Youth

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Mayeli Acuna

Chronicle Reporter

As Shawn Mendes preformed his single “Youth”  featuring Khalid on Sunday May 20 at the Billboard Music Awards, they did not fail to deliver the message of the song. The two talents sang alongside 12 members of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student choir honoring the 10 victims of Friday’s school shooting in Sante Fe, Texas. Mendes states how “Youth” was written after the terrorist attack at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, England last year in May. “I wanted to write something about it but it had to be about the feeling for us as a generation when one of these things happens. So I wrote a song about our youth, a feeling that can’t be taken away from us. It’s the most important song on the album” Mendes states.

Khalid wearing a “Protect our Guns” t-shirt with gun crossed out with the word “children” printed underneath and Mendes preaching the song he wrote “you can’t take my youth away, this soul of mine will never break.” Those 12 student of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School being a voice for all the students who are fighting for a change. When the audience was shown, artist such as Halsey and Ne-yo were seen with great despair and all in the crowed were touched by the message that was being exclaimed in which is a plea to stand as one in the face of dashed hopes and violence. The audience payed great respect to the performance of the student choir and those 12 students are now the voice for all of the students pledging for a change.

Mendes a 19 year old who used his platform to spread a message, having victims of the Florida school shooting sing alongside him and Khalid in order for this message to be received. “Pain, but I won’t let it turn into hate” was sang around the arena in Los Vegas and it was then that the message of the youth was delivered.


Jump into spirit week

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Mayeli Acuna

Chronicle Reporter


Get into the school spirit and participate in the Spring semesters spirit week. This semester, Leadership decided to form two weeks worth of spirit week, week one leading up to the Spring dance and week two leading to pep rally. Be a good sport and involve yourself in the school community. If you do not know what each day is themed, do not worry it will be listed down bellow.

Week One

Monday – Professional Day

Tuesday – Twin Day

Wednesday – Black out

Thursday – Sports Day

Friday – Glamour Day

Week Two

Monday – PJ Day

Tuesday – Meme Day

Wednesday – Holiday Day

Thursday – Roll Call

Friday – 90’s Day

Madison Beer releases EP

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Mayeli Acuna

Chronicle Reporter


Madison Beer released her first ever EP, As She Pleases, on Feb. 2nd of 2018. It has received positive feedback by many around the world and with it only have seven tracks it was not a let down. Why As She Pleases? Beer explains “To me As She Pleases is about strength, empowerment, and attitude. It’s about trusting in yourself, knowing your worth, and above all else never allowing anyone or anything to break your spirit. Happiness, self love and self empowerment. This is your life. Do as you please… I sure do.” A great way to explain why this EP has great meaning to her and it should let all find expectance in themselves. This EP has a range of tunes that many teenagers can relate to, since she is a teen herself. All these tracks have a sense is empowerment and all will make you sing from the top of your lungs. SAS Junior, Katherine Delgado says “I really get into singing Fools, it’s just so tempting to sing.”

Track 1: Dead
Track 2: Fools
Track 3: Heartless
Track 4: Tyler Durden
Track 5: Home with You
Track 6: Teenager In Love
Track 7: Say it to my Face

Valentine’s Day is around the corner

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 Mayeli Acuna

Chronicle Reporter  

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, but that does not nessacarily mean you have to go on a date nor have a significant other. Well no worries there is always some movies to watch to stay in the spirit.

1. The Notebook – If you are feeling a bit emotional, The Notebook always is reliable to let out a small cry.

2. Sixteen Candles – Feeling like throwing it back to the 1900s? Sixteen Candles is a there to save the day in this time of year!

3. Up – Disney movies always have a great moral to it, especially Up within the concept of Love. It is a perfect fit for this time of year.

4. 10 Things I Hate About You – This film will remain an icon to many. Go on and watch Kat Stratford and Patrick Verona face some difficulties

Riverdale returns for another season

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Mayeli Acuna

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Season two of Riverdale is here. The popular television series has made a come back and has not failed to start with a bang. If the audience remember how season one ended, one will be astonished to see how season two begins. Archie Andrews has become the bravest of them all, being determined to find out who shot his father. Of course, his three comrades will be by his side. Or will they really?

Season two is into the third episode and every one of them remains to double the suspense. If the viewers think season one was intense with the chase of Jason Blossoms death, the party is not over yet. Riverdale is not the innocent little town it once was, it has reached its peak of its bloody hell. Tune into watch new episodes every Wednesday on CW, episode four will air this upcoming Wednesday. But quick warning, be prepared to be killed with suspense every week. Will Riverdale have an outcome of tragedy?

The Villains Have Arrived at Disneyland

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Mayeli Acuna

Chronicle Reporter


It is that time of the year again, when the evil villains leave their mark in Disneyland Park. This year our host is the one and only Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Oogie Boogie brought along his other villain comrades, such as the mistress of evil Maleficent and the cruel Cruella de Vil. Mickey Mouse and his pals go on to save Disneyland Park from these villains, but Oogie Boogie made it clear all the villains will remain until Halloween Day.

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